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It is necessary to be unbreakable in our days to go ahead without stoping and to reach something important in your life. The world has overturned, every day makes more and more barriers and problems. You must just to go on!!

Today many things have changed even in comparison with the period 5-10 years back. Music albums have existed on various medium. The era of "pirates" who let out and sold "piracy" albums has already passed. Everyone downloads music from the Internet. And the requirement for acquisition of license albums has already almost gone. The reason for it is similar with the reason of disappearing piracy products. There is a tendency that license albums will be bought soon only by collectors. And nevertheless a musician can be considered a person of art only if he or she has issued his or her license album. So what's the future? Famous Brazilian rock musician CJ Rebel Son who has recently produced his solo album Unbreakable-Invincible will answer these questions and the questions concerning his new album.

Alina Katalova (AK): Hello, Cristian - CJ Rebel Son! It's known that you have produced a very unusual album which can't be percepted unequivocally. Opinions of listeners and critics have divided. Some people consider this album to be almost a masterpiece. Others consider it to be not enough worked at and to be of no particular style. The third group of people considers the album to be so unusual that there is no appropriate word to define it. Rock fans would be interested to know about it. Are you ready to answer the questions?

CJ: Hi Alina! Thanks for the questions! Well my music is a part of my feelings, my mind, my soul, so each song has its own feeling, you can see happiness, fury, melancholy and many other feelings in the album, so I am just honest with myself, that's all, I consider this album to be surely a masterpiece, it is the only thing which matters, it is my life, and this songs are special to me!!!

AK: Let's begin with the name. Unbreakable Invincible... Are these the general topics of the album, the general features of the mood which the album contains or something else?

CJ: Unbreakable Invicible says that you should never surrender, never say never, never say die, it's about to move on, with power and never look back! You can't win if you are afraid of losing, it says that you should do your best no matter what you are doing, that's all. In this album I did my very best and it is just beginning.

AK: In songs the smooth and unostentatious transition from one mood to another is felt. Disturbing heavy metal instrumental in songs Rebel Son and Crime passes to more light songs as Instrumentals The Changing Of Seasons , and The Best days Of My Life, and song I Won't To Say Goodbye , and those are followed by a sad ballad Carolyn and an interpretation of classical thing of Frederick Handel-Gavotte in C that is also more sad than joyful. Is such order of songs made on purpose or it's a prudent step? What for is it so?

CJ: Well, I put these songs in this order because I think it's necessary to keep special feeling in some things, like the beginning, the middle and an end, so I think that this order is perfect for this album, it's like to tell the story.

AK: There's some very short instrumentals in the album that lasts for a little bit more than a minute or even less. Wonderful solos, it seems they will be able to develop into something really great at any moment, and suddenly they come to an end leaving a listener with a feeling as if he was promised something but the promise was not kept. Is it possible to explain this?

CJ: Well as a listener I don't like to listen to the very long song, and well I think that people has no time to listen to long songs, so I prefer to communicate myself with short songs. Yeah on the other hand, Crime is a very long song, but this song has a lot of things to say, in my opinion it's almost like 3 songs together. I try to pass a direct message and if I need just a little time it's ok, if I need a longer time to express myself I will use this long time too, I just need to feel that my message will have attention, being long or short.

АК: Means a songs with vocal have a longer time sounding to express all your thoughts by the words. And what about such long instrumentals as The Changing Of Seasons and The Best Days Of My Life? Whether overflowed you during those moments of emotion which it was impossible to express in short instrumentals?

CJ: Melodies with vocals are totally different than guitar melodies, because it's another way to communicate with the audience , there's no words just the music talking by itself , so everyone can understand each song with his particular feelings, emotions and point of view. On the other hand I have my fingers translating the emotions of my soul !

АК: Whether there were at you ready songs for any reason not entered in album?

CJ: To this album I put the songs that I wrote at that time, I have some new compositions, but I need to work over these songs. Things will be different because my music is about my life so my feeling and my perception about life are changing all the time. The new songs are the songs that I wrote after album UNBREAKABLE / INVINCIBLE .

АК: Is it truth that a part of songs from this album will be soundtracks to the American horror movie "Lester"? And about what songs was told there? Tell us some names of songs, please.

CJ: Yes it's true, I don't know what song or songs will be the soundtrack of movie but I think could be Crime, Rebel Son , The Changing Of Seasons or even my version to Gavotte in C major By Frederick Handel .

AK: I heard and saw that an actress staring in a movie "Lester" wears T-shirt with your image. About what it speaks? Are your new songs popular in USA? Or this's for some another reason?

CJ: The actress of the movie is Stacey Fitzpatrick , she is wearing the T-shirt to promote my music, we are very good friends and I worked recently over 2 her songs, her compositions. My songs weren't popular on USA , but I am doing very well, promoting my songs on my own, a large promotion depends of a lot of money, as well as to be famous, like says AC/DC "it's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock' n' Roll", lol. Stacey and her husband Norm Copsetta Jr, (the Director of the movie) are my great friends in USA , "Lester" is a Horror movie , Holie Carpenter( Stacey Patrick's character) is a rocker girl that is stalked by a character on the movie, this is all that I know for now.

AK: You told that if you have some new songs so these songs have been written after Unbreakable-Invincible. Do you think of following album already?

CJ: Yeah I am working on new songs, I like the neo classic style so I will follow this direction too, but I will try new things too, like flamenco , ballads , I don't have a plan yet, I compose my songs with the heart so it's very hard to plan what will be my next album, one thing is right, my songs never will be the same thing, I will always try to follow new directions. And as to albums in general there's a big problem with their realization here in Brazil.

AK: And now can you tell us what song from album you consider as the most successful in your opinion? And what song you like most of all? Don't forget it's a different things :))

CJ: Rebel Son is doing very good as well as Crime, I have already a single CRIME and official videoclip to this song. But I think that there's a lot of songs in album that can make a great success, like The Changing Of Seasons, I Won't Say Goodbye, The Best Days Of My Llife - it's to early to talk about it, but I think that the album will make a great success !!!

AK: You tell that your songs aren't popular in USA but I every Friday listen to Friday Night Progressive Radio Show (USA) and this radio often plays your songs . What can you tell about?

CJ: Well I am not famous anywhere yet, but I have a great support from USA , I have a good support of some radios of America and this is wonderful , What can I say ? God bless America! Friday Night Progressive Radio Show (USA) plays my songs, also Canadian radio Stand Indie. Recently they let out CD album - yes, yes :))-album on original CD with collection of the best songs of this radio, and there's my instrumental song The Changing Of Seasons there. Also my songs are played by Guatemala's radio.

АК: What way you release this album? What difficulties were withing that time?

CJ: I am going to produce a small number of copies not too much just what is necessary, because Cd's are almost dead today. I think in the beginning to do some cd copies as demo album. Just this demo album won't be different from original cd album, because of a high quallity of sound and well made cover of album. Also I sell songs of this album in i-tunes and I think about realization of whole full album in internet later. I think that the best way to promote my career is to make some promotional videos through the internet .I already have one such video-an official videoclip CRIME. And I'm prepering to the next video. It will be videoclip to The Changing Of Seasons. Also I have an instructional video and think to do more instructional videos. When you work alone things for sure need a longer time to be done, there's alot of difficulties like money, support to promote music etc..

АК: What way today is the most successful for the album realization? How is easier to release the albums?

CJ: I don't know exactly , but I think that the social networks can help very well, because there's alot of people looking for new music, new bands , new artists so we are living a democratic moment where everybody has a space, so work in internet goes very good when you want to show your art or music in internet , so this is an easier way to make things to happen. I could say that it should be the first step if you want to promote your music today .

AK: Many speak that era of CDs is leaving. What do you think about this?

CJ: I think that this is the truth, the artists have a lot of problems because of the piracy and at least in Brazil most of the people prefer to make downloads than go to the store and buy cds. I think that the future of music will be in internet, in the virtual world. In the future people will just buy music (mp3, videos just on the internet). АK: And why all bands try to release their albums on original CDs till now? Maybe it's classical and because of this will be still long time? As suddenly increased demand of vinils at collectors and at special music fans? More shortly like man's suit with a tie that for a long time ago aren't modern but still respectable in different important events :))

CJ: Because of this it is easier to do this way. Of course that the collector of music in general always will buy the albums, cd or vinil, dvd's etc... but most of the people doesn't care about cd`s , because they can have the music for free in Internet today, this is so unfair with the musicians. The bad thing about the downloads for free is the lack of information, like the names of the musicians, who made the art cover, the name of the songs etc. Actually nobody knows about the music future yet... But I try to do it the way when everyone who buys or downloads my music knows my name and name of my songs.

AK: What way you want to support your album?

CJ: I don't know what to say about it, because I work alone promoting my own stuff I am my biggest supporter, I need to learn a lot of things about the music promotion, so I don't have a direct answer at this moment .

AK: What you think of your following musical way? More albums, gigs, video clips, something else?

CJ: My solo career is just on the beginning so it's too early to talk about this, All I want now is to release successfully this album, make some promotional videos etc, I am working on new songs and this is all that matters right now, people here in Brazil are not interested to support bands and artists with original music, they are stuck listening to the same old thing, like the Big names, so I am not interested to make live shows , I just want to work on my music for now. I am living a great creative moment.

AK: Thank you CJ for the direct and fair answers. Often to be honest with yourself and with people is much better than to be a storyteller ;)) Real picture always means much more. Thank you again and let your musical way will be light and has more sunlight than any shadows! Wishing you only the best!!!!

CJ: Thank you so much for the great support Alina, My solo career is just on the beginning so I have a lot of work to do, I am having a very good time working and promoting my music , so I think that the future is going to be very good to my solo career ! God bless you and thank you so much for the great opportunity.

Instructional video CJ Rebel Son - Tapping - Lick

The official videoclip CRIME

Alina Katalova
(June, 2012)

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