Not long ago the brazilian traditional heavy metal band DOMINUS PRAELII released its debut album called "Holding the Flag of War" through Megahard Recs from Brazil. So we decided to talk about it with Rafael Guilhen (drums). Dominus Praelii means in Latin "The Lord of The Battle", why did you choose this band name?

Dominus Praelii: Firstly, I'd like to thank you for supporting the underground, and for giving a chance like this to divulgate our music and attitude inside your country. HAIL TO THE UNDERGROUND FORCE! Well, we chose this name because of the meaning of it, because we are always in a battle for the maintenance of the true metal attitude, which means that you have to support the underground, support other bands with the same line of thinking, fight for the total anihhilation of this new plague in the world called "new (shit) metal", we don?t consider the word "metal" to be used to support this kind of shit. The word metal is extremely strong and has only to be used in to translate the true metal bands that follow the essence of the word, that have attitude and fight for the growth of the scene. We support bands of death metal, heavy metal, black metal, thrash metal that fight for the scene and make it grow stronger. We chose the name DOMINUS PRAELII because of the lyrics content, that shows beyond the music, the ancient history, about the great wars of mankind, civilizations, important people that ruled the world. We want to make lyrics with a real meaning to the listener, we will never make lyrics telling about fairies, enchanted castles and all this shit in the melodic metal. We make music with the essence of metal, to all the true headbangers in this world. Where did you record your debut album and who was the producer?

Dominus Praelii: We recorded it in EL ROCHA Studio in Sao Paulo, and the producer was Rildo and Silvio Rocha (guitar). Your band plays in an old good heavy metal style. Why this style is so attractive for you?

Dominus Praelii: We play and old good heavy metal, because the good heavy metal is old. And it lived in the 80?s, with bands like Destruction, Coroner, Running Wild, Manowar, Grave Digger, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and so on. We always listened this bands, we grew listening this bands and their music influenced us in many ways. All of us in the band came from death metal bands, which is the cause of the weight and agressiveness of the sound. When we formed the band, we wanted to make music without labeling it. We wanted to make music for headbanging, cause we are headbangers too. We just started composing and the natural result was "HOLDING THE FLAG OF WAR", that brings all of our musical influences with a direction to the Heavy/Power Metal. We will always keep in our minds and hearts the 80?s!!! Most of the lyrics dedicated to warriors, battles, etc. Won't you afraid to be compared sooner of later to Manowar?

Dominus Praelii: When we start to compose the lyrics, we never thought about any other band than DOMINUS PRAELII. This kind of lyrics have everything in common with metal, wich is war, fury, battles, and the only one that survives until the end is the strongest. So, it?s natural this kind of comparison, because Manowar is a true band that always survived until the end, because their are strong, and we will be honored, not affraid of being compared to them. STAY TRUE! Is there any story or concept beyond the lyrics? And who is Khan?

Dominus Praelii: Like I said before, there is indeed history beyond the lyrics. Khan was the famous Mongol warrior also known as Ghengis Khan, that ruled China with terror and hate. Who is the author of music and lyrics and where does he get his inspiration?

Dominus Praelii: All the band tries to compose the musics, but the main brain of it is Silvio Rocha and Evandro Romero, both guitarrists. The lyrics come from books and a lot of study, because we want them to be real pieces of history. The inspiration came from hours and hours listening to good metal and by dedication of time in their houses, with a lot of non sleeping nights. But it?s worth, cause we love metal. All of your lyrics are in English, did you try to sing on native language?

Dominus Praelii: No. We made them in English because we want our music to be spread all around the world, not only in contries that speak portuguese. We want all the people around the world to listen to our music. In May 2002 you were a support act to Saxon, can you tell us about your impressions?

Dominus Praelii: Saxon, Judas and Iron Maiden came from England more than 20 years ago, lived the incredible and imortal 80?s, to present us with their marvelous heavy metal, that lives on until today, with the same strength. So play in the same stage with Saxon, was so amazing!! We had the chance to open to them, and of course we grab it with both hands! The equipment was very good and everything was allright. Their music is eternal, and we were honored to open for them. They are real true metal warriors! I've seen your promo pictures and all of you look like very strong guys. How do you succeed to keep good physical form?

Dominus Praelii: No way. Sorry but you are blind. We all have bellies, full of beer and brazilian food. We don?t practice any sports and we are extremely bad examples of good physical form. BUT thanks anyway! Do you know any Russian bands and what do you know about Russia?

Dominus Praelii: Sorry, I don?t know any bands from Russia, but you gave me very good impressions about support to the underground. It?s hard to find true people like you around the world. Most of them just think about money and promotion. You are a true supporter. About Russia, the only thing I know is that you are passing very difficult times on the politics and economy. Well, we have a special tradition at the very end of the interview to ask musicians some stupid questions that for sure require the most stupid answers that you can give. Imagine that one day your label decided to make you a very unusual promo campaign and one of band members has to go to cosmos on a shuttle. Who will you choose, why and to what planet you will send the guy?

Dominus Praelii: I would choose the bass man, Rene Warrior, because he usually drinks so much and vomit everywhere. So, I would send him to another galaxy to vomit there, on the aliens, not on me. One morning you wake up and understand that you were in the past, the very beginning of the 20th century. You have one day to change the history. What would you try to change?

Dominus Praelii: I would kill Hitler inside his mother's belly. The evil magicians turned you for a week into animals. Let each band member choose the animal and why?

Dominus Praelii: Rafael Guilhen: In a wolf. To eat every fucking lamb of the world! Silvio Rocha: In a turtle. To live inside my shell and not to be disturbed by fucking phone calls! Evandro Romero: In a wolf too. The same as Rafael. Rene Warrior: In a pig. To vomit and be surrounded by it in peace. Ricardo Pigatto: In a whale. To eat tons of food and be fat with no problem. Thanx a lot for this interview. And your final word to all Russian metalheads.

Dominus Praelii: I'd like to thank you RAG DOLL, for giving us the chance to spread our music in your country. And to the russian metalheads I say to them to support the underground, keeping the flame alive. I'd like to say to the Russian people not to support false people, because you will be fooled sonner or later. SUPPORT THE TRUE PEOPLE, TRUE BANDS AND HAIL TO THE UNDERGROUND FORCE!!!!


(September, 2002)

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