Chimaira... First association with this word - monsterican creature with three heads, destroying all around and eager for human's blood. It's real namesake - American death-metal band Chimaira, which is playing very aggressive and powerful music. The only word to grasp all the senses of this term is destruction. Raging guitars, tough bass line, hysterical growling vocal and thunderous blastbeats are carrying the listener into the widest horizons of anger, deepest chasms of chaos and hate. Looking for release of their new album - "Resurrection" - I was very excited by the chance to take an interview from the band's main keyboardist and electronic engineer - Chris Spicuzza. How do you do?

CS: Just woke up. Tired?

CS: Actually, yeah. Composing such an aggressive and powerful music takes a lot of mental and physical sources. Is there any plan of recovery, or all of your lyrics and music are carried straight from your mind without any efforts?

CS: I'm speaking on behalf of myself. Overall I'm pretty drained creatively with music. The hard part is done, now it's time to perform it live. Any style preferences? Do you think that you've brought any new vibes or even formed a new style in metal?

CS: I wouldn't say there is a specific preference. I do believe we sound unique to the other bands in the genre. We have a different style of riffing than most and we choose to use a heavy amount of keyboards and samples. Your conceptual source is very strong and really kicking. How can you explain such a great influence of your musical mood on your fans?

CS: I have no idea what this means, but I love pussy. Your music is very sincere and right-oriented in its fairness anger. Once you've said it's because you're trying to compose your lyrics and music according to what you've realized by yourselves. Is it right?

CS: The music just pours out of us. We love the rush of writing kick ass heavy tunes with huge grooves. The lyrical part is Mark's area. I have no idea what's going on in his head. Are there any encouragements for you except of the very kind of life?

CS: Uh.... Do you have any favorite bands? How they've influenced on you?

CS: My favorite band is Nine Inch Nails. I'm a huge fan of Reznor's production, layering, and overall song writing style. It's one of a kind and the guy is a genius at what he does. What's your attitude to violence? Do you think that this point of human's mind is normal and inevitable in its existence?

CS: I'm not a violent person. The world seems to jump to violence a lot quicker these days. Sadly enough they take extreme measures. The good old days of duking it out are gone. People would rather shoot each other instead. It truly is sad. Are there any secret's of your bombastic and slicing sound and ideal melodic aggression?

CS: We have huge dicks! Your new album is named "Resurrection". What is it symbolizing? Do you put any sacred sense in this name?

CS: The title Resurrection signifies the overall emotion the band feels right now. In this past year we got our original drummer/brother back, we signed two new record deals, and we wrote an amazing album we are very proud of. Who is the author of your artwork? This creature reminds me a monster from computer game Dungeon Siege II!

CS: The creative direction was handled by Mark and I. The digital artist's name is Dennis Sibeijn. This guy is incredible and you can check out his other work at In the beginning of 2007 you're going to have a tour with Killswitch Engage, Dragonforce and He is a Legend. Do you like playing live shows? What do you think about this tour's company?

CS: We love touring and we love the bands we are about to tour with. It's nice to be touring with a bunch of great guys that won't treat you like shit. What atmosphere is now ruling in your band? Are your friends or there is a kind of misunderstood between you?

CS: We are one big happy family right now. We have our fights now and then but it's just sibling rivalry. In the end - a few words to your Russian fans and all our grateful readers.

CS: Thank you for all the years of support and we hope to play for you one day.

Nicolai "Harald" Andreev
(February, 2007)

The interview was made with the informational support of Irond Promo Group

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