Infernal hails, Cadaveria. To say the truth, I've never thought before that this year I will talk to Cadaveria who is no more the singer in Opera IX but the singer in her own band. I don't know why but your previous band produced an impression of a very solid act with a very close even spiritual relationship inside the band. And suddenly you decided to leave Opera IX together with Flegias. You left the band so quietly, without scandal or "slamming the door" - just left it. So is it true that the contradictions on personal and musical level inside Opera IX were so strong?

Cadaveria: Hi, Rag Doll and all MetalKings staff! Yes, in the beginning of last year some great incomprehension started inside the band. All happened very quickly. One night the other three guys began to say a long series of things me and Flegias didn't agree with. In a moment I realized people I had played with for nine years were not the same people I thought to know. There were no other solution except laving the band, and so we did. Instead of wasting our time in stupid arguments, me and Flegias preferred to do something more constructive: we left the band and we immediately start thinking about a new project where to be free to express our artistic ideas. Three weeks after CADAVERIA was founded. Why did you decide to create your own band - just because you need more self-expression or there's no band that can offer you music you want to sing? And in general, what is harder - to take a decision to leave a previous band or to make everything works perfect in a new band?

Cadaveria: For about ten years music had been a fundamental element of my life and I wanted this continue to be the same. Me and Flegias started another band simply 'cause we still had the will to play music and 'cause we enjoy ourselves in doing this. On the other hand a new band represented the opportunity to start all from the beginning with a renewed energy, but with the experience matured in the past years. Leaving Opera IX wasn't an easy decision to take, but I immediately founded in myself a great enthusiasm in building something new and personal. We had many unexpressed ideas to develop, so we started working hard on the new project without turning back. Can you tell us a few words about the members of Cadaveria. Who are they, what music do they like, do they have hobbies?

Cadaveria: The line-up features me at the voice, Flegias (with a new war-name: Marcelo Santos) at the drum, Frank Booth at the guitars, Killer Bob as bassist and Baron Harkonnen at the keyboards. All are serious people and talented musicians, Frank Booth plays since he was a child, he has a classical training, he can play many instruments and like Baron Harkonnen he has always played as tour man. He dedicated his life to music, by playing and creating his own recording studio, the studio where we recorded The Shadows' Madame album. His musical backround is represented by classical heavy metal, prog and some nu metal. He loves Dream Theater. Killer Bob is John, Necrodeath bassist. I knew him through Flegias, who sings in Necrodeath, and I immediately understood he could be the right person for the band. He is open mined in music and he is very good at the mixer and a wizard of computers. He had the role of sound engineer of The Shadows' Madame. As Flegias, he likes thrash, but above all he is a fan of bands like Fear Factory, Pantera, Slayer, Rammstein. What groups influenced a lot on you and your music? Do you remember the first album that you bought and is it impressed you a lot? Whose album it was?

Cadaveria: I think our music has been unconsciously influenced by the different musical background of all the band's members. In fact the album sounds like a strange mix of death, black, doom and prog and it is hard to find a proper definition for our style. Personally I'm very close to death and black metal and I also listen to some classical music, but I cannot say to have a point of reference in music, everything can inspire me: a violin melody, a poetry, a painting, a movie. Just for the chronicle, the first album I bought was Dynasty, by Kiss. The title of your album is The Shadows' Madame. This Madame - is this some abstract image, for example for Death, or this Madame is you?

Cadaveria: The lady we are referring in the album title is an imaginary presence who embodies all the qualities of perfection. She is the essence of intelligence and of supreme knowledge, of charm, of spiritual beauty. She is the lady of shadows 'cause she knows the secret mysteries of existence. As we say in the song In Memory of Shadows' Madame, she is a strange presence survived to the jokes of fate, she has been strengthened by the experiences she lived in her life, she matured the art of wisdom, but also the art of war. She is ethereal but at the same time she is bodily and she knows how to use her claws to fight. The album title embodies the spirit of the entire album, the obscure atmospheres of the songs, the dark dimension of the lyrics. The fact we talk about a woman suggests the album is characterized by a strong female presence, half imaginary, half human. The album is also the mirror of my personality, filtrated by the male touch of the other members of the band. I like the cover of the album very much - a masterpiece! Who proposed to put photos by Robert Gregory Griffeth into the booklet and on the cover? He's so talented and his images suit perfect to your music. And by the way, who's the naked beauty on the cover?

Cadaveria: The girl on the CD cover is a model, I assume she is American 'cause the author of the photos is American. We were looking for an image able to represent the title. We didn't want a drawing, we prefer photos. We spent much time in internet to search for a image able to express the obscurity and the grace of the lady we had in our mind. We get in contact with some American artists, and among them Robert Gregory Griffeth was the right one. His dark and sick art was perfect for The Shadows' Madame. His works have been used also for the internal part, for the booklet, in order to give continuity to the graphics, that is a chaotic mix of arts, pictures and strange visions. A cooperation has started between us and Robert, who will use our music for his flash works on internet. Well, one of the most interesting songs on the album is "Spell". Where do you find images for such songs and who or what is the greatest inspiration for you while writing a song?

Cadaveria: Well, the main inspiration came from Italian Melodrama. Melodrama is a passion of mine, born at university, where I had to learn the story of classic music. I fell in love with Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata and I proposed to use a short part of it, a part where the choir is singing, for the beginning of Spell. The songs tells the story of a ritual made by a young witch who places trust in cosmic energies for her magic affairs. By doing this ritual she realizes her intentions, she closes a circle. The music follows this course and the song ends with the same melody of the beginning, but transposed on a different tonality. Lyrically the beginning of the song is influenced by Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal. Usually all musicians have a sense that they didn't make everything perfect after the album was released like the sound can be harder, the vocal can be more brutal, the drums can be more harsh, etc. What do you feel now when the album is out?

Cadaveria: I can say this is the first time I'm completely satisfied by our work. Surely the album isn't perfect but it's really good and I would not change anything of it. We had Frank's recording studio at our complete disposition, we hadn't any time restriction and this allowed us to do all with calm, to cure all details, to experiment new recording and mixing solutions. We left the studio only when we were completely satisfied by the recording and mixing, Then the mastering gave the final touch. I like the sound of each instrument and the general impact the album gives to the listener, and, regarding the voice, I can say this is the best performance I ever did. Let's talk a little about you and your life if it's not too personal. I mean what kind of personality you are? Do you have hobbies besides music?

Cadaveria: I'm a complex person. I like to stay with other people but I need also my personal spaces where to stay lone with myself. I like to meditate about things. Sometimes I'm impulsive but I never deny what I did. I always say what I think, I'm very sensitive to emotions, I've a great self confidence. Besides music I love all art in general, I'm attracted by all what is artistic in some way. I love cinema and visual arts. I've no much free time, but when I can, I like to travel, or just to drink something with my friends or watch a movie at home. What clothes do you prefer to wear in your normal life? Do you like only black color or prob'ly some others?

Cadaveria: I've black clothes only, apart from one or two grey and violet pieces and one pair of dark blue jeans. I usually wear trousers, sweater and skin jackets, but all pieces are particular. I don't like normal clothes, I always chose what to buy with care. Do you have a home pet? What animal would you like to have as a home pet if you have a possibility to choose any - no matter a dragon or unicorn it is?

Cadaveria: I have a dog. It's small, brown, its name is Otello and I love it! Its like a son. I would like to have many dogs, to keep with me all abandoned dogs I see in the streets. If someone gave you the spell that could make alive three persons from the world of the deads, who were they?

Cadaveria: Just my father. And in general if you had a possibility to receive only one but a very powerful spell - what was your choice?

Cadaveria: To live ninety years in perfect health and then to born again and again… Nowadays the discussions about the existence of the soul and how you can sell it to the Devil rise very often. What do you think about it?

Cadaveria: Nothing, I mean I don't know what to think, every discourse about this seems useless to me. We would speak about something we don't know… Existence is what I'm living now, what I can feel, what I can touch. I think it is important to live this life in the best way for us, being in peace with ourselves, acting and not being acted, to live in the true and deep meaning of the word. The rest, what is not certain, what you dream but you cannot touch, is just a hope, a mirage, something that help us to live, something we need to live, and to find a reason for our existence. I say: throw your dice and enjoy the chance, the moon could not appear again. Can you tell us about the most strange present that you received from the fans?

Cadaveria: Some pieces of their skin, their blood, and a black box with a red wine bottle inside (both the box and the bottle were hand decorated with my name, the bottle inside the box was imprisoned in chains. Very nice. I drank it.). And your final word to all of your fans in Russia.

Cadaveria: Let me thank you for this interview and hail all old and new fans. Thanks a lot for your support. I invite you all to enjoy The Shadows' Madame and to be part of CADAVERIA delirium!


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