How many bands you know, whose aside projects became the second breath of the main cast of the group, in the same time reflecting simply different music course? The parallel project of musicians from worldwide known industrial band Tanzwut, Corvus Corax, is the being of such a genuine and enormous act. Playing medieval instrumental music with strong influence of ethnic atmosphere and folk, they created a new wave in reception of the whole essence of music. Original mix of styles and different vibes make their music very unlike and in the same time rather attractive. It became more interesting, when you know, that following this music line, musicians are also holding the title of the flagmans on the industrial scene. Moreover, all aside projects of other bands are always the same style and conception as their "parents", but this event is merely incredible. And in the sight of the forthcoming Corvus Corax's new album, I think an immense army of their fans is eager to know more about what they can expect from the new creation of this gifted German minnesingers. Anyway, this interview will be presented in an unusual form of a question-form. And though, I think, it's time to begin… Hi all over there! I think, it will be interesting for you to answer some questions in such an abnormal shape. And so far comes the first question, if you like, the prelude - who was the author of the idea of making Tanzwut (as I know, Corvus Corax was a foundation)?

Corvus Corax: The author was our own insanity. After years of acting with Corvus Corax, we started to combine our style with the sound of modern music, like industrial or hard techno. But we noticed that it would be better to found a new project for that cause otherwise we would destroy the basic idea of Corvus Corax to play real acoustic (we are the loudest!!!:) medieval music. And it?s more fun for us to switch from one project to the other with a complete different attitude. What had pushed you to make this step?

Corvus Corax: We have so many ideas - we would explode without doing that! That's alright. :) And now the question-form:

1. Name, surname - Drescher, Harmann der.
2. Band crew's place - the place where the big drums are growling.
3. Favorite artist - a creative artist.
4. Musical preferences - music which is catching me.
5. The main interests (except music) - loving the life.
6. Social state (married, divorced) - alive.
7. Your view on the band's evolution - it's the right way.
8. Your view on the conception - to make party can't be wrong.
9. Favorite band's composition - the composition I'm just playing on stage.
10. Favorite movie - a surprising one.
11. Favorite food - a really good tasting.
12. The bands you have played with - the past: Greedy Maggots, Depressive Age, Dance Or Die, Brainconfusion, Divemaster; the present: Corvus Corax, Tanzwut, Cantus Buranus, K.D.A.
13. Your greatest dream - always having the possibilty to do what I want.
14. Home pets :) - female humans which are using me as a pet too. :)
Relations between bandmates - schizophrenic!
16. Your feelings during the production of album - freedom.
17. Guest musicians on the album - satyr :) the harpplayer from Faun.
18. The recording studio - our own! :)
19. Instruments, that are presented on the album - a lot of weird stuff, bagipipes, shawns sheng sheng, hurdy gurdy, any kind of drums... you can see and listen to many instruments at our webpage (it's in russian, too !!!)
20. Plans on the future - never stopping to make music!
21. You advices to the young bands - be free! Do only what you want! Don't forget you're doing it for fun! Don't care what people are talking to you! Beware of the industry! Thank you very much for answering the questions! I hope, you're enjoying your memories while searching for the replies! Good bye and good luck in your work!

Corvus Corax: Thanks a lot too and keep doing well. :) Greetz from Berlin!
Always yours, Norri aka Harmann der Drescher.

Nicolai Andreyev
(November, 2006)

The interview was made with the informational support of Irond Promo Group

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