AGATHODAIMON Hello, Sathonys. It has been a month since I have been told that I have to write the questions to one of my favorite bands in the scene. And I have totally lost the count of how many times I have been writing and rewriting those. Your latest album has been out since the end of 2001 and I don't really feel like asking about the music and the concept of "Chapter III", for I believe you have already answered them a million times back in January. So instead, let us talk about something more off the wall and music-unrelated, and I think I'd rather kick it off in the Bill ZeeBub style - that is with a statement that Agathodaimon are just bunch of posers - you drink Jack Daniels, drive a limo, dress in X-Tra-X and still want to pretend you are for real. Come on… It's just posing. Will the defendant please speak for himself?

Sathonys: Ahaha... well, I don't pretend to be "true" or "evil" and wear spikes and facepaint all the time while running through the woods with a plastic axe. You're right in a way, though, as these photos aren't meant 100% serious. In fact, they're both a persiflage to lots of clichees we've been confronted with during the years (like getting told that we're "rockstars" or so...), and on the other hand it's in the vein of old bands like Venom who tend to use such over-the-top photo shootings since the beginning. That doesn't mean don't take the band for serious, we just got a decent sense for humour every now and then, but it seems that most narrow-minded BM-fans don't get the clue ;)... in fact, I don't even drink nor smoke, so yes... damn those poser photos, haha... Well, since we have started talking about X-Tra-X, how did you manage to get friends with them, did you like being their model and how do you dress in normal life?

Sathonys: If I remember right, I was approached by them and asked if I would like to model for them. As I got paid for doing it and also get their stuff at cheaper prices, I thought it's a good thing to do. Also it was a nice promotion, I like to polarise people, haha.. In "normal" life, I also tend to wear some of the stuff they're carrying, especially Lip-Service got great clothes, but it's awfully expensive.. usually I don't dress very extreme in daily life, I don't like everybody watching me, I prefer to be left alone ;) Everyone in the band is pretty brutal with tattoos and piercing all over, while you have neither of the above - this is "untrue" somewhat isn't it?

Sathonys: Fuck off, hehe. The problem I have with tattoos is that I'm a person that always wants everything to turn out perfect - and I've never seen a tattoo that convinced me to want to wear it for the rest of my life. It's not my cup of tea. Might look nice on some people, but I just don't like tattoos on my own skin... and concerning piecings, how do you know that I have none? Ever seen me naked or what? Hahaha.. The Agathodaimon official site has your personal department, and judging from it you are a very many-sided person. One of your major interests is photography. How long have you been into this and how did it start?

Sathonys: Hm, it did start twelve years ago, when I watched Overkill at Frankfurt, Music Hall 12.2.90 (I have a terribly good memory when it comes to certain dates), and I smuggled a crappy photo camera inside, and took some photos when I thought nobody was watching. They really sucked, but I loved them... I bought a camera on my own then later on, and started writing for magazines so I could make official photos, and with time I gathered some experience. I also contributed many photos meanwhile for several publications or bands, latest stuff was "A-Z of Black Metal" and "A-Z of Death Metal", some books by Garry Sharpe-Young which should be available through the (or was it .net? don't know)... How strong is your interest in vampires? I've noticed a pretty big collection on the subject on your site, for how long have you been collecting this stuff? Do you actually believe in the existence of vampires in real life?

Sathonys: Vampires in real life? Oh damn I despise people that pretend to be vampires and are placing such ads in gothic magazines etc. Of course there are NO vampires, but it's a very interesting subject to philosophize about, the etymological background, the historical stuff about vampires and of course the impact it had on movies, books, poetry... I do have quite some stuff about vampires, but was too busy to work on this section on the website in the past months... anyway, it's a little misleading as the band isn't connected to this subject, it's just a private thing I'm interested in. Whoever came up with the idea of opening a section dedicated to young bands and how did it occur to you to start a contest among these bands, so that the winner would play one show together with you? I mean very few musicians are capable of such gestures, cuz usually rookies are not treated this nice…

Sathonys: Well that was my idea, but I don't think it's such an outstanding move, as there's nothing special about it. As I did the management for the band right from the beginning, I started to help some bands in our region, and as I'm meanwhile also working for a record label, I've got a little experience concerning the music business, so why not giving a hand to interested bands? I still remember what I expected the music business to be when I was young, and it was totally different, there's no glamour and no party-all-night-long, it's hard work for every band that wants to get recognized. Concerning the contest, the only problem I had with it was simply that I thought that nobody could be interested in it... we're not Metallica or Slayer, just a damn band from Germany, but I was happy to see that more than 50 bands were interested in participating. The site also contains a section with glamour models that you like. Why you don't like your fellow citizen Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford?

Sathonys: Claudia Schiffer sucks! She's ugly, isn't she? Cindy Crawford... hm, not my cup of tea either. Most of those "super models" aren't my cup of tea. Most of those models are too big for my taste. And anyway, that section of mine also sucks, because I had to censor the most interesting parts due to my jealous girlfriend, haha.. that section is old as fuck meanwhile, but I also have the opinion that it's not the right thing to do this as part of the Agathodaimon website. As soon as there's time, I'll work on a special website, hehe. How should a real vamp lady look like in your opinion?

Sathonys: Hm to fit my taste 100%, she should have loong hair (no curls, rest of body shaved ;)), hair color doesn't matter much, she should be small (1.55-1.65 metres), weight is very important, I don't like "fat" women, and hm I tend to use the word "fat" very quickly.. also I prefer pale skin to dark brown, and of course it would be nice if her body also would look that perfect.. but looks isn't the only thing that matters anyway ;) As far as I understand you really like Laetitia Casta, who starred in the first part of the 'Asterix & Obelix'-movie. At the same time you said that with that movie "you must be stupid if you paid money for such a shit!" Did it ever occur too you that Casta might have been the one responsible for spoiling the movie. Cuz I have just watched part two of "Asterix & Obelix" - Mission Cleopatra", starring Monica Belucci and the movie is excellent. Have you seen that one? And don't you think that in general glamour models, being cloak hangers can never become good actresses?

Sathonys: Ah well... I never watched that movie, I just saw some trailers and read reviews (I often go to the movies by the way). I don't care if she's a good actor.. she's a model in my opinion, nothing more, nothing less. She looked good on some photos, on others she looks average. When I created those pages, I really liked the photos I've seen of her, but my taste changes every now and then, so I'd probably use other photos now.. After Pete Steele took his photo-session for Playgirl he has become a completely cult figure in the scene. As I see you liked his photos too ;) And would you have the guts to get your naked pix into Playgirl?

Sathonys: Haha, you know, everybody wanted to see those pics back then, and when I finally saw them, I thought that's damn awful! I mean, Playboy always has those soft, aesthetic photos, while this shooting for Playgirl was pure porn! Also it looks rather embarrassing than erotic; and nooo, I wouldn't like to see such photos in Playgirl of me. There are already enough women out there who know how I look naked, no need to do this, hahaha! You have very beautiful and long hair, what did you have to do to grow such a beauty? Also do you agree with the opinion that long hair makes every ugly guy look handsome, but however wouldn't ever help an ugly girl look prettier.

Sathonys: I drink virgin's blood when the moon is full. Hm no, I just have some special methods to wash and brush them, but I won't reveal them, hehe. Concerning ugly girls... nooot really, I'd say everybody looks better with long hair, although there are people that could have 2 metres hair and still look like Frankensteins Creature.. hm I'm mean sometimes, aren't I? Which pizza is Nr. 173 at Pizza Amore, Mainz?

Sathonys: Haha, it's not a pizza, it's a different menu. It's nothing special ("Schnitzel" with french fries) apart from the sauce, it's ultimate.. Can't explain it, you have to eat it yourself, hehe. I just cannot believe it, a guy who is having a bottle of Jack on his photo session says his fave drink is coke?!!! How come???

Sathonys: As I revealed earlier, I don't drink alcohol at all, nor do I smoke or use any other drugs. Sex is the only drug I consume ;) When you were getting you musical dream team together you put in the lineup such guys as Dave Lombardo and Steve Vai (who is to become a second guitarist) while speaking about keyboard-players you said you "don't give a fuck ;)" Why are keyboard players are so much despised?

Sathonys: Ah that damn profile... I should remove it, hehe. I just imagined the best or favourite musicians.. about keyboard players, they only cause trouble. We always had to write the keyboard-parts on our own, so we now decided to continue like Hypocrisy do, the keyboards aren't live now and our drummer plays with click track. Your favorite actors are James Bonds (Sean Connery, Roger Moore), adventurers (Christopher Walken, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford), and former mafioso (Robert De Niro and Al Pacino) as well as the all-time classic vampire Klaus Kinski, but how on earth did Alexander Godunov get there? Do you really like his action movies and which is the favorite?

Sathonys: Haha, you're a cineast, too? I didn't like Sean Connery as Bond, Roger Moore WAS James Bond, not any other actor. Connery's movies were partly racist, and he also beat up women. Moore never did that, he was a gentleman and the perfect actor for Bond. But I liked what Connery did afterwards, he turned into a really good actor. Concerning Godunov, he's not a star, but I liked what he did.. like his part in Die Hard or Waxwork II etc. Okay let's talk about music at least a little bit (we got a music mag after all :) My absolute favorite number in the Agathodaimon catalogue is 'When She's Mute' - who is it dedicated to?

Sathonys: Haha, to nobody special I'd say... this song was written by Vlad, and the lyrics were taken from a poem Eminescu did write, which I recognized later on... actually the poem it was taken from is called different, I don't remember the name at the moment. Why are all of your cover-artworks done in cold grey-blue pattern?

Sathonys: Well, we always said that we'll try to develop as band and individuals, but it can be irritating if a band changes drastically from album to album. That's why there's a connection so far between all albums, in terms of the artwork and therefore the general song atmosphere. I think blue is the perfect color for it, it's a little monotone, and blue is also the color of sadness ("blue" notes). The Gargoyle you've picked for the cover artwork on Chapter III (by Gerald Axelrod) is used in the advertising posters of the Notre Dame musical. Why did you have to chose such a widely publicized image? Probably you should have chosen something else? And why do you like Axelrod's works so much?

Sathonys: What? Never heard of that damn musical... anyway it simply was the image that I liked most, of course it's a little sad that it seems to be such a known motif. Why I like Axelrod's work? Well, he's simply a good photographer, he does a good job, and the cooperation always is very good between both parties. Anyway, we might try something else this time, but one problem (as always) is the financial aspect, as most (good) artists are too expensive for our budget. We'll see.. If we were to compare HIGHER ART OF REBELLION and CHAPTER III, I prefer the first one, since it's much more melodic. The latest turned out to be more heavy, more aggressive and much harsher in all senses. Which of the two albums you like better and when do we expect a new one?

Sathonys: So you seem to be one of the few people that like that album more than Chapter III... but I can't agree to you that it's "harsher", as the production of the second album really couldn't be called smooth or balanced. Also the songwriting was very chaotic, we actually finished many songs during the recordings, and Vlad even changed stuff after the songs were already recorded. Something I thought was maybe a bad decision; we put all the "extreme" songs on Chapter III to the beginning of the CD, while the more relaxed, melodic stuff comes in the second half. We just wanted to have a heavier album this time, that's why. Anyway I like both albums, although I'd say that the overall quality of the songs on Chapter III is better, there are some really great songs on Higher Art as well. We actually already started the pre-production on the new album, but it will take some months until we start the final recordings. There are still many songs to be written ;) Okay, that's going to be it for the music part, and we have finally arrived to our traditional stupid questions which require equally stupid and dumb answers. Let's imagine that your dream team has become true for one night, but all of the good keyboard players refused to play with you being insulted with your earlier statement, saying you didn't give a fuck about them. And well, the crappy players you just don't need yourself. So you have to turn to the services of classical composers. Bach, Beethoven and Mozart arrive for audition. Who you are going to choose and which composition are they going to play during the audition?

Sathonys: Well, If I remember right, Mozart was said to be the best musician among them, and I don't need a composer there, but musician. If I were to choose a composer, I'd have taken Wagner or Grieg. BUT where's the use of a keyboard player if a ADAT can do the same job for free? ;) Sean Connery has invited you to his b-day party, which present he is going to get? And should you receive the same proposal from Ozzy what is he going to get?

Sathonys: As I obviously can't compete with his financial resources, I'd either give him some tea (he's doing TV spots for tea, very stupid) to show him what I think of it, or I'd have a look for a nice girl that likes him to bring her with me as a present ;) Ozzy? He's so fucked up, I could probably walk towards him without having met him earlier and say "hey, did you really like that present I made you that much so really want to give me one of your cars in exchange? Just wanted to go for sure as that Ferrari looks expensive". Perhaps it would be worth a try. I mean, he's a legend, but look what drugs did to his brain... Dimmu Borgir have challenged to play against them in an exhibition game - what sports is it going to be, who will win and why?

Sathonys: The only sport I'm good at is sex, so I'd suggest a gang bang marathon. Could be a tough thing against Shagrath, but well, we have to find out. That would be a mess I think... Thanks for the interview and now your final words to all of the Agathodaimon fans in Russia?

Sathonys: Thanks for reading that strange interview, I hope you took it as serious as I did it! Have a look at our website and don't forget to check out our music! And Rag Doll, thanks very much for this nice interview ;)


(September, 2002)

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