LION'S SHARE Hi! In the beginning I'd like to ask you: how the band feels itself now? Are you satisfied with your job well-done?

Lars Chriss (guitars): We are very happy with how "Emotional Coma" came out. We did some great shows during 2007 and having two songs from our gig at Magic Circle Festival on the new Manowar DVD is great promotion for us too. Now we are looking forward to releasing it in Russia through CD-Maximum in February. Where have you recorded your new album? Who was the "general" of production?

Lars Chriss: We recorded the album in our home town Stockholm, Sweden. The album was mixed by Ronny Lahti (Roxette, Europe, Glenn Hughes etc.) and we produced it ourselves since we had a very clear vision of how we wanted it to be like. The name of your album is "Emotional Coma"? What kind of conception it reflects?

Lars Chriss: The hardest part for us is always to name the albums. What we did was that we took a look at all the songs titles we had recorded and picked a title we though sounded cool and did reflect the mood of the artwork. What can you tell about lyrics on your new longplay?

Lars Chriss: We write about stuff that goes on around us. What we see on the TV news and read about in the daily papers. Sometimes we get inspired by a film too. We don't take a standpoint as a band. Not in religion, politics or anything else. We are simply here to entertain. This time you've chosen rather "heavy" atmosphere in the cover's artwork, mainly unusual to power-metal bands at all. Can we expect the corresponding "hardevelopment" of your firm sound and music as a whole?

Lars Chriss: We don't see ourselves as simply Power Metal. We are influenced by the classic Heavy Metal bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Ozzy, DIO, Megadeth etc. Regarding the artwork we were looking for a mascot like Iron Maiden's Eddie. Some figure we can include on all covers, merchandise etc. I know that you've drawn some fabulous "guests" to the production of "Emotional Coma" (they are Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS), Glen Drover (Megadeath), Mats Lev?n (Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen), Eric Peterson (Testament)). How had you met them and why they've agreed to work with you?

Lars Chriss: Mats Lev?n is an old friend and he also did the backing vocals for our first two albums, so that was a no-brainer. His voice blends really well with Patrik's. The studio where we did most of the demos was co-owned by the former "KISS Army" president of Sweden, so when Bruce Kulick was in Stockholm to do a KISS Expo, we invited Bruce to the studio to do a guest solo. I'm a KISS fan since I was 8, so of course I wanted to have a former KISS member on my record. Obviously Bruce liked the songs and he cut a solo for "The Edge of the Razor". He even did it on my guitar since the song is tuned down and he wanted to use the whammy bar. Glen Drover from Megadeth, I've known him for a couple of years after working with his other band Eidolon. I asked if he could do a solo and he agreed. He did it over in Canada and just sent us the file. Eric Peterson from Testament was working on a solo too for "Bloodstained Soil", but unfortunately we had to start mixing before he got around finishing it off. I've just met an opinion that your new album went out merely the heavies and most professional in your discography. How can you comment this statement?

Lars Chriss: I agree with you totally. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted this album to sound like. In the beginning we were more prog-metal and had a lot of keyboards. This was mainly because the band was formed by me and a keyboardist and back then we were heavily into bands like Dream Theater, Queensryche etc. With "Emotional Coma" I returned to my roots and the kind of Metal I started out playing as a teenager. The songs are more direct, straight ahead, up tempo and "in your face". These songs go down very well live as well. Much more energetic and fun to perform. Your band is playing a type of aggressive power-metal. How can you personally name it?

Lars Chriss: We are a riff based band. All our songs are based on great riffs in the tradition of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Accept etc. We are very much into great, catchy vocal melodies, so I think this is the essence of Lion's Share. Great riffs and great melodies. We are skilled musicians and spend a lot of money on the production. I want people to think of high quality when they hear the name Lion's Share. If you want me to put a name on our style I would say classic Heavy Metal. Do you have any visions of your further style changes?

Lars Chriss: We are currently writing for our next album and we just continue to develop the style we have on "Emotional Coma". Maybe the melodies are a little simpler and a bit more direct. It will be another great album for sure. Hopefully out before end of this year. What can you say about the commercial success of you new work? Do you hope to reach the highest lines of international music-charts?

Lars Chriss: Of course we hope for this to happen. We always write from our hearts though and make the albums we would like to hear ourselves. We would love to come and play live in Russia so hopefully as many people as possible will support us by buying our album. What kind of art strategy are you following: "playing for fans", "playing for yourself", "playing for paying" or playing for "true"?

Lars Chriss: I make the albums for myself in the first place. All I can do after this is to hope as many people as possible share my great taste in music!!! Obviously we need to feel the support from the fans to keep on doing this. We have a Fan Club run by a long time fan that we hope to see many new Russian friends sign up for. It's free, so check it out at Maybe some fan will contact us and start a Russian fan club as well? Do you have any ideas of co-recording with any bands? I mean not a member of a band, but the whole stuff.

Lars Chriss: No. I'm way to busy doing Lion's Share and my side project "Road to ruin" that will release the debut in Russia this year too. What about your forthcoming promo-tour? Have you decided yet how many countries will you visit and what will be the main area of your tour?

Lars Chriss: We've already played in Europe and Scandinavia so hopefully we can support the release by playing in Russia as well now that the record gets released. I mean, we are willing to play anywhere as long as it makes sense economically and schedule wise. What can you say about your listeners? Do you think that you have a direct circle of fans?

Lars Chriss: Yes, we have the die hard fans that have been with us since the very beginning. Hopefully we will get many new fans as well that's discovered us with "Emotional Coma". At least here in Sweden, there's a brand new young generation of Metal fans. Metal is probably bigger here now than it's been for the last 18 years or so. Many European metal bands are now keeping the course of simpleness and "wideness of tastes", which is the cause of growing primitivism and awful alikeness in nowadays metal industry. Do you think that the main reason is money or real lack of talent?

Lars Chriss: If you are too clever you might shoot over the heads of the regular listener and Metal fan. For some reason most people want the simple stuff so as long as you don't want to play just to other musicians I think you have to keep this in mind. Do you have any original conception of composing music and lyrics? Are there any extraordinary sources of your art inspiration?

Lars Chriss: As I've already said, we love cool riffs and catchy melodies. When we think we have accomplished what we set out to do, that's a finished song. We always try to write a balanced album with diversity, so we just don't write a bunch of songs. We want the albums to be like a journey where you go to different places and through different moods. Hopefully, people will put our album on and play it from start to finish without skipping any tracks. A few words to our readers and all your Russian fans.

Lars Chriss: We see a great potential in the Russian market. We've worked real hard with this album so please check it out and hopefully we will see you on tour soon. Here is an E-card for the CD with samples. Our website is located at Thanks for YOUR support!! Thank you for an interview well-done! Good luck and stay heavy!

Nicolai "Harald" Andreev
(February, 2008)

The interview was made with the informational support of CD-Maximum

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