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self released
fast hard rock / thrash metal

Mary vs. Mary (single)
Ktok Records
thrash metal
Mary is a Finnish band playing fucking hard diesel-powered music (mp3 files are available on their official site Inhohimo and Mary Vs. Mary are two last releases of the band. "Inhohimo" brings you straight into the fuel fire from the very first sound; no dull intros, only really fast full-of-energy hard rock sounding like fucking thrash metal. Some fragments are really thrash metal examples. Last, fifth track is slower than others and it should be better put between the third and the fourth, because fucking killer song finishing the album would have made better impression on the listener. Unfortunately, I don't speak Finnish, and all the information from the sleeve is in Finnish all lyrics are in Finish, so I can't say anything about it. Peculiar thing about "Mary Vs. Mary" single is that on the site it has 4 songs (two with Finnish and two with English lyrics), but there are only two Finnish songs on my CD. I suggest there are two versions of this single, but I'm not sure absolutely. Anyway, both tracks from my CD are really good thrash metal expressive songs. Mary already has six releases with not more than seven short songs on each, so there's still no full-length album. This band is really good enough to make and release it! (Nikita Oddfish)

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