Nowadays it is merely impossible to find on the world-wide scene of power metal a band, which is playing professional and directly melodic metal. Legions of incredible typical power-metal bands are now marching across the fields of metal music world, terrorizing human's mind with brainless copy-metal, where every song is totally foreseeable in its evolution. And only a few bands are still carrying the banner of leadership in the endless battalions of fantastic worlds that they've created with their exceptional and talented music. One of these power-metal prophets is gifted French band named Fairyland, created by two brave paladins of metal - Philippe Giordana (keyboards and choirs) and Willdric Lievin (drums, rhythm guitars, bass, choirs) - in 1998. A little time after the creation of the band its lines were enriched by Anthony Parker (lead and solo guitars), in his past the guitarist of (actually, also French) band Heavenly. When the time had come to release the debut album, it was suddenly discovered, that the band strongly needed a vocalist. And so was invited the vocalist of famous Spanish group Dark Moor, Elisa C. Martin. Well-produced and recorded symphony-power metal with individual and unique atmosphere, built on the principles of orchestral harmony and classic metal tricks, is the main weapon of Fairyland's mighty warriors. And by that time three years had passed, three long years, filled with hard work and weird dreamstorm of art energy, which was tormenting all round the Fairyland. And now the time had come, when our valiant minstrels are ready to show to the whole world all the outcome of long and rigid work. A new album, "The Fall of an Empire", is promised to be one of the loudest event's in the stream of sympho-power miraculous realm. In this case I decided to take an interview from Philippe Giordana, who'd kindly answered my questions, linked with the forthcoming release and history of the band.

MetalKings.com: Hello there! It's very nice to hear you after such a long period of silence, which preceded your appearance with a new album.

Fairyland: Hi. Thanks for your warm welcome. We too are really happy to be out again. It took us a long time to be able to release this new album. Nothing to do with song writing or else, just a general difficulty nowadays to sign with an interesting label, which hopefully occurred with Napalm Records...

MetalKings.com: In the beginning of our conversation I would like to interest - who'd generated these "idea of creation", the base, on which Fairyland was born?

Fairyland: Willdric Lievin (our ex-drummer) wanted to create a sympho-metal band. I had some songs that I had written for fun and an eventual future project, so we ganged together. When we started, we decided to attach a concept to these songs, and we came up with the first album's story. After our tour with Sonata Arctica in 2003, we decided to get Willdric out of the band for personal and professional reasons. As the composer, I took Fairyland in my own hands and started everything again, rewriting the whole concept to extend it to a time period of about 6000 years. I think everything else just came naturally, following said concept...

MetalKings.com: Did any exterior factors influenced on your preference of the music style, or you knew from the very beginning what music you were going to play?

Fairyland: I think we've been really moved by Rhapsody's two first albums. That's what started us, really. Then, with time and experiences, we've softly sidled toward our own style, which is still symphonic, but carries something that is more personal. In my opinion, it's a lot more obvious on our new album than on "Of Wars In Osyrhia"...

MetalKings.com: And now let's teleport from the corridors of history to the present days. As I know, this year (especially during this autumn) many leading power-metal bands with world name (such as Rhapsody of Fire, Hammerfall, Dyonisus) have released their new creations. Don't you think that it will be too had for your album to compete with such a great monsters of metal?

Fairyland: I've never thought about competition, actually. Each of these bands brings its own personal interpretation of what power metal is, and Fairyland is no exception. We have way less budget and promotional tools then most of the big bands, but I'm confident Napalm Records and Intromental Management will work like demons to have us known by the maximum of people. After all, the fans will decide.

MetalKings.com: Your previous album was based on a fantasy conception, which was written by Willdric Lievin and you. Can we expect that in this time you will also create something "legendary" (according to the name of the album, that's so!)?

Fairyland: Well, as said previously, I rewrote the whole concept. But when I did so, I made sure to include the story told on "Of Wars In Osyrhia" in that concept. The result is that "The Fall Of An Empire" is the direct follow up to "Of Wars In Osyrhia", taking the story where it ended at the end of the first album. So we shall follow the destiny of Doryan and Osyrhia once again...

MetalKings.com: I know that Elisa left the band in 2004. Who is now carrying her duties?

Fairyland: Max Leclercq, who fits perfectly to the new Fairyland. We are still in friendly terms with Elisa, and she'll probably be a guest on our next album...

MetalKings.com: Where you've recorded your album and who is the producer? Previous time, as I remember, drums were recorded separately from the other instruments and vocals.

Fairyland: The guitars, bass, keyboards and backing vocals where home-recorded, in my (small, very small) bedroom. We then moved to Melody Studio where Didier Chesneau and Aurelien Congrega engineered the drums and vocals. Didier and I then concentrated on the final mix, and Peter In De Betou mastered the whole mess at Tailor Maid Productions...

MetalKings.com: Was in interesting for you to work on the new album? Have you reached any new experience?

Fairyland: It was pretty cool, although quite tough. It was my first time as a sound engineer and producer, and I had to learn everything on location. Lots of work with the logistic too. Even if all the guys in the band are good friends, we are geographically impaired. We do not all live in the same parts of France, and gathering for rehearsals and recordings can be a real pain in the ass...

MetalKings.com: Some music journalists and cynics said that fantasy-power is only an atavism, and this style of music is destined to die. Are you agreeing with this statement?

Fairyland: Nope. Not at all. I think that's really a stupid statement. It's been made already for all kinds of music, without success. Punk is not dead, Disco is not dead (not sure about that last one), and fantasy-power metal is definitely alive and kicking!

MetalKings.com: Have the other musicians of Fairyland played in any bands before?

Fairyland: Anthony was in Heavenly right till they released their first album, and Max was the singer of Magic Kingdom for a few albums. Tom was our guitarist when we started in 1998, as Fantasy.

MetalKings.com: Which music do you prefer? Are you fond of classics?

Fairyland: I like classic, Celtic, metal, movie soundtracks, old pop from the 60's...

MetalKings.com: Are you going to ride a promo-tour across Europe?

Fairyland: We are in final negotiations for a tour in early 2007. Nothing is confirmed yet, but I'll be sure to make an official announcement about it...

MetalKings.com: And can you share with some ideas of our contemporary power-metal scene's development? Is it degradating or power-metal is still keeping a hope of the rebirth?

Fairyland: It's Ali-i-ive, ali-i-i-i-v-v-v-e-e-e! I hear more and more good bands, still underground right now, that might just burst out and kick some serious ass soon enough. If the labels are a bit more open-minded and courageous, I'm sure we can expect quite a few more years of high fantasy...

MetalKings.com: Thank you very much for you interview! It is extremely joyful to have such a wonderful conversation with such a wonderful man! God bye and have a good luck!

Nicolai Andreyev
(November, 2006)

The interview was made with the informational support of Irond Promo Group

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