MetalKings.com: It's sad but true. Elisa is no longer the member of Dark Moor. But two other musicians, Jose and Anan left the band as well. Do you think that nowadays the band has hard times or it just a normal working process that each band faces from time to time?

Dark Moor (Enrik Garcia, guitars): No, I think that we have really bad lucky in the last time. Elisa left the band one year ago and Anan and Jose left the band this year for problems out of the band, they wanted to stay in Dark Moor but the life always is not right. The band are very sad, but we are trying to find a stable line up again.

MetalKings.com: Did you find already replacements for them?

Dark Moor: For the guitars, we convinced follow with one guitar alone. We play all the European Tour with one guitar and we think that the band's sound is better because the keyboards are higher. For the Bass we are testing musicians yet.

MetalKings.com: At least you're lucky to find a very good replacement for Elisa and as we know a new person is always a new blood in the band. So how did you find Alfred Romero? Why did you decide to take a male vocalist instead of a female one?

Dark Moor: We made an audition to find a singer, Alfred appeared and when we listened him singing we knew that he would be the next lead vocalist of the band. I think that Alfred is perfect for Dark Moor, he has also a strong personality and he can contribute a lot in the future.

MetalKings.com: Though Alfred has a very good voice but it's still a difference between him and Elisa. Did you have to change a lot in vocals for the new album that it fits his voice perfectly?

Dark Moor: No, Alfred sang the songs written for Elisa. I think that it is very hard for a singer but it's a proof of his capacity. For the next album we are writing songs more adapted to his personal style.

MetalKings.com: What was the reason for Elisa's leaving the band? Do you still keep in touch with her?

Dark Moor: She left the band because she didn't want to sing the songs of Dark Moor anymore. She preferred to entered in other ways.

MetalKings.com: Who was in charge for the new album cover artwork? It's a real masterpiece. Any message beyond the picture?

Dark Moor: Diana Alvarez. She designed our website. The cover have relation with the song "The Dark Moor". For us it was very important: to say to our fans that Dark Moor is alive!!!!

MetalKings.com: It's a common fashion nowadays to use fantasy motifs in the power metal albums. Do you like fantasy?

Dark Moor: We like Tolkien but I prefer others authors like Lovecraft, Poe, R.L.Stevenson, Bram Stoker or Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman in fantasy.

MetalKings.com: Many power metal musicians agree that the roots of this style are in the classic music. Do you have your favorite composers? Do you like Russian classic composers such as Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and others?

Dark Moor: Yes, I love Tchaikovsky. He is my favorite composer together with Mozart. I think that our music has a lot influence in the classic music, really, we write classic music but played with rock instrument, haha.

MetalKings.com: Can you tell us more about Spanish metal scene. Which bands are popular among metalheads (I heard that Saratoga is really good)? Do you have friends among other bands musicians? Which Spanish bands you play gigs with?

Dark Moor: There are a lot of very good bands in Spain now. Saratoga is really good, mainly in live. But more popular bands sing in Spanish here. I like a lot the young band Arwen, and Jorge Salan (the Spanish Steve Vay).

MetalKings.com: Have you ever tried to sing in Spanish and can we expect songs on your national language in the future?

Dark Moor: No, Dark Moor is thinking to sing in English. It is possible that we will try to sing a little part in Spanish in the future, I don't know, really.

MetalKings.com: Summer is the time for different festivals. So what plans you have for the summer 2004, which fests Dark Moor gonna play at?

Dark Moor: We will play in varied Spanish Festival like Vina Rock. In Europe we play a festival in Romania and probably in France. One promoter called me to play in Moscow but after not call me more... If he reads this interview I hope that he can call me again, we'd love to play in Russia.

MetalKings.com: And the final words to our readers…

Dark Moor: Thank to all our Russian fans that we know that we have a lot. We hope to see you in live. You rock!!!!!!!!

Rockster & RAG DOLL
(March, 2004)

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