Musicians are most surely a funny breed but when you finally get to know the majority of them are very nice people. And in 90 percent of the case the only trouble you have with them is that they like to talk. They could talk for hours on end, about their music, their influences, their girlfriends, their inspirations, their views on life, their latest album, and their god-knows-what-else... They talk. And they talk. And they talk. And they talk. Every rule has an exception however, and there are people in this business who are here only to make and promote their music and save the yacking for the jackaling likes of yours truly. They do not care about your religion and philosophy, they don't give a wretched twopence about what you are going to think of them, they ignore the voice and the eye of the public. They are only here about business. First and foremost, please give us a brief lowdown on the band's history and members since the information that we found on the web is rather limiting. Side projects/other bands info and other trivia would be appreciated as well.

Khold: We formed Khold in 2000.Sarke/drums-Gard/voc-guitar- Rinn/guitar- Brandr/bass. We recorded one demo that we send to Moonfog. They liked it an offered us a deal. As has been said above the information available on KHOLD is scarce and far between, the rumour mill however has something to say about you, for insane, what I heard was that Khold are rather 'straight edge' - like no drugs, booze, or smoke, which in itself is surprising for a metal band, especially a black metal band. True or false? And if true - why?

Khold: We do take some beers but we dont drink so much anymore we focus more on the music. Why smoke? Since you are writing in Norwegian I cannot really appreciate or at all understand the lyrics, so please, tell us a bit about your lyrical concept? Are the two albums concept or not (if so what is the concept)?

Khold: No its not concept albums. Its about dark stories of dofferent people and things that happend in old Norway. Although genre-wise Khold are largely labeled as black metal, I still found a lot of death metal and even decadence rock and roll sides in the music, especially on the two tracks from Phantom featured on your site. (Haven't heard the whole of the album yet unfortunately, sorry, don't have the promo) Care to elaborate?

Khold: I think Khold has is own style. Its maybe wrong to just say that we are a pure black metal band. I just create the music the way I want it to sound. Image-wise Khold's promo pictures as well as stage appearance looks very disturbing and, for lack of a better word, even sick. Is there any idea/symbolism behind that?

Khold: It fits the dark music we play. Its seems wrong to be cute when you play this kind of music. Please elaborate on the titles of the band's two albums?

Khold: Our first album is a masterpiece for us. Masterpiece sounds like nice art therefore piss insted to bring the filth in the music. Phantom is a good name for the whole album. It has that cold ghost feeling. Does Khold has a distinctive leader in the band, or is it a conclave of four in which everyone has a word?

Khold: Me Sarke and Gard are as you say leaders. Well, traditional for black metallers and by default banal, but still: what are the band's religious/irreligious/philosophical views?

Khold: Nothing. Only to create dark music. Surprisingly enough for black metal both tracks form the new album that I had a chance to hear are rather mid-to-slow tempo, with an occasional blast-beat in the middle (although still remaining mid-tempo in that part as well) is that a pure coincidence or did you plan to have a slower album all the way through?

Khold: We wanted to do a very heavy and groovy album. So I guess it was a kind of a plan. It is already your second album with Moonfog, how are the relationship with the label developing; are you satisfied with sales/promotion; tour organization; etc.

Khold: Yes we are very happy with Moonfog! What was the story between you and Polish Behemoth on one of the recent tours? I hear there was some sort of a conflicting situation?

Khold: Behemoth is a ok band and the guys also but sometime things happend. What are the band's touring plans for this year and is there a chance to see you guys somewhere in Russia?

Khold: We will do a tour after the summer but if we come to Russia I dont know. You are offered to play a part in part two of Spiderman the movie. Most naturally you are to represent the evil antihero. Pick a name for you character (costume ideas would be cool as well) and gives us you master-plan on how you'd destroy the annoying bugger?

Khold: My name would be Khold And I want to look like Hulk and walk over him like nothing special has happend! Another imaginary situation: you are turned into a leprechaun and can steal any piece of equipment from any other band - what piece and what band?

Khold: 1. Slayer, Kings beard. The funniest present Khold has ever received from its fans?

Khold: We have never received any present! What is the most stupid songtitle you have ever come up with (no matter if the song was ever released or not)?

Khold: I dont write lyrics. An ancient tyrant hears Khold's music and is so deeply impressed and moved that he decides to design an instrument of torture named after the band: please describe the machine and what it should do to the victim?

Khold: It all ready exist. Just buy a boy band cd and play it for them! You final comment?



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