There is no listener in heavy metal audience nowadays, who hadn't ever listened about Primal Fear. Mostly it is told by such famous names in your formation as Ralf Sheepers (ex-Tyran Pace, Gamma Ray) and Mat Sinner (Sinner). During Primal Fear entire music career they were playing forceful heavy metal with typical German influence. But in their last work - album "Seven Seals" - they demonstrated high level of playing symphony-heavy metal. So the secrets of the new album will be revealed by Ralf Sheepers and Mat Sinner themselves. In the beginning a little intro - your impressions about your new creation "Seven Seals". Is it a real jewel of your fantasy or you've been waiting for more?

Primal Fear: We came to a point with "Metal Is Forever", that we thought, this is the ultimate 3.30min Power Metal Hymn. With "Seven Seals" we need a different target, to improve our musical view, songs, production and atmosphere. The songwriting had a new focus and we set a new target for ourselves in our genre. This vision followed us during the entire production and mix. We worked with a new team in the studio and had Charlie Bauerfeind as engineer and co-producer for the first time with us and we split the production in two parts. We moved to Vancouver/Canada to work with Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith etc.) - in the end, Mat's masterplan worked out fantastic and everybody was really happy about the outcome. We got the best reviews for the album all over the world. This speaks for itself! I'd like to know who's idea was to enter symphonic and orchestral arrangements in your music?

Primal Fear: We have to give credit to Mat. He was mainly responsible for the production and he took care, that this red line goes through all the songs! Why had you brought elements of power-prog - such as sudden changes of rhythm, very strong guitars and tricky drum-lines - in your fresh-released longplay?

Primal Fear: Mat arranged some songs with Swedish songwriter Ronny Milianowicz and on the other side German keyboarder Matz Ulmer (Anyone's Daughter) finalized all the orchestra parts. Both guys had their influences, but the main vibe to change the attitude came from the band! Of course Randy Black was responsible for the first time on the drum part arrangements and he did a great job! How did you feel when you were creating a new-featured music under the brand of Primal Fear?

Primal Fear: absolutely fantastic. It's great to have the freedom to create a little different music, with a new strategy! We absolutely like the atmosphere and the vibe on the new album! Were you a bit afraid about such fact, that your fans may not accept a new wave in your art?

Primal Fear: If you have a vision, you should realize it. An evolution is always the better experience, than to stand still. Anyway, it was the best confirmation, that everybody really loved Seven Seals and as I said, we received the best feedback from the press and the media of all times! Did this musical experiment give you any new experience in work?

Primal Fear: It was just a different kind of working in the recording studio and a great new experience to work with a new team in other studios and a little different attitude! The vibe was brilliant! Who created all the conception of this album?

Primal Fear: It's always the same, but Mat created the look and the concept in the lyrics. German cover artist Katja Piolka did a great job in creating the cover booklet and the photos! Why it is so dark and "gothic", whenever your previous works where filled with powerful visions of merciless battles and chroming deathbringers from the sky?

Primal Fear: Everybody is going through changes and the lyrics should fit to the music. You can't write a lovestory in a song like "In Memory" or "Diabolus" - maybe next time, the sky clears and we will be a little more positive in our lyrics - but nobody knows. Do you have any plans looking for a promo-tour? Would you probably visit Russia?

Primal Fear: We have always some offers from Russia, but in the end it never happened so far! We played the entire world, but didn't make it to Russia - it's a shame, but it depends not on the band. We are ready to bring our show over, anytime! We did a 3 months tour together with "Helloween" in Europe and Asia and now we're in the middle of our summer festival tour, until October, were we play a special concert in Germany with Primal Fear and Sinner sharing the stage for the first time in Europe ever! Than we will play Argentina and Brazil later in October. And in the end a classic question to masters of metal - what can you say, if you'll have a chance to talk with the most talented young bands right at the moment? Are there any secrets of you success, except of hard and tiring work?

Primal Fear: Practising like hell, working on songs and ask the experienced guys you know for a little help - than it will work out! Thank you very much for answering these questions. I hope we all will meet again on your forthcoming tour.


(August, 2006)

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