For many people is known  legend of Nwobhm band Ritual. And it's knowing that band Ritual release new album after enough time of delay. This album will be released on May of this year. Here goes recent interview with band Ritual:

Just not only album of Ritual are going to be released. Also going be released and solo album of the leader, guitarist, singer and composer of Ritual-Gypsy Re Bethe. And his solo stuff is different of Ritual stuff. So let's ask Gypsy Re about what surprises prepares his new solo album. Let's go!!

Alina Katalova (AK) Hello again Mr. Re Bethe!! I hope you are doing well?

Gypsy Re Bethe ( GRB) Hello ? ?Alina nice to talk with you again.!?

AK Having knowing that Ritual releases new album really soon also and you are planning to release your new solo album. Is it right?

GRB Yes. Although probably the Ritual album will be finished first. I have just started on the final arrangements and recording is in the next month. New solo work will be after this. 

AK You are very knowing rocker of the Nwobhm legend Ritual, so what way will be sounded your solo album? If it is rock, or if it is something else?

GRB  As always my solo work will be mostly acoustic but of course Ritual and the style of ritual is always there if you listen. there will be some upbeat rocky tracks. ... you really can't have one without the other,as this music is  written by the two sides of the same person.?

AK If your solo stuff competes in something with Ritual music because of its difference? And nevertheless if will be something in common in your solo and Ritual music? except of music author of course ;)) 

GRB If you listen carefully there is both in both,in fact there really is no difference in Ritual and Gypsy Re Bethe,only in as much as one is electric and one is acoustic,but there is a lot of crossover on both.? 

AK Gypsy Re, can you tell the an approximate date when you decided to separate Ritual music and your solo project and what was a reason for this?

GRB Yes it was in 2001 when our Drummer John Gaster died, i felt i had to get away from Ritual at that time and really make it clear that any solo work,was in fact just me, in acoustic  work, and not a re-arranged version of the rock  format. ? ? Also my flamenco is very different to rock,and the two do not work well together. ? 

AK Re, can you tell me what products were in your solo project?

GRB by products i suppose you mean songs?..there are songs and instrumentals. ? 

AK Just one moment, if you worked before on Pitual music and your solo stuff in the parallel?

GRB No i always work on them at different times, to try to  get the different moods ....that's why it can take a long time to complete the work..months/!!!

AK If as you told Flamenco music and Heavy Metal can't go together so how they can go sometimes together in your solo album according to the same composer?

GRB because it is a double album ,and one disc will have the heavy RITUAL style,and the other all the softer acoustic including flamenco. There was a lot of opposition from the record company to do this but i think we won them over in the end. ? 

AK  By the way tell us your solo discography.

GRB a full discography will be published on the sleeve of the new album at this time I'm not sure of what the record company would like me to disclose.. 

AK So what kinds of music will be in your solo album? I hope you know that called  you "Heavy Metal Roma" and all consider your heavy music as very special and not like someone else. So what way you will show this on your solo stuff?
If there will be rock songs of acoustic or maybe even electric sound?

GRB I think on the Acoustic disc,probably a lot of new songs with vocals and at least one flamenco instrumental,and possibly a 13 string piece   too.? ?   on the Electric disc,that will feature some exciting new RITUAL material,but as you know even RITUAL songs often have very melodic acoustic intros too ....? ?so there are reference  points to both ??discs.?

AK Can you tell us what is the biggest inspiration in your music? 

GRB i have never really been influenced by any  music,i listened to it a lot when i was young the radio etc...i liked everything from classical violins to singers to modern instrumentals.... its what was in my head ,more that i wanted to create...? ?and to create something different. ? ? not to follow but to lead.?

AK Re, what way you can see your music? What pics you see before your eyes composing a music?

GRB a picture.- a thought- a mood.?? The canvass is silence- and on this is  the music.... the picture i paint. ? 
?i hope will be something beautiful to the ear and the spirit.?

AK And what about your line up? If Ritual line up and your solo line up can be the same or partially?

The line up For  RITUAL? ? is Gypsy Re Bethe -Guitar/Vocals  Phil Mason /Bass  John Prasec /Drums
the line up for "Gypsy Re Bethe " is  Gypsy Re Bethe[Guitar /Vocals] Phil Romero [Percussion /Bass]  Drummer to be announced. ?

AK As to nature sounds. Both in Ritual stuff and your solo stuff always it's possible to hear thunder, wind, rain... What way you do this? And if this way the same on far away 80s and now?

GRB ?these sounds are always recorded form nature,and not studio samples,..i think nature and music sit very well together and are at one. one reflects the other. As natural as a birdsong. Its timeless and always will be. To combine music with art or  nature is an old tradition ...for instance:  Manitas De Plata once played flamenco on stage at a show  where on the same stage was Salvador Dali who painted a horse as he played....perfect !! Art goes with music as music goes with dance  as dance goes with art. a circle.  What would flamenco be without the dance? in nature many species make beautiful songs,and movement.   ? ??

 AK Once again about inspiration. I had not in a view of just influence. I had in a view of your own feelings. For example something about you see any thing and it gives you an inspiration, or you hear how rain drops knock against the window and it inspires you. So what can you tell about this kind of inspiration?

GRB Inspiration comes in many different  forms for different writers..i have no set ways or rules for this..i like to listen to the earth around me,and the sounds of nature are powerful ,the wind in the trees,and the rain have inspired many writers. Its really about creating  the path and opening the door to let whatever vision you may have,come out and then expressing that to others with music. sometime it gets lost on the journey,and you have to make sure that the music engages the listener so they can take the journey with you. 

 AK About structure of song. It's considered that classical structure of song must be intro ( starting chords)-verse  -chorus - verse-chorus -  guitar solo-??chorus. Maybe not 2 and 3 verses. If this classic formula works well or or structure of song can be very different and beyond all the lows?

GRB In today's music formats are followed for commercial reasons. once upon a time,only 3 1/2 minutes were allowed on a 7" single [vinyl] but now they are not so strict on time. But the truth is most bands follow a common pattern of songwriting and playing. the music is driven by drums and bass. with out these items their music would fall. 
also the obligatory guitar solo in the middle 8 bars is now over worked and a bit boring so i try to omit that wherever possible and place any guitar work where it is more creative,such a the beginning of a song or the end. 
Also i do not like crunching distorted guitars..its just a noise,and not very original . I will not adhere to any rules,and i fused rock with acoustic years before it became popular. I hope the new songs will be more musically creative and show that rock, or any fusion of rock can be almost  classical genres of music. I will not allow and Drummer or bassist to drive or control any  song,as at the end of the day.any instrument no matter how well played, is only there to back the  prime vocal melody. 

AK What can you say that now all the old things become to be very modern. Like albums on vinyl, new band playing almost forgotten styles, etc. If you see this 
tendency,And what more examples can be there?

GRB 30/40 years ago many musicians were superb. players and composers. as the standard then was much higher. these were the players my generation used for inspiration so that helped our standard to remain high. Over the last 20 years the standard is very low,as young musicians have bad role models who are not so good. So where now?   well people will look further back to 50 years to get great inspiration. The more technology there is the less skilled the musician its a fact. Most bands or musicians today have never even recorded on Analogue[tape] where the musician has to play the whole thing live in in one studio "Take"  now its all  put down in small parts and stuck together.[copy and pasted on pro-tools ]!!! so all FAKE music really. some bands with 5 or 5 albums done have never recorded in this way!! 
We need REAL music  payed by real musicians. not machines.  lets hope it happens. 

AK You look on today's world and restless events . What's your opinion about connection of music to world events? If music can reflect this, may reflect this or must reflect this? What role music can play in these events?

GRB Connection to world events is politics. and i have one rule and its this music and politics should not go together. Art for art's sake . that is my opinion of course.  politics are for power and control,music is for the spirit. 

AK Can you tell approximately in how many time your solo album can be released after Ritual album?

GRB It may be the other way around i am not sure....the record company has the final decision which at this time i have not been informed....but i would think Summer then Autumn 

AK Thank you Gypsy Re!!! Wishing both you as solo artist  and  to legendary Ritual much good luck!!

GRB Thank you Alina,as always a pleasure to talk with you,i wish you well too and, i hope we can do this again !!! Adios!

Gypsy Re Bethe -Arabesque, live

Gypsy Re Bethe 2013 

Gypsy Re Bethe -"In dreams of you" 

Gypsy Re Bethe-Dancing Girl

Ritual - Winds Of Fire 


Alina Katalova
(April, 2014)

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