It's now merely impossible to stay on the top of power-metal scene. You'd like to know why? Because every time you release your new album, EP or single, an endless legion of howling journalists is ready to grab you and to nibble your bones, drinking your blood, laughing like a pack of hungry shakals! Tastes and real musical skill are now colliding into deadly war of priorities. The one who'll win - the one will be right. At Vance has realized this rule perfectly. After a long period of silence they're finally back with a dynamite present in a deadly sheltered fist. A new release from one of the leaders on nowadays power-scene and obviously one of the most talented bands in whole heavy arena - At Vance. Prior to release the founder and chief initiative mastermind of the team Olaf Lenk shared his thoughts about the former and future of the band. Hi everybody there!

At Vance: Hi, Nicolai! So, are you satisfied with your work? What are you waiting from your new album?

At Vance: I think the new album sounds great and I really like the overall feel much more than with Chained. The last album title speaks for itself I think but with Rick I found like a kind of perfect match. You are one of the flagmans on the power-metal movement. Aren't you afraid to lose your mark?

At Vance: I'm just doing the same thing that I've been doing for the last couple of years. I've just developed the At Vance a step further each album. So in a way I don't really care 'bout the others: I'm just trying to do my best and express myself musically without selling my personality! What is "power-metal" personally for you?

At Vance: The term "power metal" always sounded strange to me. I'd rather call it "herometal", cause there are so many challenging technical parts for every instruments as well as the vocals. I just try to combine technique with a feel for melodies and atmosphere which I hope I've achieved It's very popular nowadays to name power metal with such silly words like "sugar-metal" or "POVAR metal". Do you think that it's connected with subjective vision of some direct persons, or it's a reflection of objective being?

At Vance: It's very easy to make amateur band sound kind of cool via the production nowadays, but if you listen closely you can tell the difference who can play or who just fakes! In the end the band has to prove themselves live! Is it hard nowadays to compose music in your direction?

At Vance: It's not hard for me today cause I've done quite a few albums and my playing technique on the other instruments such as keys, drums, bass & vocals help me to achieve my goals. Are there any unexpected surprises on your new long-play?

At Vance: I've always tried to be challenging in terms of chord changes, melodies, rhythms/grooves & arrangements. So I think the listeners should check for themselves if we achieved my goals. There's an opinion, that your previous vocalist was more "emotional". How can you comment this point of view?

At Vance: I can't agree with that point at all. Rick has got a great voice that gives me Goosebumps everytime I hear it. He's "superemotional" in my opinion. Where you've recorded and mastered your new longplay? How much time had it taken from you?

At Vance: I've done all the recording in my studio (Olaf Lenk's Guitarland) so I have the freedom to record anytime I want. That takes away a lot of pressure and leaves time for the inspired moments whenever you have them. Who composed music: one of you, or whole group was involved in composing?

At Vance: It's mainly me who writes the songs and the melodies but since I've seen that Rick (Rick Altzi - vocals) is so much into the same musical direction I think there's gonna be a lot more collaboration on the next album. But for this one he took care of most of the second verses and on Shiver, where he did a fantastic vocaljob. What's the name of the new album? Can you tell something about its conception?

At Vance: Well, it basically tells that it's the VII-th album of the band. Are there any plans about your promo-tour?

At Vance: We have several offers for touring in 2007, but we really have to sort out the time schedule first. But there are many requests for touring right before the official release yet, that's amazing! What about visiting Russia? Have you had any suggestion before?

At Vance: It's mainly an organizational problem. Please, mail any request straight to AFM Records! Do you have any art motto?

At Vance: Maybe, "Good over bad" or "Strong protects the weak". What's you attitude to the evolution of metal culture (it's mainly spoken 'bout the western listeners) during last 10-15 years? Can you name it "degradation" or "development"?

At Vance: The main problem is that the "www" has given a podium to so-o-o-o many bands even if they're crap or good. It takes so much time to check out all of them that many people get bored and just stop! Can you name your most respected musical person?

At Vance: It's definitely Johann Sebastian Bach. Aren't you tired of playing, composing, touring, recording and so on? Haven't you just thought about some rest after almost 10-years musical career?

At Vance: As long as I got inspired by the people I work with I don't see no reason to stop. I have so many ideas for songs that it lasts for another couple of albums! Your final word to all our readers and your faithful Russian fans!

At Vance: Please stay patient 'till we come to play in your country and thanks for your support!

Nicolai "Harald" Andreev
(July, 2007)

The interview was made with the informational support of CD-Maximum

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