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Far From the Sun
EMI Finland
doom rock
To tell you he truth, it was mainly this record that made me want write reviews again, which (as well as metal music as whole) I was getting quite tired of. I guess there comes a time in the life of each review-wrier, when all the new albums suddenly fall into one huge blurred helter-skelter, finding anything original and unique in which proves to be utterly impossible. Everything starts to sound unbearably boring, dull, and ten-times-before heard, while the whole style only makes you want to puke. Finally you arrive at the point, when the only medication, which would get you out of this black abyss, can be a truly good and interesting work, which would make you take a look at the music from another angle, which would make you want to listen to it more than once, which - finally - would allow you to honestly say that you really like it. Well, the latest Amorphis has surprisingly cut the deal for yours truly: high-quality, diverse, integrate, serious-minded and simply beautiful music. No more - no less. (Troll)

Visor om Slutet

Hmm, quite interesting I must say. If the first album of this honorable Finnish act was telling about the life and customs of the trolls in general, then the second one was largely dedicated to the word-painting of their battle feats and the songs of wars long past. Quite logically the third one - pardon the expression - experimentroll EP gives an attempt to describe what the troll-kin's shamans may after eating too much mushrooms and other hallucinogenic rootlets. Very well, let us not judge them too strict for this, and although I personally would have frankly preferred to hear something more erm traditional, such experiments, nonetheless, have a full right to existence, and, considering the fact, that the material has definitely been written ex animo, who am I to point me indignant finger at me Nordic brethren? Plus, I mean Finntroll did honestly warn everybody that "Visor" was going to be erm... quite an unusual listening experience. And as a closure - let me give you a brief description of what you may hear: acoustic guitars, tambourines, "awful" (in the good sense of the word) choirs, handclaps and stomps, and ambient-like synth themes. (Troll)

Abstract Maelstrom Paragon
black metal

That is pretty good I must admit. Even considering the fact that the influence of Emepror's "Anthems to the Wilken at Dusk" is all too obvious here. After all, not every black metal band could really say that it plays "almost like Emperor", and they do play pretty damn well, at that. Another important point is that it is a German band we are talking about here, and sad as it is but the German black metal scene has never been overly inventive. Well, each rule has a pleasant exception. The complex cobwebs of guitar riffs, entirely crazy drum beats, well-timed keyboard arrangements, excellent soloing - all of that, as well as a whole lot of other things is what one may find on "Abstract Maelstrom Paragon." And although it is probably still pretty early to say that Hidden in the Fog could righteously claim the recently abandoned imperial throne, nonetheless, earnestly, I have to admit that so far I have not heard anything more convincing in this key. In the closure it is also worth point out the quality of the recording itself, which is quite good especially for a self-produced record. I says go for it, lads! And, all you at record labels take notice. (Troll)

Love Metal
BMG Universal
love metal

Honestly I would have never expected myself be able to say that I frankly like him - I mean, HIM. However here I am sitting with my headphones on, totally blown away by His Infernal Majesty's latest effort, and - again with all my honesty - I don't give a fuck what everyone else, who is more used to see me a bloody scythe in my hand swinging at the heads of all the "whining gawths" of this putrid planet, might say about that. So what's the deal? The deal is that Monsegnior Ville has once again managed to fool everybody, and although the record bears the loud title of "Love Metal" this is nothing but a provocation for it really has nothing to do with anything "gawthic", not even close. What it does sound like is the standard guitar-oriented, traditionally Finnishly melodic rock, yer typical MTV bullshit, but for one aspect, which changes the whole thing. (in a dramatic whisper) 'Love Metal' does not contain a single bad track. Period. Every song on the record starting from the totally unHIMmish, rock-n-roll-like "Buried By Love" and to the more typical "Funeral of Hearts" - is a one hundred percent hit, which make you wanna listen to them over and over again. Yep, that's Love Metal for ya, baby. (Troll)

Get Heavy
BMG Finland

The brand-new product of the Finnish metal scene which has been received through crossing the image of GWAR with the musical and verbal exercises of none other than Vincent Fournier, whose altered DNA hailing under the proud title of Lordi has not only grown into Finland's fave act number one, but has also started storming the metal scene of the neighboring countries. In fact what happened the band's debut "Get Heavy" has reached platinum status at home and moreover booked itself a permanent slot in the top five of national charts. Would you love a monster, baby? - asks the band's singer in a soothing voice. However upon sighting this heavy metal Freddie Krueger the said baby may not be able to give an uninhibited answer, which is why the band gives her yet another hint - "Devil Is a Loser" (He's my bitch), so really, dear, there ain't no guy like me around. And those girls who are more enamored with some technogenic designs, are likely to enjoy the "Biomechanic Man". Overall, an excellent record for all the classic heavy lovers. (Debbie Boink)

Crucify My Heart
heavy rock

They say you don't change horses in the middle of the stream, and that an old friend is heaps better than two new ones, but this simple wisdom did not stop Lullacry from waving goodbye to their old singer Tanya last year, and replaced her with a new one called Tanja, whose name, ironically, is only one letter different from her predecessor. Luckily this is not the only difference, since Tanjas vocal abilities proved to be a lot higher, while the looks are totally stunning. The new blood gave the rest of the band so much of a kick in the butt, that "Crucify My Heart" has turned out to be 10 times more aggressive, thick, elite, and simply better than the previous "Be My God". An astonishingly beautiful ballad of "Unchain" with magnificent guitar parts by Sami Vauhkonen, the driven "Crucify My Heart", and the energetic "Don't Touch the Flame" make the album appealing for both, heavy, gothic, and love-rock fans. (Debbie Boink)

no rate
St. Anger

Not stopping at the already 10,000 times chewed and swallowed in all the possible reviews and all the thinkable "St. Anger"-related forums subject of the "snare" (in this context also stands for "enamel saucepan" and "garbage can cover"), I must say that aside from the aforementioned, nothing really horrible or - let alone - strange has happened. If to date, you still haven't got used to the frills and capers of Henosse Lars and company, you really nshould consider changing your attitude and quit whining for your own sake. I mean let's get it straight - throughout their musical career Metallica have always wanted to play Black Sabbath. Jolly well! So Black Sabbath they play, in their own interpretation of course, but it is still Black Sabbath - pure and simple. Moreover, they do play quite good (forget the snare once again), and well so what if it doesn't sound like "Kill'em All" or the "Black Album" - who gives a flying fuck after all... (Troll)

Kivenkantaja (Stonebearer)
viking metal

Another monumental epic delivered by the hot Finnish alpha-males who cannot forget the brutal glory of their great ancestors, roaming about the world in their battleships, searching for adventures, which would then be sung in beautiful hymns. Well, the road from one shore to another usually took quite a while, which meant that the said hymns weren't exactly short either. The latest Moonsorrow record is no exception and features a total of six track spread along some 60 minutes of music. This means that you gotta have some nerve to pull you to the end of "Kivenkantaja", or else you gotta be a die-hard all-out viking metal fan. If that be the case the pleasure from listening to the CD will be everlasting - the many-voiced male choirs, the melancholic violin shrieks, the soul-touching female vocals, the grim lyrics - in short a real album written by the real vikings for the real fans of this horned-bearded ilk. Special note goes out to the opening "Raunioilla", which is probably the strongest number on the CD. (Debbie Boink)

The Cold White Light
Century Media
doom gothic

All of us come to this world in order to die. And if there were a "Suicider Society" somewhere their rituals should have included auditions of the three latest Sentenced albums. The new one "Cold White Light" once again explains that everything's just awful, life sucks, and the music is so morbid, that even if you notice a glimpse of light in the far-far end of the tunnel, you somehow feel compelled to nail this light shut. Darkness, freedom, and silence. And only one star in the sky would suddenly start crying of you in the morning hour. Funeral bells will ring in "Brief Is the Light" and the brain-splatters on the wall from "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself" have long been cleaned up, put into a neat plastic bag, and packed into the tiny little coffin on the last page of the CD booklet. You've ended your life-cycle, it has been short and silly, but this was your choice. However if the choice has not been made quite yet, give "Cold White Light" another spin and think - do you really want this??? After all sitting at home and soaking you misery in a glass of whiskey listening to the beautiful voice of Ville Laihala is a lot better than decaying in the dirt somewhere (Debbie Boink)

Dive to Nowhere
symphonic angry metal
The fact that Stalwart rules became clear to me back in June of this year when I saw them opening the first day of St. Pete's "Russian Roulette" festival. Then again "rules" is probably not a strong enough word. These guys really fucking shred! Imagine a mixture of Machine Head, Pantera, Kill II This, The Projec Hate, Waltari and a good share of neoclassic orchestrations as a dressing to this thermonuclear cocktail? Yammi? Hell, yeah! But that's not it. Already by the second song the aforementioned TNT mixture adds a couple of drops of Black Sabbath and a part of Voivod, and when it comes to the third and fourth tracks, you would even be able to hear some of the later Dimmu Borgir, early Tiamat, and what not. And mind you, all of this is just an echo, not citation! Add to this some really dense and thick sound, flawless performance skills, and you would get still a very distant picture of what you may find on this CD. Freaking A! (Troll)

Troll Bends Fir
Kailas Records
beer folk

The worst nightmare of any review-writer is reviewing an album, which you really get the kicks out of. Then again, no There is something worse than that. That is reviewing an album which, in your opinion, rules, shreds, burns, kicks ass and freaking slays! :) And that is exactly the case we have here. The Russian part of our readership has already heard me mentioning the band in the context of the Rusian Roulette fest which took place in St. Pete in June of this year, but that was the raving and raging of a live concert, and now the time has come for the album itself. Well, first of, it needs be said that this has nothing to do with metal. This really is folk music, and in the most ardent and groggy style at that. So if for you distortion is the determining criterion of good music, then this album would most probably leave you completely unmoved. Secondly and this is where it gets really complicated. Seriously how could one describe in words something which can only be heard with one's own ears? How could one transprose the atmosphere of an endless medieval beer fest to someone who has never ben there? How could one convince a die-hard skeptic that trolls really do exist? You don't know? Well, I do. Sit down and listen to this record sipping on a pint of good ale, and try to forgert sbout the bustle of your everyday life at last for a short while. Hey! (Troll)


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