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Talking about hard rock and heavy metal today are times seams as the times of Black metal, Death metal, as minimum trash metal. More shortly something brutal.However and today there are young musicians preferring music in style of old school and creating music similar to those that was in far years of classic metal and glam rock and bringing in this music the new and fresh spirit combining elements of various styles of music. Rising star of Brazilian heavy metal Cristian de Oliveira aka CJ Rebel Son is one of such musicians. And he will answer the question which will interest all fans of old school metal.

Alina Katalova (AK): Hi Cristian-Rebel Son! What are you doing? I hope everything Ok with you? We would to set you some questions. Don't you mind?

CJ Rebel Son (CJ): Hi There! Hi Alina! I am doing great, its a great honor and a privilege to talk to you and all fans of heavy metal ! Sure we can talk , I am so honored, thanks for the great support and the opportunity.

AK: For the begining something simple. What's going today at Brazilian metal stage in your opinion? What styles are the most popular and successfull?

CJ: The brazilian Metal isnt doing so well in my opinion, sure we have great bands here, but they cant hit the great audience in general , still being an underground style, just the big names as Sepultura and Angra has a good visibility . We are living hard times to the Brazilian Heavy Metal, people here are not interested to listen to the original bands, with original compositions.

AK: And what style prefer you as to you? What style feel you the most close to you?

CJ: I think the style that is closer to me is the hard rock and the instrumental music to the electric guitar. But I like a lot of music styles

AK: I heared you are considered as one of the most proffessional guitarists in Brazil and have award. What award you have and for what?

CJ: Well I have a good name on the underground scene and at professionals.. No I dont have real award as musician here, but in 2010 I was the second master of shred . In a contest promoted on all web radio station from Guatemala and number rado of others countries.. I had many good reviews about my songs on the brazilian Metal magazines.

AK: Can you tell us what was your musical career? In what bands you were and who were you there? What tools you played and maybe you and sung?

CJ: I played in a band called REUS ANJOS , I was the singer and the guitarist of the band for 11 years, so in 2010 I left the band to play in my own solo career.

AK: Can you tell a fulll your discography?

CJ: My discography is composed for demo cds. some of these cds was composed by songs on Portuguese and my old band had a song in a cd collection called Rock Soldiers by UGK Records. The last material with my old band was a dvd/cd called "we play you scream".

1. Carros, garotas , diversao e Rock n roll (demo 2003 REUS ANJOS)
2. Luzes, Camera, sexo!!! (demo 2004 REUS ANJOS)
3. Demonssupercultunderground (demo 2005 REUS ANJOS)
4. Rock Soldiers vol. 11 (coletanea UGK Discos- 2006)
5. 8 Festival de Musica de Porto Alegre ( Live collection cd ao vivo 2006)
6. CJ I (demo- 2006).
7. we play you scream (dvd & cd ) REUS ANJOS 2009
8. Rebel Son CJ (2010)
Now I am working in my first official solo cd called CJ Rebel Son Unbreakable Invincible, as you know .

AK: .Whether that way was satisfied you or you wished something more? Any movement forward?

CJ: I am always looking for something new in my songs, I need to express myself in many ways, through the lyrics, solos, my vocals. I am very happy right now as a solo artist I have total control about everything, in a band its totally different , everybody has a different perspective about the music, in my solo project I do just what I want and the way that I want. I have no plans to play in a band anymore, I am so happy in my solo career. I am working with singers of USA (Stacey Fitzpatrick) and Poland (Isa Conar) . So I am glad with the great moment as musician.

AK: well as I have understood the Brazilian metal passes now any stagnation.. Only old famos band... Nothing new... There no something fresh, new spirit... Yes? What exit you see from this situation?

CJ: Thats right! Well all the kids that are trying to play in a band are on the cover bands , playing Metallica, Guns n Roses etc they are a kind of lost generation. People in general here are not interested in original bands.

AK: 11 years in the band... And you leave... Whether it's possible to combine tha band and your solo project as for example Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford do it? Or you don't see a way back to your old band? If yes then can you tell at least one reason?

CJ: No I am very happy on my own project and I dont have plans to play in any band again, I had enough of bands, in my solo project I do all that I want to do, the way I want, I am the composer, I am the producer , I am the boss. Its my life ! I dont want to be in a group where I have deal with the limitations of the musicians, I dont need to wait to make things to happen, In my solo project I Know when I m going to make the things happen. And I can choose the musicians tha I want to work with.

AK: Returning to your solo progect. What styles you combine there? Whether will be any general theme of album?

CJ: I play all the styles of music that I like, hard rock , heavy metal, instrumental, classical, acoustic, ballads, you know I play what want !

AK: While you work over your solo album whether you play any gigs- or solo gigs or with another musicians?

CJ: I made some solo shows on the last year and 2 shows this year playing my old stuff and something new too, and I made some guitar clinics playing my songs alive and talking about my techniques. I am planning to make some shows to promote my album .

AK: With what musicians or band you would want to play on stage meanwhile?

CJ: Well , the names that I can tell you now are Europe and Kip winger. I talked with Kip winger when he made a show here in Brazil, he is a great guy I was on the show drinking some beers and singing his songs so loud and he invited me to sing with him and well, I had to say no because I just know to sing some parts of the songs and I was a little drunk too, lol I would like to play with good people, not just great musicians, I think the guys from Europe are nice people, Joey tempest , John Norum, yeah, John Norum it's and idol to me as guitarrist!

AK: Well. Let's speak about your puples . How many puples you have? And how many time it is already? On what guitars you give a lessons? And... Maybe there's someone of your ex puples who became a real musucuan and already have a gigs?

CJ: I Have 21 right now, I teach guitar in a school and I have some pupils that I teach on their homes and in my home too. I teach guitar in about 5 years. I Teach my pupils in my guitar and on their guitars too, we always play together, I teach musical Theory, Harmony, techniques and songs too. I have some of my pupils that are playing in underground bands , making some records with their bands, shows too, I am so proud to see my pupils playing alive in shows.

AK: Can you tell us what musical education ypu have?

CJ: Well, I started to play at 11 years old, but you know nothing its serious at the 11 years old. With 17 I had my first rock band. I am graduated by OMB (Order of the musicians of Brazil ) in Musical Theory and Harmony.

AK: When your solo album will be ready whether you plan a consert round to it's support?

CJ: I dont have any support here in Brazil I do everything on my own, with my own money, All the support that I have comes of the other countries around the world , like USA, Germany, Guatemala , Australia and Italy. where they play my songs in the radios of the internet. Well of course I will make some shows to promote my album, I have some offers to make some shows already, but isnt the right time yet I have some recordings to do with some artists, Now I am busy working on other projects.

AK: Do you want to invite to your gigs any Brazilian musicians? If yes then what musicians?

CJ: Oh , maybe in the future , first I need to check how good my album will be here. I would like to invite Edu Ardanuy from Dr Sin to play on my record, he is a great guitar player. -When we talked about famos Brazilian musicians you mentioned only Sepultura and Angra. And what can you tell about Andre Matos? In my opinion he is the most bright and interesting musician not only in Brazil but also in the world. Many famos bands invite him. J- Andre Matos, the Maestro , yeahhh!!! You are right he is the biggest name of the Brazilian heavy Metal, he is an amazing musician, I heard the he is awesome as person too. Andre Matos its a great composer and singer his career speaks everything, Everybody has a great respect for him, what more can I say about him? Kiko Loureiro has a huge name too as guitarist !

AK: To be honest I don't see that you are worse than Kiko Loureiro. And you rises I think in the near future you will be not less famos. And looking at your fine and unusual instrumentals in my head at once rises a question. Do you want sometime to let out your instrumental album?

CJ: wow, thanks for the words Alina! Kiko its very good on the guitar, we have different styles , he play Heavy Metal mixed with Brazilian music, so his style its very original and I do prefer to play rock n roll music. Me famous in a near future I dont know, well I have a good reputation as guitarist so, it can be possible, never say never right? My album its almost done, isnt just about instrumental songs, I have some songs with vocals and acoustic songs too, I need to express myself in many ways not just with instrumental songs

AK: Returning to Brazilian metal in general. Nevertheless whether you see any really original band in Brasil that doesn't imitate anyone?

CJ: Yeah We have some good bands , but they are similar to the big names as Sepultura and Angra, you know everybody wants to follow the track of the success. To me the most important thing its to be honest with myself, I play what I want and with passion, thats all that matters to me. I believe that if your music is honest the success comes to you. I need to be original and I try to be original in my style not similar to the others. I play the kind of music that I would like to listen to on the radio. I am my biggest fan and my biggest critic too.

AK: What you think what special should have a band to be original?

CJ: The most important thing its to be honest with yourself , Personality its all that matters to me. Rock n Roll its about to be yourself dance with the music that you play, treating yourself like the # 1 , play your songs with passion , you need to believe in yourself with your heart, you know? Credibility ! Be your own idol , just remember that life can be good or bad because you are on the control. Make it happen !

AK: What your opinion. Whether it's possible to bring something new and in the same time good into the metal as for a long time ago did Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden,etc? Or everything is used now and there no way to something totally new?

CJ: Well , If want to play heavy Metal or Rock in general and you try to make something new, really new , its complicated , you can try to invent a new style, this is what some bands tries to do, but isnt good in general in my opinion. I dont worry about this because I play a traditional style of music. Rock its going to be like blues and jazz etc , a traditional style. We had some new styles of music but not good enough as the traditional rock in my opinion.

AK: And what styles and elements of music you like to combine?

CJ: Well a little bit of classical , Pop, hard rock , Heavy metal , you know all the good music, but melodies are the most important thing to me.

AK: And neverselless. I think you want to bring thought something new throught your music. What can be this new?

CJ: Well, the new things can be different techniques , different styles of music, maybe but with the spirit of Rock n Roll, you know Rock n Roll is freedom I dont wanna be stuck in just one style of music and I wanna talk about things that are common to everybody.

AK: And summing up. What bands and solo musicians are the best in Brazil in your opinion and what are best all over the world?

CJ: DR.SIN its my favorite band , I like Angra, Tempest, Shaman, and Savannah.

AK: And knowing what guitarist are you whether have you a thought to open your own school for guitar plaing?

CJ: Yeah , this is my dream , I am working on it, I love music and I love guitars, so I would like to share my experience with the people, specially the youngest generation, Rock n Roll needs to go on.

AK: What would you wish to all fans of heavy metal and hard rock?

CJ: Health , peace inside the heart, fun, good life to everybody , Union , we are stronger together, Music its a great way to live a good life, Just music have the power to put all the people together, no religion, no race , just music and celebration. We are brothers and sisters , no one its a foreigner in this world we are living together in the same planet, under the same sky , breathing the same oxygen ! God bless everybody !

AK: Well... Thank you very much Cristian for the finding time to answer the guestions! Let your creative way will be lucky and light without any shadows! Bue!

CJ: Thanks Alina, your support and friendship its a blessing I am so honored to answer to your questions! God bless you and all the Rock'nRoll army around the world!
One of my new songs of CJ Rebel Son will be part of the sondtrack
of an American horror Movie called Lester ; )

Alina Katalova
(August, 2011)

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