Questions are answered by: Daniel Urdangarin (drums) & Gerardo Ihle (guitar).

MetalKings.com: Hi, guys. Let's start from the very beginning. Can you tell us who and when formed the band?

EDENIAL: Daniel did it back in 2000.

MetalKings.com: Why did you choose EDENIAL for the band name and what does it mean?

EDENIAL: We chose it cause it sounded kinda of ad-hoc for the music we were making, because nobody else was called that way, and because the word itself did not have a meaning. So, we gave it a meaning. Edenial would be the conjunction of two words, eden (as in the original sin) and denial. So it would mean something like the act of deny one's salvation doing things we do really well, very impulsively, very human. Sorry for being so long winded.

MetalKings.com: How you can describe your music style? As far as I can judge you are very alike with Lacuna Coil but with more lyrical veins.

EDENIAL: I rather not be labeled by any style but I like to think of us as a metal band meets rock meets all the styles we individually listen. Lacuna Coil is a reference nowadays to any metal band with a female front singer, so we could be compared to them. Musically I think we are rather different.

MetalKings.com: What kind of music do you listen usually? What bands or artists were influenced a lot on you?

EDENIAL: We go from Van Halen to Dimmu Borgir, All that remains, In Flames and old Florida Death metal, old Scandinavian Death Metal, New Scandinavian Death metal, female singers all styles, basically music that moves me. Influences? As in the sound we wanted to achieve … none, as in the music I love … all of the above.

MetalKings.com: Who in your band is in charge for writing lyrics, do you have some concept beyond the lyrics on your new album?

EDENIAL: The concepts are many and depend on a lot of things, but basically they depend on the mood that I am at the moment of writing. The new album tells a lot of stories, talks about rage, feelings, drugs and so on. 311 wasn't very much far either.

MetalKings.com: Well, then tell us more about your previous album - 311. What does the title mean?

EDENIAL: 311 was the number of a house where we rehearsed and partied for years.

MetalKings.com: Oh, I see, the mystery is unveiled. I found the songs from 311 in Spanish on your official myspace page. Why you decided to make the English version of the album? Do you think that English is the international language for the music and you can get more fans or you were afraid that fans from other countries don't understand Spanish and lyrics are very important to you?

EDENIAL: Actually the changed came backwards. Before 311 all of our songs were written in English as it always sounded, to me, like the language of metal and rock - mostly due to the music I listen to. Castigo was the first song we ever wrote in Spanish and we liked it very much (why wouldn't we… is our own language) so we made all the Spanish lyrics for that album after that. As far as the new album is concerned we started with the music, then the lyrics in Spanish, and then the English versions. Why ? it could be said that we are dumb as fuck, but dunno just felt the urge to do that, and we are happy about the results.

MetalKings.com: Did Francisca take any vocal lessons or has some classical music education?

EDENIAL: Yes, Musical interpretation at Projazz Music School, SCD Academy, Personal Teacher and selftaught .

MetalKings.com: Can you describe your impressions about your live gigs, do you have a lot of fans in Chile?

EDENIAL: We play in almost all the places here in Santiago and we have a lot of fans here but we have more fans outside of Chile too.

MetalKings.com: Can you tell us more about Chile metal scene nowadays. Which bands are popular among metalheads?

EDENIAL: Criminal, Undercroft, Humana, Mar de Grises are all bands that are touring everywhere, to name a few, but there are lots. Well we wanna rock that too.

MetalKings.com: EDENIAL is a new band on the Russian metal market and your popularity yet to be grown here. So what do you know about Russia? Do you know any bands from this country?

EDENIAL: We know a few … Catharsis, Slot, Horizon8, Fiend, Inexist. That are great. But there's a lotta music to exchange between Chile and the world. We want to do that.

MetalKings.com: And your final words to our readers…

EDENIAL: We hunger to rock senses and Russia does it for us. Check our Music http://www.myspace.com/edenial, it's on streaming and on sale in amazon.com, iTunes, drop a comment, don't drink and drive, legalize marihuana, take care.

(April, 2010)

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