Total newcomers on the power metal scene the Swedish seven-piece band set a type of a new standard for the style - extremely emotional lyrics about love and personal affairs. Don't expect dragons, castles, swords, and other stuff like that! The Swedes have a lot more to offer. They have two keyboards players in the band and that's the big news. The second album "Nine" is on the way to its release date so it was a good chance to make the following interview. When and how the band was formed?

Andreas Lindahl: Platitude was formed in 1995, as a sort of method for killing time during long school days - in those days, the repertoire mainly consisted of cover songs by bands like Metallica, Judas Priest… the same stuff that everyone stumbles upon one time or another. Was the current line-up the original one?

Andreas Lindahl: No, not at all - even though three of the present members were in the band from the very beginning. Marcus Hoher was - and still is - the drummer, Erik Blomkvist played the bass and has converted to vocals since then, and our present bass player Patrik Janson played guitar in the early days. The present line-up has been around since early 2003, when we sacked Tommie Lundgren and recruited Wachen as our new rhythm keyboard player and backing vocalist. This one feels like the ideal line-up - it oozes of creativity and musical talent. What are your general music influences as a band?

Andreas Lindahl: It's so hard to say - we all like completely different music, depending on which one of us you're asking, but we're all into stuff like Rush, Whitesnake, Symphony X, Def Leppard, Devin Townsend... you name it. Personally, I am a big fan of people like Frank Zappa, the Pet Shop Boys, Jean-Michel Jarre, Hans Zimmer, Shawn Lane, Lale Larson... the list goes on forever. How did the Swedish band sign with the Italian label?

Andreas Lindahl: Through our management "Intromental" that has been doing an awesome job ever since we started our cooperation. Why the debut album is called "Secrets Of Life"?

Andreas Lindahl: Simply because it's a good title for an album. Nice to look at, and easy to remember. It's quite untypical for power metal band to sing mostly about love. How do you write lyrics? Personal experiences?

Andreas Lindahl: Yeah, almost everything is based around personal experiences, at least when it comes to "Nine". "Secrets Of Life" was more centered around Erik's fantasy, since he wrote all the lyrics back then - but now, we're all involved in the lyrics process. It makes things a lot more homogenic. How did you hook up with Tommy Hansen who produced lots of Helloween records? Were you influenced by Helloween?

Andreas Lindahl: We listened to a lot of albums before we were going to enter the studio to find the perfect producer, and Tommy's production on Beyond Twilight's "The Devil's Hall Of Fame" impressed us a lot, plus the fact that he comes from the old craftsmanship school of producers with role-models like Mutt Lange and Trevor Horn that we really adore, so he seemed like the natural choice. "Intromental" helped us to get in contact with him, and from there it was pretty much straight forward. Concerning Helloween - no, we've never been very influenced by them. I love Andi Deris as a singer, but besides from that they don't do anything at all for me. Who brought around the idea for the debut album's cover?

Andreas Lindahl: The cover artist, Ricky Andreoni, is responsible for the whole idea. He sent us a couple of different cover versions, and the final version was the only one that really caught our eye. Why there are no guest musicians on the album even from Sweden?

Andreas Lindahl: We didn't feel that it was necessary - our opinion was that since it's our songs, we would be the ideal persons to perform them. My personal opinion is that if you put a guest star on your record just because he/she is a big name, you're on thin ice - it has to add something special to the music to make it all worthwhile. Why the band played so few gigs according to your official web site?

Andreas Lindahl: The scene for live music in Sweden is ridiculous - OK, you've got the big arenas, but besides from them it's almost completely dead. We would love to play live every single week, but since there's not much to choose from over here venue-wise, you either has to go out on an international tour, which requires financial support from our label, or stay in the rehearsal room and trim the live set to total perfection, so that we blow people's minds when we do get a chance to enter our domestic stages. Poor things, they don't know what they're missing. I never saw your band on stage. How does it look like?

Andreas Lindahl: We've been working extremely hard on our live set since the 2003 tour - and now we're a bomb! We've really started to make everything an experience that people will never forget - seven people totally playing their butts off, and looking jaw-droppingly cool at the same time. Our visual appearance has become more and more important - we really want to keep the spirit of the "real" rock stars like Motley Crue and Aerosmith alive, since most bands nowadays bores you to tears by just looking so... ordinary. A rock star is supposed to be larger than life, and the cold hard fact is that most of today's big names just aren't. The new album will be released in Japan as well. Will it have a bonus track? If not why?

Andreas Lindahl: Yes, it will - a really fast, super-catchy song called "Supernova", written by yours truly. Why there is no band history on the official Web site?

Andreas Lindahl: It's in the making for the new Web site - we're hoping to launch it simultaneously with the new album's release. Will the original demo CD be released as a bonus disc some day?

Andreas Lindahl: Goodness, no - to be honest, it's rather awful. You're not missing anything at all, trust me. What is the musical progression on the album "Nine"?

Andreas Lindahl: Everything is so much more coherent this time around - "Secrets Of Life" was more like a bunch of good songs that we performed really well, but on "Nine" it's so much more than that - the emotional richness, the instrumental performances, the production... everything is in a completely different league, and the album has such a homogenic feel all the way through. Our old neo-classical influences had to make way for a different sound, which we really consider our very own. What countries do you plan to play after the release of the 2nd album?

Andreas Lindahl: A big tour is in the making as we speak - but I can't confirm anything more than the fact that we will be playing at ProgPower 2004 in the Netherlands during October. You'll just have to wait and see for a little longer...;) And finally your message for Russian fans.

Andreas Lindahl: I would just like to say thank you very much for your support - I really hope that you will pick up a copy of "Nine", since I'm absolutely sure that you will enjoy it, and we'll see you on the road really soon!

Dead Ripper
(March, 2004)

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