Questions are answered by Ville Laihiala (vocal/guitars).

MetalKings.com: In April, 2011 there was your album "Drive". On a song "Mercury Falling" the clip has been removed. Why this song has been chosen on a clip and it, so to say, became a header theme of an album?

Ville: It is a simple three chord catchy rock song which is pretty easy for the ears but it does not give the whole picture of the entire album, other than the upbeat rocking vibe.

MetalKings.com: The name "Drive" is not combined with your gloomy style of music a little. Why such name have given to an album?

Ville: Drive is a perfect name for all of the songs. It was recorded in the name of rock`n`roll. There is this feeling of moving forward no matter what. There is a lot of energy in the songs and in the way we played them. Hence the name Drive.

MetalKings.com: Usually, the album is penetrated by one thought, one thread connecting all songs. You have enclosed what sense in an album "Drive", it bears what thought?

Ville: I did not dwell in depression this time around so there isn`t this one heavy sorrowful feeling going through everything. There`s black humour but also some more serious stuff too but still with a kinda tongue-in-cheek vibe.

MetalKings.com: Earlier your clips have been sustained in a romantic-gothic key, and last video Mercury Falling and does not smell as romanticism: girls fight in a dirt. Why such change of style of video?

Ville: We`ve never wanted or tried to be a part of gothic scene or any scene for that matter. It has always been about music. We were kind of pushed in that direction image-wise which we always hated but were too lazy to do anything about. But now things are the way the are in their most natural form.About the new video We wanted to do a clich? Filled high speed rock video for adolescent males and why not females too, to masturbate on.

MetalKings.com: Old times wish to concern a few. In 2006 it has been declared that the group will let out the second album, and it becomes a decline for group. In Russia fans have been frightened by fast disintegration of group, all were torn to your concert which has been declared as last concert Poisonblack. When there was such assumption, what Poisonblack breaks up? Can comment on this situation somehow?

Ville: I do not remember saying anything like that but I might have 'cos I was drinking heavily back in those days but I can assure you that we`re not going to split up anytime soon. Actually were hoping to come back to Russia and play some music for you. And soon I hope

MetalKings.com: You have started to sing still in Sentenced. In Poisonblack you at first wanted to be simple the guitarist, and Jukka Pekka Leppaluoto from Charon was the vocalist. In 2006 the place of the vocalist in group was occupied with you. How you feel as the singer? And the place of the vocalist in group and will remain for you? Anything isn't going to change?

Ville: I can`t believe that I am still answering this question Here it goes. It was talked with Leppaluoto that he`d only sing on the album and maybe do a tour after it. He was never going to be a full time singer for the band. We searched for a vocalist for awhile but decided that I am going to take over the vocals and here we are 11 and a half years later still annoying people.

MetalKings.com: And Sentenced are not going to be restored and write down an album, for example, or remix old songs?

Ville: Are you serious?

MetalKings.com: Whether there is such group from which you well very much would like to act?

Ville: To tour with volbeat would be killer. Amorphis also. KYPCK to name a few

MetalKings.com: And when write music, what you use as inspiration?

Ville: Life is the best inspiration and the only one too.I write about how I see and feel about thigs and how they get somewhat twisted in my head and move me or pisses me off someways.

MetalKings.com: Participants of group are engaged only in music or work as someone else in an everyday life?

Ville: I am only doing music.The other guys can speak for themselves.

MetalKings.com: You already some times were in Russia with performances. Here at us it was pleasant to you? Reception, conditions, can something especially can allocate, what has involved in Russia, and can, something was not pleasant so strongly, what it would be desirable to tell about it?

Ville: We have nothing but great things to say about playing in russia. Everything has worked really well for us.Like I said earlier,we really hoping to come back there soon to meet some friends and play a show or too. So pressure the promoters to get us there!

MetalKings.com: And finally, your wishes to all your Russian fans and readers of MetalKings.com?

Ville: Thanks for all the support through thick and thin and come to see the show when we get there. Stay poisoned.

(July, 2011)

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