Tochka club, Moscow, February 16, 2007

Umbra Et Imago, once again in Moscow on the 16th of February. A new policy has been introduced in Tochka: Entrance above 18, passports must be shown and recognized. It was an amusing to watch how every second person got sent out for either not having a passport or basically trying to fool the strict face control with the 2 mm make-uped face. Some people had to call their parents to prove their age over the telephone. Little did the newbies know that they are in for a big fetish show. People who have been to Umbra Et Imago last year (25.03.2006) know that this isn't just an ordinary gothic darkwave rock group, but a group with no limits to freedom whatsoever. Some people might even classify their show as live soft porn or a gothic peepshow. Latex, leather, ropes, chains, metal, whips and cunnilingus. All topped with some energetic music. It isn't exactly the combination you would meet at any gig.

So, 20:30the old school rock music goes quiet, lights go outand one by one the members of the band enter the stage: first Soren, Lutz Demmler and Migge...then two girls enter with a long black veil between them...and from beneath that veil jumps out Mozart in a fur cloak and a multitubular burning torch which he waved infront of the public's face for a few moments and then tried to blow it out...and didn't work. The torch kept on he blows again...and again. Then he tried to trample upon it...which also didn't work. Eventually the burning torch that wouldn't go out was taken backstage by one of the girls.

After the first song. Mozart proved the public that he hit a childish phase...just a few seconds of being a hooligan instead of being the great big grotesque Mozart he is...or was. After shouting "Privet" he started harassing first the guitarist and almost taking the whole act backstage...then he practically knocked off stage the basist who had no clue what was going on. But Mozart started singing to the second song as if nothing ever happened.

What was interesting that on this gig, the fifth member of the band, the young beautiful Nanne who used to sing along bits and bobs with Mozart, gave up on her dull job and decided to indulge in more interesting things. After the first few songs she enters stage with another young blonde lady (who seems to be an active showgirl in Umbra et Imago since she appears a lot in Umra Et Imago concerts). What was a bit of a shock for the audience and myself, was that this popular blonde lady was pregnant! It looked like pretty much 5 months or even more. So, the blonde one gets seated on a chair already waiting for her, put there in advance. Nanne tied her to the chair and through the whole composition she spilled great amounts of wax on her and then she turned her ass to the public and took the whip. But before she could start punishing her victim, Mozart had to ruin everything by jumping on the waxed blonde girl...toppled her over with the chair. In the end, it was Mozart who got wipped who, quiet frankly, couldn't give a damn since his body was still in the fur cloak. Once Mozart got back up on his feet, Nanne and her victim quickly, but discretely dissapeared from stage.

After that Mozart started talking to the public. First he claimed that S?ren is a masochist (S?ren gave the face as if he found this valuable piece of information at the same time with the public). Then Mozart discussed the fact that he and his group members are in a complicated relationship a.k.a master and slave. And to end the little speech, Mozart bragged off his successful relationships with women and how he controlled them, but Lutz could only react with the typical face 'yeah-and-my-name-is-britney-spears'. The public only cheered and waved their whips in the air.

On 'Sweet Gwendoline' which was performed with another erotic act also went a bit haywire. Nanne wanted to tie the blonde one on this very interesting 'thing' that looked like a hanging tree. So, Nanne tried to tie her to this rope, but the weight of a pregnant woman was impossible to handle for herso the blonde Jana was left to unattractively stand on one leg on the chair after which she again, quickly left stage.

The most entertaining part of the concert was when Mozart offered a little competition for the title "Real Russian Woman". He withdrew a pair of black underwear and waved it before the public. "Who wants the same as these?" he asked from the female part of the public. One girl jumped out on stage and was ready to take her prize, but after she listened through the conditions which was to change into the underwear in front of the audience, she swiftly jumped off stage. However, there was one brave lady who did this without complexity and got her title which Mozart boldly announced "Real Russian Woman". She also could keep the underwear. After that not a lot happened except that Mozart started harassing the guitarist (again!), threw virtually full mineral water bottles to the audience. The brunette whipped him from time to time, but it did not affect him yet again, since beneath the furry coat (which he took off) was a dense skin clothing. Then, he made a stage dive and landed safely into the arms of his loyal fans who he hugged and kissed and periodically he whistled to Lutz. After he had enough he climbed back on stage.

On "Sagt Nein" Mozart appeared in a military suit with the two girls who were also dressed in the military style. Here, Mozart grimaced, the frownedthen stuck out his lower job and made his face blank and empty. He walked up and down the stage in these thick robotic movements. At the end of the song he turned to the audience and said the classic motto: "Make love, not war" . Then he continued with a minor discriminating session about presidents and generals curing them this way and that way. Meanwhile the two militarily dressed women who were holding torches left stage and re-entered stage this time only in some torn fishnets, sat on the side of the stage and kissed passionately throughout the next song. Clearly, everybody moved to their side of the club in order to have a better view of this erotic moment.

After entering the stage one last time because of the demanding fans that didn't want them to leave, 'Rock Me Amadeus' was performed with the most popular acrobatic cunnilingus trick where Nanne wrapped her legs around Mozart's neck and hung down while Mozart was greedily eating her out. At the end of the song, Mozart collected his book and left the stage saying his goodbyes in Russian to the public. The rest of the band members threw their mediators and drumsticks to the audience and also left stage. The concert was over for sure this time. Until the set kicked in with Umbra Et Imago remixes, the crowd went on and on choiring "Spasibo, spasibo, spasibo".

Krisztina Hanko

Special thanks to SPIKA Concert Agency for the accreditations provided


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