DK Gorbunova (aka Gorbushka)
Moscow, Russia
May, 2000

To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan of rap metal. Moreover, I hate most of the bands of this genre. Mexico's Molotov, however, is not the case. They are heavy, they are hilarious, they are politically incorrect and damn proud of it. After hearing their "Apocalypshit" album and watching their videos on MTV, I heard that the band was coming to town and decided to risk my money on the show. The first thing that surprised me was the audience. I mean, no long-haired freaks, nobody wearing Metallica and Slayer T-shirts, no ladies in leather mini-skirts. Instead, the hall was full of alternative-looking people obviously preferring the kind of music I don't particularly enjoy. At first, it made me feel uncomfortable, but after the music started, I forgot about everything. Molotov put on a show that you just can't watch standing or sitting. You have to jump, wave hands, bang your head, just do anything. The band kicked off with the title track from "Apocalypshit" and continued by playing the material off their both albums. The crowd went apeshit at once, people rushed to the stage, and stagediving continued until the very last song. The security had a lot of work that night, as at some instances, there were like 10 people on stage and more were climbing up. However the guys from Molotov apparently enjoyed such activity, one of them even dived into the audience himself several times. The last time he did it, he got back to the stage only with the help of the security and without his boots. Molotov played all their hits, and the crowd seemed quite familiar with the repertoire. The most enthusiastic response was triggered by the megahits "Gimme Tha Power" and "Rastaman Dita" (when the band invited girls from the audience to dance with them on stage). For encores, they played an extremely distorted rap metal version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," translated into Spanish, and "Anarchy In The UK" by Sex Pistols, and closed the show with their first chart-breaking single "Molotov Puto" (in English, it should mean something like 'Molotov suck!') To sum it all up, the show was organised unusually well. The house was full and the security were not annoying. The band was also great, and after watching these four guys singing, alternating instruments and having so much fun, I seriously doubt that there is any sense in going to the forthcoming show of Rage Against The Machine. (Maniac)


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