M3Radio's hostess EmpressRed interviews Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth. The interview took place April 25th, 2009 at the Webster Hall Theater in Hartford, CT, USA one of the band's stops on the "Twilight of the Thunder God" Tour.

ER: I'm sitting here with Johan from Amon Amarth. What's been the biggest obstacle as a band that you had to overcome to get where you are today?

JH: I don't know, I mean there are always a lot of obstacles everywhere. First of all to get a record label that believes in you to support you, that was kind of a tricky thing, but also like all the touring, to get that to work with your daily life back home, to get it to work with having daytime jobs.

ER: What was your day time job, what did you do you like before the metal thing worked out?

JH: I mean we all had different jobs; I had quite a few different jobs I used to work at the supermarket. I used to work as a salesman for a few years, and I worked as a truck driver.

ER: I really wish you were at New England metal fest, is there any reason that you didn't play?

JH: We didn't get offered. (shrugs)

ER: Oh really? That sucks, their loss, definitely.

JH: Yeah well, you know.

ER: Have you noticed a big difference between your homeland and the US?

JH: Of course there's a difference touring Europe and the US. Umm, nowadays when we're touring the US the venues are better and you know, bigger. A few years ago we played very small clubs, which weren't always the nicest places to be, you know.

ER: Yeah.

JH: In Europe even smaller clubs are fairly nice, with a bit higher standards in clubs in general And also the distances between venues are shorter in Europe. It's not such long drives as here in the states.

ER: Are you actually a descendant of like real Vikings? Is it in your family?

JH: I don't know. (both laugh) I mean um, my ancestors are Swedish and Norwegian so I guess so.

ER: Must be.

JH: Yeah, I never really looked into it.

ER: All your songs reference Norse Gods, so what's the most legendary Viking story that you can tell me about?

JH: I mean about the gods or like Vikings in general? There are plenty of mythology and legends to read up on. I think, ah, the most ah, the biggest like mythological story is probably Visigoth which is the story of how the world was created, and how… it will perish… So it's ah, you know, that's a pretty big deal, big part of the mythology. But there are lots of other legends and stories as well. Which, I'm more about people that actually did exist. Especially like a lot of Icelandic sagas which concern different families, and stuff.

ER: How long did it take to record "Twilight of the Thunder God"?

JH: The recording session was about 7 weeks.

ER: That's not bad.

JH: We wrote the songs in 10 months.

ER: What do you want to tell your fans out there? What's the most important thing to know about Amon Amarth?

JH: (laughs) That we kick ass!

ER: (laughs) Hell yea man. You're awesome, Thank you!

M3Radio's hostess
(April, 2009)

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