Questions are answered by Masha "Scream" (vocal). On a new album "Slovo" the academical choir and a chamber orchestra is presented. How passed record and how you could involve them in record of the album?

Masha: To us, as always, carries. At the moment of the beginning of a recording of the album we have in stock even no half of those arrangement ideas and the moments which we have to the termination of work on it. The vocalist of group "Rarog" Alexander Sidorov - the student of the Moscow conservatory, it has told to us that can type enough of students it will be interesting to them to participate on our album. So we have typed sound chorus (on "Goi, Rode, Goi!" was only female chorus, the man's part of chorus was written imposing by 2 persons) About an orchestra the guitarist of group Rujan has helped. He has told that its girl is trained in the Kazan conservatory, and it would be interesting to many students to take part in record of a metal album. We have gone to Kazan and have recorded down the orchestral moments for our album. In both cases we worked with professionals, Russian school of classical music - one of the best in the world. Any complexities in record wasn't, its party in the form of notes which has been excellent executed has been given each musician. The known artist of paganism Kris Werwimp was engaged in booklet registration. Why it?

Masha: Chris's many works are connected with pagan\folk metal, in this genre the sphere of its musical interests lies, but it made out many works for groups and in other musical directions (Vital Remains, Old Man's Child etc.). "Slovo" is its fourth work for Arkona, and he have started to cooperate with us in 2007 year when it has issued "Ot Serdca K Nebu " ("From Heart To The Skies"). Then, in one of his interview I have read that Chris validly concerns our group and loves our songs. Certainly, the preference will be given that artist for whom that is close and clear, as what for we do, therefore the question on a choice of the designer for each our new album at all doesn't put at all. It would be desirable to notice that Chris makes simply huge work, besides title drawing of the album, each of songs on new release has an own illustration. In record of your album group Eluveitie has accepted. They have executed what role in a recording of the album?

Masha: My good friend Meri Tadic from Eluveitie took part in record of our new album, it has executed violin solo parts in several songs. This person deeply sympathizes with me also I is happy that it has found time between the infinite rounds and has enclosed the power in our new album. What interesting and new we will find on the new album? Tell us more in details.

Masha: "Slovo" is work absolutely new to us which differs as from an album "Goi, Rode, Goi!" and from other our albums first of all itself that we didn't put before ourselves any stylistic frameworks. It will even more keep away those who didn't like a musical variety of two previous albums, but in turn will approach those who appreciated us boldness in experiments. Our main objective was to create such atmosphere in an album that the person even far from pagan mood in music has like it and, certainly, as always, we wanted to make something new, unlike our previous creations. After two years you have let out a new album. Small enough term between albums. Be not afraid to bother listeners?

Masha: Counter question: 2 years it are too frequent? For me 2 years are term when I can write new songs and write down them. And realization of songs (preparation, rehearsals, record) occupies half from this time. Now at me some songs on a new album are already ready and I want, that the listener was ready as it is possible to hear more soon them, but, unfortunately, it will occur only in 2 years. If someone is bothered with such intensity its this private affair, we are engaged in creativity in the habitual rhythm and to me is what to tell in the songs, therefore to wait for inspiration to me it is not necessary, I constantly write new songs. You actively move ahead in the European musical market, and sing in Russian. Doesn't confuse, what listeners can not understand your texts?

Masha: Doesn't confuse, as we, really, actively move ahead, we aren't at a stop. If any of listeners the Russian group with English or any other lyrics it without problems will find for himself such is abroad necessary. Besides lyrics, there is a music, and that, it is not less important - power and atmosphere in music. You so actively use history of Russia in the creativity. Why a core of the creativity have chosen such theme? Than it so involves you?

Masha: Stories in my creativity a minimum. In the first I never went deep in studying of this subject, into the second, I am not assured that having devoted myself in history studying, I learn something close to truth. In the creativity I sing of the personal outlook and it is directed more in relation to the present, instead of to the past. And you would like to live in those days in Russia?

Masha: How at modern fantastic writers? As I don't consider any possibilities of moving in time and other futuristic delirium, I will tell that never reflected on it. The past lives in people in the form of memoirs and experience, we reap past consequences, but we can not operate it in any way. You couldn't share the religious sights? You trust in about what sing?

Masha: If to clean from concept "religion" an accessory to what either to cults or cult subjects, and to leave only "outlook" and "attitude" I want to tell that I live by principles on which there could live ancestors far to me. I am assured that they didn't hang up on themselves any labels and lived in harmony with the nature on honor and conscience, on truth and a self-confidence and that surrounds them. There are people who thinks out for itself any customs and rules, giving out invented for true canons of our ancestors-Slavs though they never learn with what customs were actually. But I not against reconstruction of those times, just as not against the romantic moods connected with a pre-Christian epoch in Russia, I against propaganda of the invented religion, suggestion to people of a lie, and false sights of modern writers of this religion. Much from this is presented under concept the pagan. My outlook looks differently, I don't aspire to live strangers to thoughts, I aspire to learn world philosophy itself, without any books and pseudo preachers. That I feel - is conducted only native to me on spirit to people, such units, unfortunately. Trust in the second coming, and I know, about what I sing. And at last: tell about the plans for the future, what the interesting prepare for the listeners?

Masha: My global plans for the future don't differ from my plans for the future in the past. To be engaged the in creativity, to bring up my children. Next year I hope to begin house construction in village where has grown and has spent the childhood. Plans weight but while infinite concerts don't allow them to carry out.

(July, 2011)

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