When Pungent Stench started they were a cult death metal band with a unique somewhat rotten sound and that typical uncompromising fuck-shit-up teenage attitude. With the release of a new album in 2001 it seemed to me like despite the obvious growth of professionalism and the absolutely sincere aggression in sound, that early radicalism is gone. Do you agree with the statement and if so, do you think you could yet regain it in the future?

Martin/Pungent Stench: I understand what you mean, and I think that early radicalism was also a matter of our limited instrumenal skills. We're still no virtuosos, but have developed over the years, as well as the technical possibilities have improved since we broke up. The new album is a bit different to the old ones, since we hardly use these 70ies rock riffs or doom parts, but it we didn't feel like it this time, so it wouldn't have made sense to force things. The next album will be different again, because we hate to repeat ourselves over and over. You and the band have been in the scene for ages now, how does physical and mental maturity affect you when you are in a band?

Martin/Pungent Stench: I guess the financial factor gets more important the older you get. You have to make sure you earn enough money to pay your rent and other bills. And you don't get drunk every night on tour, 'cause the hang overs get worse every year. Other than that it isn't a big differnce. We still love to make music and will keep on rockin' til we die! How long did it take you to come up with the new material and how much time did you spend in the studio? Was it the natural magic of the moment, or did you have to actually sit down and think about composing the new songs?

Martin/Pungent Stench: It took us about 5 months to write the material and 19 days to record and mix the album. The composing methods are still the same as in the old days. Alex an me go to the rehearsal room and jam until we have a new song. Sometimes this is painfully slow process, but most of the times it works just fine. The only difference is that we recorded demo versions of the songs in my studio, so it is easier to write lyrics and I could polish or even replace riffs I didn't like. In your personal opinion how do the new songs differ from the material on Been Caught Buttering and other early records?

Martin/Pungent Stench: Since all our previous records were quite different from each other, it's hard to do comparisons, but I think the new album is a little more guitar oriented than our past works. It's faster than "Club Mondo Bizarre" and less groovy. "Been Caught Buttering" comes probably closest to the new album. How did you arrive at the concept of actually making fun of death metal? I mean, in the early 1990ies when it all started you were supposed to be serious and true about this

Martin/Pungent Stench: We didn't actually make fun of death metal as music, but we didn't want to act "true" and evil like many other bands. We had a good time playing that shit, so why should we hide it behind some boring image? It was way more fun to piss off people and watch their reactions when they see a death metal band shaking the booties! It was not a real concept, it was just a reflection of our characters, our humor and the sarcasm behind it. What got you into death metal in the first place?

Martin/Pungent Stench: I was listening to metal since I was a kid and I was always into the extreme stuff. The faster the better. I never liked Metallica, 'cause there was bands that were heavier and faster than them. Nasty savage were cool but not fast enough and I didn't like the singer. Venom was one of my faves. Hellhammer and later Celtic Frost. These bands were evil and the singers growled rather than sing. That's why death metal was my type of music and still is since more than 17 years now. Death metal aside, it has always seemed to me that PS are also a bit rocknroll influenced, if that assumption is correct, who is your rocknroll hero?

Martin/Pungent Stench: There's actually many bands I would call influential in my life. Bands like Kiss, Black Sabbath, CCR, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top, Blackfoot, Stray Cats, Elvis Presley, Rose Tattoo, Uriah Heep, Nazareth, AC/DC, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Foreigner, and many, many more... OK, heres some space to use your creativity - Can you elaborate on the origin and nature of Grandmaster Flesh, Mr. Stench, and Pitbull Motherfuckin Jack. Where did these characters come from, how do you see them, and is there a story to each of them? (And another here is why did you change these nicknames on the new release, and what do the new ones represent?)

Martin/Pungent Stench: Hehe, not that much behind all this names. It's kind of a homage to our old heroes in rock, when everybody had a pseudonym. You know Cronos, Mantas,... It's just part of the whole Stench concept. Same as with the music style, we changed those pseudonyms over the years, but that's more for our own entertainment. We even call us by these pseudonyms in private, and after a while it seems normal, but people look at us funny and that's cool! Who is that lovely divine-breasted lass on the cover and CD inlay on Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats and where did you find her?

Martin/Pungent Stench: I was dating her for a while, but than she broke up with me, 'cause she wasn't attracted to me anymore. It took me quite some time to get over it, though. Are there any tour plans yet and what do you expect of the road?

Martin/Pungent Stench: A tour is in the plans and should happen between the end of April and the beginning of June. I can't say more right now and I'm not really sure what to expect either. It's a long time since we played our last show and I'm looking forward to this tour. I hope some people will show up to receive absolution and listen to the Testament of Stench. What is a successful Pungent Stench show for you? Is there a merit?

Martin/Pungent Stench: First of all, we don't care how many people are there, 'cause we played great shows in front of a dozen maniacs and dull ones before huge but lame audiences. As long the people have fun and show it, the concert is successful. Slutty chicks throwing their bras on stage helps, too. Lets talk a bit about some of your guest appearances, particularily I am interested in Diabolicums The Dark Blood Rising. As far as I understand you made some vocal contributions to their record and so did your wife, how did it all happen? And secondly why that particular band?

Martin/Pungent Stench: Elena and I are friends with Sasrof and since I have a little studio he asked us if we could do some vocals if he sends us the play backs to Vienna. He sent the tapes, we recorded our parts and send them back to Sweden, that's it. What was the most funny/embarrassing moment that ever happened to you on tour/on stage when you were with Pungent Stench?

Martin/Pungent Stench: There was quite many sfunny moments, with people coming on stage taking their clothes off or whipping the shit out of each other and sometimes even us. Some shows were I was so drunk I would fall into the drumkit or in the audience. Chicks trying to rip my pants off and so on. You see we had quite some fun on the road. And finally, another couple of words to your Russian fans for our project

Martin/Pungent Stench: Keep watching and praying... that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.


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