MetalKings.com: One of most popular questions to any band is - what is the meaning of your band's name? So who suggested this name and did you have other options to choose from?

Spectre, keyboarder of Darzamat: Darzamat is a protective deity, to be more precise, it is a matrix of both the garden and the forest.The name is taken from the Latvian culture. There were offerings given to the protective ghosts(such as Darzamat) on the cult stones.This shall be enough, as far as the rest is concerned, any person interested can get to know it by himself/herself. The band's name was invented by Flauros and Szymon ( ex-Darzamat ).

MetalKings.com: Tell us a few words about your latest album "Semidevilish". Who was in charge for mastering and mixing? Which song is your favorite one? What is it about?

Darzamat: The record came into being after quite a long break and huge changes in the band's lineup. The record presents a totally different vision in comparison to the previous - "Oniriad". It shows a new face and new direction of the band. The new album doesn't lack the characteristic for Darzamat climate as well as a certain heaviness. Hmm... As far as the pieces are concerned, my favourite are: The Darkness One, Red Iris, and Era Aggression . To tell you the truth, all the pieces on "SemiDevilish" constitute one thought although it is not classically speaking a conceptual album. We've already got some new material and I can tell you in secret :) that it shows promise.

MetalKings.com: How can you describe the style you are playing in?

Darzamat: It is really hard to put one unambiguous label on this music. We described it as Dark Metal, although it is also under the influence of Ambient, Black Metal or even Death Metal riffs. The music created by the band, emerges from us all. During the work over the material we don't wonder whether it is Black Metal or maybe already Death Metal. All that matters is whether it is real and true for us, and if it is, it's ok, if not, it is dismissed. Paying attention to what's modern and fashionable at the moment, doesn't take place.

MetalKings.com: How the things go on Polish metal scene? Which local bands, besides Behemoth and Vader, are popular nowadays?

Darzamat: Nowadays, polish stage's development is rapid and impressive, indeed. There are a lot of bands, playing really very good, still they lack the force to push their way through. The bands you have mentioned above do possess such a force. One could give many examples here,yet, I won't do it as for people who are really interested in polish musical stage, there are no secrets on this field and they know musicians and bands from Poland only too well. Recently a very good material has been recorded by the re-birth band Devilyn. Kriegssmachine also does show promise. It is hard not to mention the excellent Riverside, which currently is a real jewel in the crown on the progressive stage, not only in Poland.

MetalKings.com: Well, we can hear very often the idea that metal music is dying, more and more people are into pop and alternative music. What do you think on the matter?

Darzamat: I don't fully agree with such an opinion. I don't think that metal music dies. It is a fact, a lot of people are listening to pop or alternative music, yet, it is connected more with the fashion than with the actual fascination with such sounds. As everybody knows, diverse fashions come and go. Metal fans usually stay with metal till the end. Sometimes I come to the conclusion that the narrower the team of metal music fans is, the better it is, as it still stays elitist. I truly doubt that it should ever come a time for the metal music to achieve the top popularity, yet, as I said, it is better than fashions that come and go. You've got to admit that most of the pop music performers are the stars of one season. They make a record and a couple of videoclips being screened on TV stations over and over again and when one year passes, nobody remembers them. The situation is totally different with metal bands. If you record a big album, which introduces something new, which is soaked with emotions, there'll be nobody who'll forget about it.

MetalKings.com: How you can describe your audience, the persons you are writing music to? What thoughts you are trying to bring them?

Darzamat: I think that there's no such thing as writing music to somebody. In my opinion it is not compatible with your own conscience and with the creation of music, which flows out of the man's insides. In the contrary case, it is nothing more but the soulless creation of something by force just to appeal to somebody or trying to be somebody insincere towards oneself, and what's even worse towards other people. Our audience are the people who come to our concerts, our fans, people who buy our records. I am glad to see every man, no matter the outfit, who appreciates what we do and like our music. As to the third part of the question, I believe that since they listen to our music and read the texts, they must and probably do see a kind of message, which is compatible with their beliefs and life experiences. It might for example help them in some way or they enjoy and like it. They are the ones who should be asked what the music gives them.

MetalKings.com: Normally metal music is not very profitable, do you live out of music or have permanent jobs? If yes, then who are you in everyday life?

Darzamat: Unfortunately, we are not yet able to earn our living making music. The two members of our band: Chris and me are students, the rest works in various professions. It is very often causing a lot of troubles, especially when we take the dates of the concerts into account. We hope that in some time , we will be able to do only what we care about for real, meaning: to create music. The greatest joy is to do what one loves and additionally to live with dignity.

MetalKings.com: When did you decide to run a metal band, who were your teachers and idols on that moment?

Darzamat: In Darzamat there play the people who've got really and truly open minds as far as the different kinds of music are concerned. What I am about to say right now, may for some people sound weird but we like listening to jazz music practically to the same extent as black metal. There's no point in limiting oneself to only one kind of music, there's the division that we follow: either something is good or sucks. At the beginning of band's activity, our example to follow was undoubtedly the whole Norwegian black metal stage, yet, everything changes in the course of time. We created the music which flows out of us, there's no place for copying or trying to follow and be similar to the others. We, of course, love many different bands as we are metal fans, however, there are so many of them, that I'd probably bore the readers to death, naming them.

MetalKings.com: Do you have special musical education and how did this come that you became musicians?

Darzamat: Actually, only I finished the musical school and later studied on the Musical Academy for 2 years. Nera had private tutorials on singing and was taught by very good vocalists. I think, that one can achieve a good technique by oneself. The example here is Chris, who is excellent guitar player and superb composer, and he achieved it all, learning all by himself. The most important thing is whether you know how to make use of the potential and the technique that you later possess. It is not highly demanding or impressive to play a sequence you've got perfectly trained, adding emotion to it-is. I find that the core of the metal music are affections and emotions. Not every person can express them during the concert or while one records. I personally highly respect the classical musicians, people who are the virtuosos of their instruments. However, not always their technique goes hand in hand with their individuality.

MetalKings.com: Is this a huge different between your stage image and everyday life?

Darzamat: As to the image, it is partly different from that everyday one. You know, the work and the normal life don't always allow for the total freedom. As to our feelings, they are from many years related to one thing- music.

MetalKings.com: Do you know a lot about Russia and what are your expectations about the forthcoming tour in Russia?

Darzamat: We played in Russia over one year ago, it was fantastic. We were surprised by the hospitality of the people and by their attitude towards us. It is truly a very incredible feeling to meet so many open-minded people. We can't wait for this tour, we've got in mind our last visit and I know it is going to be just great. Just move your asses from your cozy homes and come to our concerts, you can expect the hectoliters of devilishness flowing from the loudspeakers.

MetalKings.com: Can you name 5 words that you associate with Moscow?

Darzamat: Beautiful women, superb audience, excellent food, excellent organization, incredibly nice people.

MetalKings.com: What was the best Darzamat gig so far?

Darzamat: It is a very hard question. I'll answer this way and don't think that I'm avoiding the straightforward answer. Every concert we played was different, it is very hard to choose just one. It so happens that on some concerts the sound provided is weaker or weaker lights but we don't pay attention to it. It doesn't matter whether we play for 2000 or 200 people, we always give maximum from ourselves. There's because something isn't exactly as we expected it to be (e.g. organization or similar issues). Darzamat goes out on the stage and gives always 100% of the emotions.

MetalKings.com: Thanx for the interview and please tell some final words to our readers.

Darzamat: Thanks very much for the warm welcome from your side last year in Moscow. We expect and hope that this year you'll welcome us even warmer. We are looking forward to and are very keen on playing for you once more , it will surely be hot. See you under the stage! Greetings to all our fans in Russia!!!

(May, 2005)

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