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April 29, 2002


At the moment I entered the venue I got the final confirmation of the fact that Moscow is having too many metal concerts. Since the beginning of the year we have had the chance to attend a metal-related gig once in a week or two weeks. As a result, attendance has fallen dramatically and it is now nearly impossible to have a full venue no matter how aggressive the advertising campaign is. The Sinergy gig was no exception, it only attracted people who were indeed interested in the music of the Finnish five-peace, and the crowd was not sizeable, but loud and crazy. Of course, there were exceptions (an idiot in a suit shouting "Kimberly go to Chinatown" all along the way), but those were few and far between. Russian black metal act Rossomahaar opened the show at about 7:30 p.m. It was a bit strange to see a black metal combo opening for a power metal band, but the three-piece put on a great show with a fantastic sound. I'd never heard or seen Rossomahaar before (except on the Russian tribute to Metallica), but their 25-minute performance made a great impression on me. They delivered a set of complicated and nearly progressive music with excellent guitar parts that has not much to do with black metal in the true sense of the word, but that is indeed extreme and relentless. Moscow's brightest power metal hope Arida Vortex were the next to perform. Once again, I'd only heard the band on a tribute record (this time a tribute to Russian metal superstars Aria), but was told many times by many different people that they rule. Unfortunately, the performance was not up to my expectations, mostly because of the very poor mixing that resulted in all instruments being piled up together in an indiscernible mess and the vocalist singing (or rather screaming) on top of it. I guess I have to wait for a studio release of Arida Vortex to make a fair impression of the band.

Sinergy did not keep their fans in wait for a long time, without any intros they appeared on the stage and kicked the show into motion with the title track of their debut album "Beware The Heavens". The sound was literally mind-blowing, I tried to approach the stage in the middle of the hall, but had to stop for the floor under me was shaking. When I tried to do that from the left side I had to stop as well because the sound coming out of the speakers was extremely loud, probably as loud as that at the Pantera gig in Austin, TX, that I had the misfortune to attend in 1997 (oh, it's a long story, don't ask me what it is). Actually, the music was OK, but the vocals would go missing in the mix once in a while. Kimberly has a nice voice and a perfect ear for music, but she sounds better in the studio, I have to admit. Nevertheless, the sound in general was good, and the performance was fantastic. The two guitarists were the best element of the show, their parts were a pleasure for metalheads' ears, and played so easily that one has to wonder how many hours a day the two guys practice. Bass player Marco Hietala, in addition to playing, sang a lot of back-up vocals and even leads on cover versions of Pantera, Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest that graced the set. And Kimberly turned out to be a great show-woman, she was running around and banging her head all the time, telling stories and inventing all kinds of intermissions in between the songs (an instruction for the audience "to spit in the air and then catch it" before "I Spit On Your Grave" and an invitation of people from the crowd to sing with the band on "Hell Bent For Leather" were the most memorable moments). According to Kimberly, the Moscow gig was the longest and one of the best in Sinergy's history, and from the point of view of a person in the audience, I can say that I definitely enjoyed every single moment of the band's performance and would love to see them again in a venue near me.

Roman the Maniac

Set list:
1.Beware The Heavens
4.The Fourth World
5.I Spit On Your Grave
6.Lead Us To War
7.The Sin Trade
8.Laid To Rest
9.Venomous Vixens
10.Fucking Hostile
11.Passage To The Fourth World
12.Midnight Madness
13.The Warrior Princess

14.The Bitch Is Back
15.Bark At The Moon
16.Suicide By My Side
17.Hell Bent For Leather.


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