As you all might have noticed, music knows no boundaries and the places once extremely exotic for metal (Norway or Italy, for instance) once in a while attract attention of the entire world for a great number of bands emerges from those places at once. Who knows what country will be next? Therefore, if you come across a band from an unusual country, don't regard it as worthless before you listen to it, it just mighst be a snowball that triggers an avalanche. May Result comes from Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Unusual for a black metal band, you say? No matter if the music is good. Check out their latest album "Tmina" released via CCP Records last year and read the interview that the band kindly agreed to do with us via e-mail. Questions are answered by Kozeljnik (guitar), Milan (keyboards) and Rastko (bass). Let's start with the title of your new album. What does "Tmina" mean and why did you name the album that way?

Kozeljnik: "Tmina" is a Serbian word placed into the roots of ultimate total darkness. On the other hand, it's very archaic within our mother language, so we used it for transcendentally reflecting the all essence of the album. Tmina is not only a word that describes but also stands as an unbreakable state of darkness. It's been five months since you recorded "Tmina". Is there anything that you would like to change on the record now?

Rastko: You can't record an album which makes you completely satisfied with it. Five months is a very short time, so I'm still enjoying it, but through times I'll probably develop my criticism upon this album and see what we'll have to change to improve the next one.

Milan: If you ask me am I satisfied with the complete atmosphere (evil and darkness) of the album - yes, I am 101% satisfied. It's possessed by pure darkness and honestly dedicated to a dark side. Tell me about the songwriting process in the band. What do you create first, music or lyrics? Who comes up with main musical ideas for the songs?

Kozeljnik: It comes naturally from our darkened hearts, from mine and equally from other 5 members of this band. Mostly every member is involved 100% in the songwriting process, but the main roots of the songs are ideas of an individual (me, Dusan and Ilija for the riffs, and me and Glad for the lyrics) and developed and finally throned with other members. It must be some kind of ritualistic rites while we're writing music and lyrics cause it's the only way to express the true dark atmosphere. "Tmina" has songs in both English and your native Serbian language. Why do you need lyrics in two languages and how do you decide which song in going to be in English and which in Serbian?

Kozeljnik: Cause these two Serbian lyrics have the only strong meaning for me in my native language. There is no special order how we choose the language for writing the lyrics, the only what is left is what you feel from the heart and soul. What inspires you when you're writing lyrics?

Kozeljnik: The Dark side, the only side in front of my eyes. I share my Devil views bounded with pagan heritage. I'm fascinated by the cult of the Raven, and mostly I use it as a PRIMARY symbol in my lyrics. The lyrics have a strong meaning for me and it must be written with TOTAL dedication to the Dark side. Through lyrics I sealed my soul state and eternally traced my heart on the road to the monument of the Devil. You have some guest musicians on the album. Where do they come from? Do they play in other bands?

Rastko: We had two guest musicians on the album. Nefas, Stone To Flesh vocalist, did ultimate screams on "Nocturnal Pedigree", and Pavle did a violin on last two songs. As I said Nefas does vocals in Stone To Flesh, cult Serbian Black Metal band (maybe you heard from them). "Tmina" is frequently compared by reviewers with early works of Emperor. What do you think about such comparisons, are they justified?

Milan: I feel honoured with these comparisons, still I hope they meant only early Emperor cause they are now too far from that CULT of sounding.

Kozeljnik: No secret that Emperor has a strong influence not only on us, but also on many dark side bands. We have that strong dark sounding on TMINA and keyboards sounding realm are also one of the keys to the mournful and grim atmosphere that we created. Tell me about the early days of May Result. When was the band founded? What did you record before releasing the first CD?

Rastko: May Result was founded in the 1995 by Kozeljnik, Ilija and me. In that period we did few concerts and recorded one demo "Ignoramus et Ignorabimus" in 1996, which was released a year later on tape. In 1997 we recorded our first album "Gorgeous Symphonies Of Evil", released after 3 years through CCP records due to problems with SEVEN ART MUSIC, the label we firstly signed after the recording of "Gorgeous...". That album was meant to be released in the early 1998, but the label was small and out of money, so in 1999 we broke the contract and started negotiating with other labels. In December 1999 we signed with CCP. What does the name of the band mean and whose idea was that?

Rastko: You must admit that we have a very unusual name. We were thinking a lot about how can we baptise our band, and, believe me, the band had no name in its very beginning. Than after some time (autumn 1995) we found a solution with May Result as the band's name, cause it's not an ordinary straight-to-the-point black metal name, it has a great level of mysticism and hidden morbidity, some sort of "possible ending" or what will be "here in after the..." It was an idea of our drummer. Definitely, it sounds so cryptic to us!

Kozeljnik: It's also bounded with lyrics we write. "May Result" announces all consequences when you listen our music or read our lyrics. In my lyrics I'm very inspired by the Serbian tradition cult of Raven. Among ancient Serbian Slavs exists a quite dark and spectral belief throned by the ravens. People believe that raven is a symbol of evilness, unhappiness, destruction, demon of the nature and it may result in total chaos in the life of one who has no honour, pride, and who is weak. What does the name Kozeljnik mean?

Kozeljnik: Kozeljnik is an ancient wizard among ancient Slavic Serbs. That wizard did the rituals in sacrificing the animals and also can see a future of the people looking through the rotten entrails of deadly goats. How did you get a record deal with CCP Records? Are you going to stay with them for the third album?

Rastko: They were interested in releasing our album, and they offered us a three-year contract. This year is last year and judging from how the things are now, it seems that we'll definitely leave them and find another label for third album, but we'll see at the end of year. Is it difficult for a Yugoslav band to sign a contract with a foreign record label?

Milan: It's not difficult to sign a contract but it is very difficult to sign a good and fair contract. What is the situation on the metal scene in your country? Can you recommend us some good bands from Serbia?

Milan: I really don't know what to say about the Serbian scene cause it is too chaotic and full of stupid idiots who don't understand the real meaning of Metal! If you ask me about the Black scene only, no my friend, there is no scene here. The only bands which deserve to be mentioned are STONE TO FLESH, as a completely professional and sincere Black Metal band, and the killer newcomer MAROTH! PURE RAW SPIRIT! You live in a country that has been involved in a war just recently. What do you think of bands that praise war in their lyrics?

Milan: What can I say about them? 99,9% of them have NEVER actually felt the real war spirit but they talk about this stuff. I don't know but it is very stupid to me. How can someone write songs without true inspiration, feelings? I can't! I found a very good example for this: you maybe know about Baltak from Australia. They always talk about the Macedonian people, pride, they hate Greeks and shits like that...and they live in Australia in excellent living conditions!!!! And FUCKING albanians, siptars kill their people there in Macedonia. Stupid isn't it?

Kozeljnik: The only war I can appreciate is war for the dark side and bands who praise that kind of battle are always in my heart. If you had a chance to leave Serbia and move to a country with better career opportunities for a black metal band, would you take it?

Milan: I think that you can play good and true Black Metal everywhere in the world, so also I think that Serbia is a fine place for a Black Metal band like MAY RESULT. But if you ask me about commercial conditions, yes, they are rather poor, but you also have to know that we are NOT primarily interested in gaining money out of our music.

Rastko: It's not the problem of playing Black Metal in Serbia. The problem is our life standard, and you must work so hard, leaving you last fanatic atoms of strength to play that kind of music-our passion and a way of life. We will fight on our ground, and we'll prevail. Have you heard any bands from Russia or other ex-Soviet republics?

Milan: Of course I know tons of good Russian hordes and I'm very into your scene. I like bands like NAV, OLD WAINDS, MOR, CRYPTHOWL, MOROK...and also some killer acts from Belarus like APRAXIA and tons of others. Your scene is really great. Here I want to send hails to my KILLER BROTHERS from NORD Production, BLACK SMITH, FROZEN LANDSCAPE… and others!

Kozeljnik: I will add Nokturnal Mortum as one of the most elite bands I ever heard of. Also Lucifugum (with a total stupid leader, Igor) is quite a good band.

Rastko: There were some old Russian bands I heard on some compilations in the early 90s, and I had one album of Korozija Metalla. I heard also Zelezni Mars (I think they're Russians) (he's speaking either about thrashers Zhelezny Potok or the Zhelezny Marsh compilation series of death and thrash bands - ed.), but these bands didn't play black metal. Please describe your live shows. Do you use violin at live concerts?


Kozeljnik: We don't use violin at all. Only pure aggression, darkness, leather, spikes (or die)...We will never leave the path of cult. Does anybody in the band have side projects?

Kozeljnik: I'm one of the founding members of cult Black Metal band STONE TO FLESH, as well as Ilija who also plays drums for both bands. We released two demos and one album. Soon we shall attack again with a new assault of raw and pure evil Black Metal. What is the goal that you're trying to achieve with May Result? Is it self-expression or distribution of some ideas or concept?

Kozeljnik: We will always follow values of our darkened way of life and music we create is very important to spread that. The way of living like that is totally bounded with music. Sometimes I think that I'm nothing without expressing my dark values through music I create. The final goal definitely developing our way of life and getting your final wisdom. When can we expect the third May Result album? Will there be a major change of style or will you stick to the general direction of "Tmina"?

Rastko: A new May Result album can be expected in mid 2003, we almost have a whole material for the third one. It will follow the way we traced with "TMINA" for sure, but definitely developed. What do you think of the Internet? Is it an important tool to promote a band? s

Milan: UNDERGROUND!! If you want to stay clean you must stay in the UNDERWORLD! I have nothing against Internet and web 'zines but I prefer traditional contact.

Rastko: Our web page is under construction and will be soon available. Do you have any message to fans of May Result and black metal in Russia?

Milan: SLAVA brothers!!! SLAV ROOTS ONLY! Stay AWAKEN!

Kozeljnik: Slavs will prevail! Follow the well-known traced path of Devil and never betray your roots!

Rastko: Spasibo, brothers for this interview. Good luck with your webzine, and hope to see you on some good festivals! Slava!

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