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I had high ambitions from the very beginning of my life. Due to this side of my individuality in combination with my work-status and lack of the dear people, I managed to make a good career from clerk and till the beautiful office of the top manager in the main building of our company during only 10 years. I looked successful and happy, but my solitude was what I was suffered from deep inside. When I registered in wife-from-russia website I was absolutely empty inside. I didnТt really think I could catch my wife from Russia, but I could try to do it, and I tried. I was ambitious both in career and love, so I wished to look through the best single Russian ladies only. That was the reason to pay a gold membership what I did indeed. The first thing I was surprised at was a Personality Interpreter test what I was offered to write. I thought it was a useless document. I made choice of Russian women by means of only eyes before, and I was sure it was correct way of searching. But I used to perform all the questions given to me, so I completed the document and started my Russian bridesТ pictures looking at. ItТs not a quick task I have to say. At least all Russian ladies at the website were likely to win the Miss Universe crown. And I doubted al the girls look similar to their beautiful photos. About week later I realized it was impossible to make a choice without a professional help of personal advisor and I applied to site Matchmaking service for help. In a day my personal advisor (I turned out to have this one at ) presented me a list of only ten beautiful single Russian brides whose Personality Interpreter tests were most compatible with mine. This simple list seemed to be better to make a choice. I make a choice of 3 indeed wonderful Russian women to correspond with. I began my three correspondence at besides I had 2 two Russian brides from another website. One Russian bride had network entrance at home, the others Ц not. And services of mail forwarding, video-chat and audio-chat helped me much in my relations. I could to send them letters via website, and to receive their letters translated by means of translation of letters service. I Сve got a plenty of wise recommendations and consultations from my personal advisor within these relations. Mysterious Russian behavior often puzzled me. I was impatient but my personal advisor - patient with me. I really thank him. I finally had a wedding with my best Russian bride just because of his work. And now, when I am long happily married to a wonderful Russian wife for 4 years I sometimes apply to my Personal advisor for consultation. He took a part of our family psychologist and performs it successfully. After a little time I suspected my 2 single Russian ladies from another website. But I saw Checking information about the girls option at and requested for it. All the Russian ladies I communicated to were checked soon. But the answer was not happy for me. I was said to have relations to one married single Russian lady and one man, who sent me photos of popular Russian actress. From that moment I had only 3 single Russian brides to for making choice. I donТt want to keep your attention any longer. So I wind up in two words Ц I got my beautiful Russian lady due to my gold membership. I found my love and recommend you my way to Heaven Ц at




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