There are not too much qualified power-metal bands on contemporary heavy scene. Famed crisis of this style is destining poor mother-Europe on plague of second-hand music. At currant time there are in close proximity to 10 bands, which are playing in the stream of "power-metal" in its traditional sense and are not presenting wholly insignificance. Other bands are inevitable intended to be the third-class stampers that are badly surviving on the heritage of world-famous metal monsters. But each release of such bands - is a drop of onion juice into the eyes of the Global Listener. Power and its valiant followers are blamed in self-copying and primitivism, in commerciality and in breaking of all ethical and moral directions of metal. But there are some people left, who are eager for the real music and who are not afraid of experiments, every time releasing more mature and fulfilled works. One of these titans of power-renaissance is band Dark Moor. These Spanish musicians are releasing top-leveled works with envious regularity, again and again making us sure, that music is not the only product of mixing and mastering. Original firm style, well-recognized sound, mystical and lyrical atmosphere - because of these outstanding features Dark Moor are nowadays centre forwards in power-metal game of priorities "hit - don't hit", and their miraculous vitality is convincing, that this guys will be further carrying the banner of power behind the world's face. And according to the aim to get closer acquainted with art of this outstanding formation, we are presenting to your attention an interview with consistent bass-player of Dark Moor - Dani Fernandez.

MetalKings.com: Good evening!

DF: Evening good!

MetalKings.com: So, in the beginning - your impressions after the work. What are you expecting from your new album?

DF: Well, our impressions are very positive, the album is working very well in every sense and this one having great acceptance in much countries.

MetalKings.com: Where have you recorded Tarot?

DF: On New Sin Studios, Italy, with our habitual producer, Luigi Stefanini.


DF: Perhaps on drums - Andy C. leaves the band for personal motives and we taked a new drummer, Roberto Cappa. He is a great drummer and musician and a very very great person too.

MetalKings.com: Is there only one vocal on your new album, or you've invited any guests?

DF: Yeah, is a very special guest Manda. She is a great singer. She had a great work on this album with her voice and she is rather expended!!!

MetalKings.com: Who'd composed all the music? And whose "duty" is it?

DF: Well, all the music in Dark Moor is composed by Enrik (guitars), but I collaborate with him in some songs too Enrik takes the "duty" of composer in Dark Moor.

MetalKings.com: You've chosen rather unusual conception for power-metal band on your new longplay. Who'd found the idea?

DF: We speak of composing a conceptual album, but we haven?t a good topic for it. Everything was in a trip to Italy where we decide that the next album speaks about the Tarot. This was the beginning of all.....

MetalKings.com: As I know, Tarot is an ancient magic prophesying system, created by medieval mages on the base of ancient-Egyptian and ancient-Indian occult tradition. What is Tarot for you?

DF: Well, good question. The ways of the songs in Tarot are personal, they are focused on ordinary life and personal problemsSome arcanes have a mystic touch (Devil in the tower, Death.), but all speaks of true stories of the ordinary life.

MetalKings.com: Do you think that magical being of cards will influence on the following fate of the album?

DF: He-he-he, perhaps! Actually, we did an agreement with the devil!!! (laughing). But if seriously, in this album we put our souls and our spirit to take a great work, and I think we do. The album is fantastic!!!

MetalKings.com: Have you changed your musical direction, or you're just following the line of melodic epic-power?

DF: In a near future I?ll say you. Dark Moor has a personal sound, its own sound It is difficult to say now

MetalKings.com: Is it hard to play for such a long time and not to copy yourself (actually, it's the main problem of all European power-metal bands)?

DF: Well, every band has its own style. If your formula is "good" - to have always a similar sound - is it a direct way to changes? I think that the bands have just to modernize, not change his style completely.

MetalKings.com: How would you comment your place on the world-wide power-metal scene: are you the "headliners" of the "followers"?

DF: Yeah, one of the headliners! He-he-he!!! Dark Moor is a recognized band in the world, people respect the band and I think it is important. Perhaps the power-metal is not in his best moment, but this is a circle, everything returns again.

MetalKings.com: Don't you think that you've created a new direction in power-metal?

DF: If it was like that, we have number one in all the lists of the world! Dark Moor has its own sound, and this is great for us! We have charmed to create a new direction of power metal!

MetalKings.com: Do you know any other Spanish metal-bands? What kind of relations are you keeping with them?

DF: The relations are good. Spain has many metal bands, and we don't not know all personally. We have a good friends and bad friends in Spain. I think it's the same with all bands in the world

MetalKings.com: Do you have any plans about taking part in any metal-fests recent time?

DF: Yes, of course! On July we'll have a South American tour, and after its finishing we are going to play on some festivals in Europe, and perhaps lead also a European tour.

MetalKings.com: Do you know any Russian power-metal bands?

DF: Sorry, no Russian metal bands don?t sound in Spain. They are too far! I hope to listen for some band soon! And I am sure of its good quality!!!

MetalKings.com: There's an opinion, that power-metal is rather "limited" (in ways of musical self-reflection). How can you comment it?

DF: It's wholly shit! Well, it's only necessary to search for the formula, only to search for your sound, and try it! Perhaps you'll be a number one in the charts!!!

MetalKings.com: Do you have any definite source of inspiration?

DF: Yes: magic, mysticism, history, poetry, literature These are all inspirations of Dark Moor on all albums!

MetalKings.com: I've met an opinion, that in the following 20-30 years Russia and entire Eastern Europe will become one of the widest and most profitable musical markets. What do you think about it?

DF: It's serious brilliant!!! A great market, I remember great festivals in Russia! An why not now? I hope that could be easily realized!!

MetalKings.com: What do you know about Russia? Have you ever been there?

DF: I know only a few things, sorry! Russia is too far for us! But it will be fantastic to visit her and play there!!!

MetalKings.com: In the end - a few words to all your Russian fans and all our faithful readers.

DF: Thanks for all!!! We still hope to play in Russia very very soon, so we dedicate Tarot for our Russians fans! We wait to see them soon! Greetings from Spain and stay fucking metal!!!

Nicolai "Harald" Andreev
(June, 2007)

The interview was made with the informational support of CD-Maximum

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