Tochka Club
Moscow March 8, 2001

They say you can't put on a perfect show but this one was as close to perfection as possible. Really, I can't tell you anything bad about this concert and even its organisation was high class which is a thing unheard of in Moscow.

The first thing I should mention is the excellent sound which helped all the three bands display their best capacities. Only Forgive-Me-Not had some problems with guitars, but that can be explained by the band's inexperience in playing in front of 1,500-something crowds. Well, really, these four guys and a girl from Russia's Tula looked a little frightened and lost on stage, especially seeing that the crowd was more or less ignorant of what they were playing. That's a great pity since the band produces a high class mixture of Paradise Lost circa "Draconian Times" and some elements of alternative that is really worth checking. Kicking off the set with "Tomorrow", one of my favourite tunes from their second album "Spaceapple", Forgive-Me-Not soon ventured into compositions I've never heard before - probably from their early outputs and the CD they are recording at the moment. It seems that no one in the hall knew the songs and the response was rather restrained, which, as I have already, said, is a great pity since the band deserves much more than they get.

Gods Tower were next to appear on stage. The Belarussian pagan metal gods have been playing in the CIS and Europe for ages and they learned not to give a damn about hostile crowds. Besides, the singer was apparently drunk (I apologise if I am mistaken, but it is not meant as an offence anyway). As soon as they started playing their powerful pagan metal assault got the audience going and a lot of people were headbanging near the stage. And when the band played the metallised rendition of "The Final Countdown" (a cover version of Europe, just in case you don't know) and their own blockbuster "Rising Arrows" (I can't really tell you how great this song is, you gotta check it out yourself), the crowd was theirs. Strangely enough, many people slagged off Gods Tower at various Internet m-boards after the show, saying that none in the group can play properly and that the performance lacked energy. Well, I can only say that it seems really strange for me how can a person who generally likes heavy metal and whose mind is not blurred by preconceptions or excessive amounts of alcohol can say the band lacked energy - Gods Tower generated enough of it to bring down the roof of any building. Let's just say tastes differ, but I simply loved what I heard from Gods Tower that night.

Well, it's time to pass on to the highlight of the evening, the one and only, the beautiful and the heartbreaking Doro Pesch. I was expecting a lot from her show, but what she did was far beyond any expectations. A great voice, a great stage presence, megawatts of energy and two hours of performance with hits from all over the singer's 16-year-long career - if that's not great than tell me what is. She started with the cover version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" played twice faster than on the record and then performed legendary "I Rule The Ruins" and "Burning The Witches" non stop - a nice beginning isn't it? Further in the set there were mostly songs from Doro's latest "Calling The Wild" album and Warlock's classic "Triumph And Agony" record, just what the people in the hall wanted to hear, and no one in the audience seemed disappointed. Doro was pleasantly shocked by the response her music was receiving and said "thank-you" in three languages many times. She even said something like "I cannot get laid with you all after the show, but I promise to sign everything." And she did!!!

Having rounded up the main part of the set with the immortal "All We Are", Doro and her musicians returned for the encore only to find out that the bass player, who was jumping on stage throughout the show had injured his leg and had to go backstage for medical help. Nevertheless, Doro carried on with the acoustic rendition of "Constant Danger" (from "Calling The Wild") and keyboard-based "Alles ist gut" (one of my favourite ballads in her repertoire). After that, the unfortunate bassist returned and the band played two songs from "Love Me In Black" - an overindustrialised record which seems to be quite obscure, but the crowd knew the songs well and the response was once again overwhelming. What was Doro to do? Right, she did a second encore - an obscure, but brilliant composition "Fortuneteller" (I cannot call this tune a song, since most of the lyrics are spoken), and... well, at the moment Doro's musicians had apparently ran out of songs they knew, but wanted to play more, so they did "All We Are" once again. Needless to say the crowd went apeshit again.

But that was not the end. After the show, Doro stayed on stage for more than 30 minutes, signing staff and just talking to fans. She seemed to have liked the concert no less than the audience did. Well, I really hope she comes here again, for the show she put on was far beyond any criticism. It was definitely one of the best gigs that I've seen, and I've seen quite many. Well, my sincerest condolences to all who opted to stay at home for whatever reasons - you've missed the time of your life. (Maniac)

Set list:
1. White Wedding
2. I Rule the Ruins
3. Burning the Witches
4. Kiss Me Like A Cobra
5. Metal Tango
6. Unholy Love
7. Tausend Mal Gelebt
8. Love Me In Black
9. Burn It Up
10. I Give My Blood (Dedication)
11. East Meets West
12. Fur Immer
13. Fall For Me Again
14. Bad Blood
15. I Wanna Live
16. All We Are

Encore 1:
17. Hellbound
18. Ich Will Alles
19. Constant Danger
20. Alles Ist Gut
21. Terrorvision
22. Do You Like It

Encore 2:
23. The Fortuneteller
24. All We Are

-- Maniac


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