DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Okay I understand that in very many aspects this interview is going to be pretty unoriginal, cause everyone is asking the same questions- then again there are things which you cannot avoid but asking - so I will apologize for being banal right form the start - and here comes the first question - whatever in hell have the three of you been doing for the past 8 years (since the disbandment in 1994)? Day-jobs? Or what not?

Disharmonic Orchestra: Well, herwig has been playing with his other band "naked lunch" and is currently working in his own studio as a producer. I was running a techno and house label with an italian dj and martin was working as a taxi driver. Now me and martin are woking as webdesigners and graficdesigners in an internet company. And of course whose ideas was it to reform again and do the new album?

Disharmonic Orchestra: after nuclear blast released the "expositionsprophylaxe" album as a classic series that was a major step for us to reform. Then markus staiger the boss of nuclear blast offered us again a record deal and then everything was going pretty fast for us. people were very enthusastic about our plans to reform. The past two years have become particularly fruitful for Austrian reunions - Pungent Stench (the band, which you, as far as I remember, recorded your first split-CD with) reformed in the end of 2001 you started you reformation at about the same period of time - are these two happenings connected in any way or is it a mere coincidence? An act of god? A joke of the devil? ;)

Disharmonic Orchestra: I don't know why we all came back nearly the same time. I think it was just a coincidence that we both were reforming nearly the same time. anyway, you always have to take the right moment for whatever you do. we think it is now the right moment for disharmonic orchestra You were on Nuclear Blast back in the early days when, as far as I understand it was a completely different label - much smaller and much more alternative (or am I mistaken?) - how much has the label changed since then and do you find the nature of these changes rather positive or not?

Disharmonic Orchestra: Yes, your are totally right. When we started working with nuclear blast records they've been a small label with only a few people working there. The label changed a lot since then. They don't have only extreme bands also a lot of heavy metal, melodic and gothic stuff. Nuclear blast are now definitely one of the biggest metal labels wordlwide and I think that is also very good for us even if we are now not a typical nuclear blast band. The distribution is perfect and the work they do is on a high professional level. Was it hard to start working on the new songs again after such a long break, or did you, on the contrary, instantly came up with a godzillion new ideas that have been piling up for all this time?

Disharmonic Orchestra: It was very easy for us to make new songs. We had some unfinished songs, which we made back in 1995 and we rearranged them and added some new stuff. Actually we have already 4 new songs which we only have to finnish a bit. Afer such a long time everyone of us have some ideas on new material and then when we rehearse everythings comes easily like an ever flowing stream :-) Did you lose any of your musicianship qualification - I mean was it hard to remember how to play again?

Disharmonic Orchestra: Yes, when me and martin were starting rehearsing again it was a bit hard to play the guitar again and to play drums again. But after a little while we were in good shape. You don't lose everything even after such a long time. It was a bit hard remembering the old stuff. When we play some old songs it seems like we were covering our own stuff, you know. A bit strange. The cover artwork and the whole CD inlay s something remarkably out of this world, I mean it really is downright genius and brilliant - who did it who came up with all of the ideas and how did it go in general?

Disharmonic Orchestra: All the artwork was made by me and martin. Martin did the frontcover. He also took the fotos. The idea was to make something futuristic spiced up with a bit of humor. I mean it looks quite amusing us beeing spaceships. For the booklet we thought to give every song a special visuality and mood. Me and martin are working as grafic designers so it was clear that we are gonna do the whole artwork. My brother did the covers of "pleasuredome" and "not to be undimensional conscious". The artwork was and is very important to us. It visualizes our music. A bit strange, different. Although the official press-release states that 'Ahead' is taking over from exactly the same point where 'Pleasuredome' ended in 1994, to me the changes are all too obvious to simply ignore them - moreover, if you want my honest opinion - I think that the only thing that really remained the same is D.O.'s traditional non-standardness and usual originality - while the music is totally up-to-date (with a lot of modern-punk touch and all the electronic effects) do you agree?

Disharmonic Orchestra: You are right that the album has our non-standardness and our "usual" originality. Yes, we have spiced up our music with some electronics and the whole album is more complex that is right. The album sounds like disharmonic 2002 and that's it, basically. Oh yes, and of course another "unusual" question what do you yourselves make of the new record - was it worth a try or…

Disharmonic Orchestra: I don't really get your question, but making the album was definitely worth it and we do hope that people also like it. With you and P.S. being back in the biz the only ex-Nuclear Blast band left which I'd be all over myself to see return is the infamous Chronical Diarrhea do you know anything from their camp and do you happen to know if there is any chance to see them make a comeback as well? (If so you, them and P.S. absolutely must go on a joint tour and come to Russia!!! :)

Disharmonic Orchestra: I don't know if they reunite. What I know is that pungent stench are now touring in Russia. We would like to come to Russia as well. Would be great playing there. Well, yes, what are the touring plans anyways, if any?

Disharmonic Orchestra: In November we are playing some gigs in Austria and hopefully we'll have a tour planned for February 2003 in Europe. Will the new album be a onetime comeback or are you planning to continue along?

Disharmonic Orchestra: We will definitely continue and we will do another album in 2003. if people still like our music there is no reason to quit. Whoever came up with the idea for the hidden track and what IS this song for chrissake?

Disharmonic Orchestra: This song is by the father of our drummer Martin. He used to be a "schlager" star back in the 60ies and this song was so cool, that we thought of putting it on the album as a hidden track so everyone will know our basic roots. What do the two abbreviated song-titles on track 2 and 13 stand for?

Disharmonic Orchestra: I can't tell you right now, what they stand for, because this will be a little quiz we are gonna do on our website. The first 10 you get them right, will win a t-shirt. Cool, ey? Okay, now that I am through with most of my serious questions I still have a bunch of silly questions left which have become a sort of a tradition for us here at - those do not require a serious answer (just in case)… ;) Not matter how hard I tried I could not invent a designation/use for these iron things you are flying in on the CD cover - any ideas? Was it comfortable to sit in them, btw? Are they easy to pilot?

Disharmonic Orchestra: They are spaceships travelling through space with hyper speed. You can see them flying on our website. Actually you don't sit in them. This metal thing is a cover to protect us from other flying sources. Some clueless prick in the press hears your new record and somehow decides you are one of them so-called nu-metal bands with dreadlocks and in adidas clothes - your reaction?

Disharmonic Orchestra: ??? Our metal might be new so far it's ok. We don't wear adidas clothes. The hidden track is becoming so popular and boosts up the album sales so much that NB decides to capitalize on the gimmick and obliges you to use this Tirol yoik-singing (or whatever it is called, sorry for my ignorance) on the whole next album - how do you deal with that?

Disharmonic Orchestra: Oh yeah, that's the new style. Jodling metal will rule the world. That's the new thing after new metal. Okay, thanks very much for the interview and now your message to all of your Russian following?

Disharmonic Orchestra: Yeah, thanks for your support. We do hope to play in Russia very soon.


(November, 2002)

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