It's no secret that a good deal of your old fans were not only attracted by the good music, but also because of the fact that you had a female singer, namely Cadaveira. Was the controversy between the band and her so drastic that it could only be resolved by her quitting the band?

Opera IX: At first there was a contrast at personal and spiritual levels with Cadaveria and Flegias and the rest of the band. Cadaveria decided to leave the band when we decided to change our rhythmic section; Taranis entered and replaced Flegias and Cadaveria decided to leave the band supported also from tie with Flegias. Her decision to leave the band however was because of a bad relationships with band founder Ossian, Lunaris and Vlad. Two older friends became new members of band, Madras at Voice and Taranis at Drums. However, we give to our fans all magic and the feelings that we give in these years with our Music. Do you think that for the moment being having a female singer in a metal band is becoming sort of an ill-tasted trend (Arch Enemy, Holy Moses, Sinister), that results in the fact that the fans are more interested in the particular person rather than the music.

Opera IX: Unfortunately many persons attended more to image and little to music. We are however convinced that you can't propose only image without good music. The fact that there is a female singer does not mean that they make good music. Trends die soon, the music is eternal And probably the most often asked question but still - why did you name your band Opera IX and have you ever had a strong desire to changed it somehow?

Opera IX: No, we never had a desire to change our name. If we change it, our music will have no reason to live. "Opera IX" is not only a musical concept but a marriage of art and religion where a style of life prevails over the daily life of modern man. Opera IX walks along the occult roads of the old pagan knowledge troughout meditation and rites. They explore the dark meanders surrounding man, travelling through old legends, forgotten traditions and superstitions.... The real essence of Opera IX is hidden in their lyrics and in the music they compose, nothing else is worth saying. About their believes, Opera IX honour the celtic Gods and the powers of Nature, but, above all, they strongly believe in the power of their minds and spirits, in the energy inside everyone. How do you evaluate the work of Taranis & Madras, are the rookies doing a good job? And how did they mould into the band on the personal level?

Opera IX: Taranis and Madras are old friends that we know from 10 years, and they are good musicians. But you can hear their job on the new album, we say only that they are a new energy and new inspiration. On personal level now our personal relationships inside the band are again good and we can again work serenely. What shall we expect from the new album?

Opera IX: The magic of arcane craft and of ancient traditions, that we transform in music... Your albums are known for their concept ideas and images, what did you come up with this time?

Opera IX: The concept ideas and images are the same now also. Our pagan spirituality gives us our image, concept and ideas that are same in time. There is an evolution in our philosophy but the begin is same to the end. Many musicians are trying to reduce the running time of their records, claiming they want to issue stuff little by little but often. In case of Opera IX we've got you too last recording each of which is 60 and 70 minutes respecitvely. Quite a lot it seems, but I personally had an impression there still is something that is missing. Will the new record be so long and what you think would be the running time of your record if you were not limited by any formats or the commercial side of the issue and simply had the opportunity to do it as long as you deem necessary?

Opera IX: The new album Maleventum is 50 minutes long. For us there is no limitation as of the format or the length of the songs. We know that we can make 1 minute of music and tell all to our fans; the secret is in the spirituality that there is in 1 minute of music. For Maleventum we say all and we introduce all arguments and we learned the length of the songs and the album only when it was mixed. For other aspects there is always a solution. What are the tour plans for "Maleventum" and are you guys coming to Russia?

Opera IX: Our Tour plans are not ready now, but we hope to come to Russia for some concerts. We will hold dawned about all future concerts. Why did you decide to reissue the 'Call of the Wood' and how successful was the re-release?

Opera IX: We decide with our Label AvantGarde Music to reissue "The Call of the Wood", because there was many a request, and all copies were finished. In order to give our fans a possibility of having a copy of this album we decided with support of good distribution and promotion, to reissue The Call of the Wood and at the moment it is very succesful. Your lyrics in many aspects are dealing with pagan legends and myths. Do you read a lot and what books on paganism made the most impact on your creativity?

Opera IX: New lyrics of Maleventum are delaing with pagan legends and myths also; the reason is that we live all day with paganism and we transform its words in music; this increases the messages that we want to introduce and increases our crativity in music. Why did you decide to partake in the 'Call to Irons' Iron Maiden tribute and why 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'?

Opera IX: We decided to partake in the "Call to Irons" because for us it was a new experience and because for us it was a great opportunity to partake in an Iron Maiden Tribute. We choose the 'Rime of The Ancient Mariner' because this song was the most similar to our philosophy and our music, and because is a beautiful song. Can you tell us about a) the worst concert you ever had? b) the most unusual present fans ever made to you?

Opera IX: There wasn't any worst concerts, but some concerts with bad organizzation and bad professionality. We don't remember of a tragic concert, only some bad concerts for the reason above. The most unusual present............. a fan gave us spare human bones, a very unusual present. Does Opera IX have a lot of female audience, and do you think that with only males in the lineup it will increase. And, in general terms, what's more important the interest in your music or the interest in your image?

Opera IX: The female audience can be the reason of the old female singer, I think. We don't know the future of this, but we think that good fans hear our music and see our essence not our image. Are you going to shoot a video for anything off the new album (the video for Sacro Culto was pretty interesting)?

Opera IX: We don't know at moment, but it is our intention to prepare a new Video for Maleventum. What all of you guys do aside from music and do you hang out together?

Opera IX: Aside from Music, we live a magic life in paganism. Some have a temporary job, others travel in the woods all day, but we live for ancient traditions and for our music. And well your final word to all of your fans in Russian and the readers?

Opera IX: We hope to come to play in Russia very soon. We thank all our Russian Fans for their support!


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