The grim nature of Northern forests has served, is serving and will continue to serve a source of inspiration for many an artist - be it a poet, a painter, or a musician. There is no telling for sure but there must be some sort of a black magic floating in its icy cold, some sort of internal force hidden within the bodies of grey pines who claw the rock with the fangs of their roots, some source of a chaotic creation that sounds in the menacing howl of the wolf... These howls have disturbed the imagination of a man since the first day he has heard it, and these are the howls that we hear in the endless death-cry of Finland's Catamenia... The popularity that the brew of melodic black metal and speed/power metal has been gaining in the past few years is genuinely tremendous (I mean Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Catamenia just to name a few), how would you explain this phenomenon?

Catamenia: Well, we think that good music spreads everywhere and this has happened to melodic black metal. It`s hard to explain this phenomenon, but music speak for itself. Example ten years ago True Black metal music was in same situation in Nordic countries. The same thing has happened to these kind of bands that you mentioned. Maybe the one reason is that people are getting more demandingand that`s good cause there are lot less bad bands out there these days. So in other words, music is getting all the time better and rich. Many different music styles combined with example Black Metal music. People need their satisfaction around music, so every time you have to make your best when you are discovering / making new songs. This is how we think this issue. But there can be different aspects and opinions around this question. This is how we see it. What are the things that you are happy/unhappy with on the new album?

Catamenia: This has been the best recording session we have ever been. We are happy with whole production. One thing that was great that we had a chance to go home after day and think the songs. You got more ideas outside the studio, `cause there were no songs playing in the background. But on the other hand, there was one really bad thing, himself the engineer Mika Pohjola. Real asshole! The job as an engineer he did fine, but as a person he is truly an ASSHOLE. We had these fights with his ego every fucking day. His working morale is so low. You see, when we came to the studio let`s say around twelve, we had to wait him about two hours every day. And same thing in eve. He had to leave always somewhere in the middle of the session. That sucked, cause we are workaholics with music. We loose the time and place when we start to work and this motherfucker goes and leave always to some fucking "business" when was time to work. What does Eskhata mean?

Catamenia: "Eskhata" is Greek and means the last events. It`s taken from bible, to be more specific, from the writings of Revelation. This was natural continue to four-album saga. You see, there is clear chain between all our albums: First came "Halls of Frozen North" and after we came out from halls we saw the beauty of the "Morning Crimson". In this crimson we saw the prediction which said eternal winter shall come - "Eternal Winter`s Prophecy". And now is time for eternal winter and last events, "Eskhata". The message is that only the strongest will survive This is your fourth album already, and all four of them feature pictures of wolves, is there a special connection that you feel to these creatures?

Catamenia: There is no bigger reason for us to have wolves on our covers. We see wolves just mysterious and cruel animals. We have always used them on the covers cause they kind of represent us in mental way - be hunted and be killed! Another question about the cover (and I understand that it might have already been asked a 1000 times but still) Why that picture? I mean Moonspell already used it once - why have an album with the same wolves? (It looks great though, have to admit :)

Catamenia: The cover was made by Thomas Ewerhart. He made and sent out the proposal and we liked it very much. But all ready when it was in the pressing we found out that the same picture was on Moonspell`s cover. It was relief when we got the confirm that it is copyright free material J We think that this isn`t big issue thou it is the same pic. And to be honest, our cover looks much more better than Moonspell`s, doesn`t it? I hear you are getting ready to get on a Europe-wide tour this fall - what are your expectations, whom you are going to be on the tour with, and are you planning to visit any CIS states?

Catamenia: Yes, we are ready to get on our first European tour in the Fall this year. There are no dates or places to be confirmed, but we will inform everyone about it in our homepages at You can also ask about this from Massacre Records at We are looking forward to the European tour cause we are really a Live band. Our live show is so great, lot of moshing and running around, with fire-spitting. It is so tremendous that you have to see it yourself. About CIS, as we said earlier, no places confirmed, only that it will happen in the Fall this year My knowledge of Finnish is pretty limited, however even that was sufficient to understand that someone called Martti got pretty fucked up and killed eventually in the beginning of the second track off the new album? Care to elaborate?

Catamenia: As you know, every song has their working titles. Rain of Blood was named as Martti. We don`t know why J it just felt like it. At the studio we wanted to do something stupid and really weird, we decided to do an intro for Rain of Blood, and you`re right that Martti got fucked up great. Martti did something that others didn`t like, so the result isRest in Peace, Martti! A good half of the band's lineup is also engaged in other projects (Kalmah, Dawn of Relic) and so seems most of other people in Finnish bands? Is it more fun to play in several projects simultaneously and wouldn't Catamenia, for that instance, be better off if all of the members could fully concentrate on just one band?

Catamenia: We think that side projects beside the main band are great. You can do something totally different from Catamenia. Everybody of Catamenia has their side bands, ex. Timo in Kalmah, Mika in Dawn of Relic and Riku and Ari in Unwrap. Well, to say about Timo more, he plays in three bands where he plays ( Catamenia, Kalmah and Synthetic Soul). We think it is relaxing to do other thingsso we don`t see any harm in side projects! But of course the Catamenia is main band for everyone! I didn't yet have the chance to get the lyrics for the new records, could please tell us a bit more about those? And to add to this could you generally expand on the philosophy and beliefs behind the band?

Catamenia: Cause `Eskhata` is kind of concept album, every song tells about last events. There are last events in different aspects. All are about final moments of humankind, some are more religious, some mental and some out in space. So we have this large scale within the lyrics, but every of them are about final war and strong ones will survivethat naturally contains Catamenia as a survivor. Example title track `Eskhata` is statement of so called ruler, religion. On that we question the excistence of religion. By that we mean everyone should make their own state of mind regarding this issue. Not to believe any weirdos in different mattersbe your own GOD! OK, we usually reserve the second half of the interview for stupid off the wall questions that require an equally stupid and ill-humoured answer, so if you please? Since you seem to be so obsessed with wolves Imagine that Walt Disney Studio approaches you with a proposal to write the music for it's sequel to Jungle Book that would be called "Maugli in Antarctica". You get to write the music for the whole movie, it has to be 8 themes, please name all 8 of them and explain why

Catamenia: Heheight themes for Maugli in Antarctica1. Maugli moves to Antarctica - cause there`s too hot in India. 2. Maugli is freezing - he had to buy GoreTex. 3. GoreTex itches the Balls - cause he is not used to cotton panties. 4. Maugli has ice-cream stick - cause Maugli`s piss freezes on stand. 5. Maugli becomes businessman - sells the ice-cream for Ezkimos. 6. Ezkimo`s find out what the ice-cream is - cause it`s piss. 7. Maugli gets an lawsuit - cause of treason. 8. Maugli moves the business in India in the form of juice - Maugli is now a rich man and everybody loves his juice in India. Conclusion: Do not ever try to piss the Ezkimos! During you next promo photo session the strap of ice you are standing on breaks off into the open Saima and you are forced to float there for weeks. Naturally you get hungry at a certain point, but there's no food around Now, which of the band members would be the first to become "food" for the rest of you and why?

Catamenia: This one is easy. Of course Mika cause he is not doing this interview with us :) Well, I heard this typical girl-joke the other day, that the easiest way to frustrate a man is to show him a case of beer and a naked chick and ask him to pick only one Seriously tho, which of the two would you pick and why?

Catamenia: We would compromise: First we drink half of the beer case and would take the lower part of the womanthis how everybody`s happy :) Riku :) Ari :) Timo and :( Mika (cause he is already eaten). What's the funniest joke about Russians you've ever heard?

Catamenia: Don`t take this one too seriously, but this is true: Best joke is when the Russians try to conquer Finland :) SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE :) Your final comment and wishes to all of the fans down here?

Catamenia: Take a look to our home pages at cause there is a contest with good pricesDark Greetings to Russian fans and MetalKings! Hope we will see on our touruntil thatStay Dark!


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