By far shared hosting is the most popular form of webhosting. It’s the most affordable hosting solution, which is a resonable solution for small business/personal sites.

As the word implies, shared web hosting means that you are sharing resources of a single physical server (CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc) with a number of clients of your webhoster. The server is managed by your hosting company and you have no control over it, but you can manage your site using the control panel.

HostGator: webhosting company you can count on

It’s not easy to find a reliable webhosting company among thousands of offers, but there is a clue. Check for HostGator review to learn about great hosting company and read 7 pros of HostGator.

Advantages of shared web hosting

  • There is no doubt, that the first and the biggest argument in support of shared webhosting is price. As it was mentioned before, shared webhosting is is the most affordable hosting solution. Though for small business/personal sites price-quality ratio is excellent.
  • It’s easy to setup a shared webhosting package: given the basic knowledge you can start your site immediately after purchase.

Cons of shared webhosting

There are still other clients on the same server which on rare occasion may lead to server being down. If you need 100% uptime (which still can not be so because of Internet channel problems), then dedicated server will be more suitable. как выбрать качественные ручки для письма.

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