What is a reason that a lot of new bands are bands of the one day? Today they are popular and their style is popular and then they quietly fade into oblivion ...And tomorrow nobody remember of them... Hardly recall their names...
And in the same time many old legends or revivals from the dark or continuing to live and release their new products. And their style never dies, as maximum it can change a little bit. And this way these old legend are immortal.

So and legend of N.W.O.B.H.M. British band RITUAL which lives already for about 40 years and today plans to release a new album and continue to act with life gigs.

For your attention here's an old interview with leader, guitarist and singer of this band Gypsy Re Bethe. Here you can know in advance a basic information about band.

Now RITUAL is on the threshold of new events and about this will tell us again band leader , guitarist, singer and composer of all songs Gypsy Re Bethe.

Alina Katalova (AK) Hello again Mr. Re Bethe. What is going in your life, in RITUAL life?

Gypsy Re Bethe (GRB)  Hi Alina good to speak with you again!...all is good  i am very busy as usual,i like to keep the wheels of music turning !!...

 AK As well as we know you were going to release new album of Ritual just after that interview of 2010. What happened?

GRB Well its simple really ,without going into the complex contractual side of things,my management at the time felt it was not the right time for a new RITUAL album,as my solo projects were many and requiring most of the attention. 

 AK  I heard something about your solo carrier. If new album of Ritual didn't release because your solo project?

GRB well it kind of explains the last question,i actually recorded many solo tracks,but again and frustratingly the management and record company did not feel the material was commercial enough to release in the UK. Flamenco is not a big commercially viable genre in the UK. By the time all this was settled there was no appetite on my side to continue in the studio as i needed a break. 

AK By the way how was going your solo project? What new things were there? What style was at your solo stuff?

GRB  The solo work was quite varied,from  acoustic ballad type songs such as "Summer Rain" which is lovely and  12 string, and 6 string flamenco style song and instrumentals so quite a mixed bag

AK And yet what was the impetus to return to the new album of Ritual?

GRB  Last year we were offered a headline slot at Brofest 2014 a metal festival in the north of England. But

in fact in 2012 i was intending to re-ignite the band for other work i had been offered,and also at the same time i was asked by my management if i would like to do a new RITUAL album this year,to co-incite with my label Shadow Kingdom Records who are about to manufacture and sell official RITUAL merchandise -shirts and baseball caps and patches. In light of this i felt the timing was right. Fans are very excited about the merchandise,and 
last but not least the album is really due to popular demand,there is still a huge demand for RITUAL albums,so its well overdue!

AK What new will be in coming soon Ritual album?

GRB  A new improved RITUAL which will include more acoustic work,and the whole feel will be more "updated' only because fans like to move on with us into new areas,and see new horizons

AK Such a little bit stupid question may be... All the bands of N.W.B.H.M. now is considered as just heavy metal bands. Is this because of this style is not new already? 
What you think if this heavy metal bands that before were N.W.O.B.H.M. are different of all the rest heavy metal bands that are more young and their style never was new?

GRB Many of the "Nwobhm" bands were formed long before 1980 more like early seventies....bands like Judas Priest Iron Maiden and RITUAL all come from that time,but rose to prominence during the late 70s/early 80s///most heavy metal fans know this,and also know that "Heavy Metal" is an umbrella label for many different styles. Most modern heavy metal bands were influenced by the early ones. but at the time it was not called  "Heavy Metal " but "Heavy Rock"  anyway whats in a label?..

 AK Your new album will combine totally different styles as heavy metal and Flamenco. How it can sound in the same album. If they will be going together as a regular separate tracks or will be any another order of them?

GRB Some flamenco flavors will be there,or rather  techniques of flamenco playing. The acoustic work will of course be intros,but all these are played in guitars,and are compatible with my music. Fans know they always get a variety,and expect it. Final track arrangements are way off being decided at this early stage.

AK So its appeared that today new Ritual album will have a success and the thing about your solo album can be less successful? Commercial, not commercial.. If really today there's no sense to create something without looking on the commercial success?

GRB All my music seems to sell well,so i am not concerned with commercial aspects. That's my record companies problem. I became a musicшan to play music and never considered that aspect . Art for arts's sake in my opinion. I make music for people not profit.  The money when you make it,really is just a bonus.

 AK And what about a live concerts? I heard Ritual has some planed live gigs ahead? What can you say us about these gigs?

GRB I can't give you any details yet,all i can say is most this year are in the UK . and when i have some verified dates you'll be the first to know.

 AK You told about Ritual should take party in metal Festival and finally it was not. So the reason was only a works around new album of Ritual?

GRB No ,actually we had to cancel Brofest where we were headlining this year,because Phil the bass player contracted a  nasty  virus,whilst in Quatar with his girlfriend .   Middle eastern Virus's can be deadly and he was very ill for months,with complications...but he is recovering now,and the doctors say by May he should be fit enough to play.

AK Let Phil get well soon!!!
I hope you plan a concert tour supporting new Ritual album? After its release of course.

GRB i am sure he will be fine soon,he has improved a lot over the new year. Until the release of the new album i cannot say,but i am sure there will be plenty of opportunity during this year... for any fans to see us live. 

AK  And would you like in general to invite any other British rock legends to the coming concerts? Whom you would like to invite if you would in general?

GRB  haha Well that's entirely up to the individual promoters and not me. If it was up to me ,well most of the Nwobhm bands of course would be nice to see,as some are old friends. 

 AK Don't you plan one day to make and release DVD of any your concert? As for now DVDs are going very well, as well as I know much better than albums.

GRB Yes in fact we do  as DVD format is now becoming popular for bands...maybe when we play one of the bigger venues.

 AK Ritual is really great legend of the golden times of the early heavy metal. And it has only one video clip and it is a clip to the song Naisha. Would you like to do one more clip? 

GRB As i have just said, DVDs  from live gigs are popular but making high quality promo videos  in studios or at specific locations is a much more expensive situation with pro film crews and such.... we shall see.....

AK Both albums of Ritual had their own atmospheres. Valley Of the Kings had very bright atmosphere of the colorful life and mixed feelings. And Widow had a really mystical atmosphere filled with some occultism. 
You know all the songs of album so what you see an atmosphere of new album?

GRB Not much different from before,as everything you describe is really and truly  the   quintessential RITUAL style,.. a haunting atmosphere is something all our recordings have.
and will continue to..
not by design -its just the way it happens when i write for RITUAL . !!
 the music must have space to breath-so it must always sound a if it is being played somewhere strange and empty..so all you hear is the music and the wind.

AK It is known that a lot of musicians make commercial music in their favor. And many musicians make music for the people. And what you think about musicians who make music to themselves? If it is only what is going from their heart or maybe it is sometimes a kind of vanity.., ego...?

GRB Well i can only answer for myself,and not others...its always a constant dilemma for most professional  musicians is to  to go with their heart ,and make music only they like,or make"commercial music" that perhaps a lot  more people will like and buy. The problem is, is that,no matter how good you think your music might be...how will you ever know unless many many people hear it?..its like being an amazing painter,but no-one but yourself , ever sees the picture.!! So really there is the question-what is the point of making it in the first place unless you are basically feeding  your own ego?...none!  because we must never lose sight of what we are as musicians....we make the soundtracks to peoples lives,and we are  also entertainers. Music can be beautiful,it can be artistic,it can be sad,etc...but whatever it is,.It is only for your own amusement if you are an amateur. and it is your  hobby,once you become  a professional it is your job therefore, to strike a balance you make music you hope others will enjoy,and hope it may earn you enough to live. 

AK Such superstitious question ;)) You as Gypsy should know this very well :)) Who if not you? ;)) Many musicians make a songs for their beloved women and with their name. Is this a bad sign that can destroy everything?

GRB  Well i personally never use names in my songs,or real personal experiences for the very reason they are personal to me. The best songwriters can  and do write about anything, but mostly  they stick to a third party story telling style, so you are never sure if it happened to them or not. There is a sad trend at the moment in the UK with simpering middle class kids,who pour their annoying  teenage angst onto record.....lol...Classic pop and rock songs with names are common,so i cant really say if its bad luck. However to return to the original question yes,i would not use a name,as you know- Gypsy people are very funny about stuff like this,and we think its tempting fate....to use the name of a truly loved one would be OK,but if  you are unsure of the true nature of that love,than use caution ..!! 

 AK And as to the music and Internet. Today many think that a physical media as vinyls , CDs and DVDs are the past and all the present and future is just for Internet only. If you agree with this? And if musician can become a popular only through Internet? And what worthy such popularity?

GRB  Don' put too much trust in the Internet,many bands have a large Internet profile,but in reality have never made a record or worked live even as an amateur part time musician. So really fans know that the only way to see who is real and not is to go to a gig. LIVE music will always separate the men from the boys...always has.
 Kids who make records in the bedrooms on computers are deluding themselves,cause out there in the real world,the proof of the pudding id in the eating and if you cannot play live and to a good standard,then all the cheap CDs you've recorded on your PC [that all your mates think is an "album" lol forget it buddy get out there and start playing,and when you have done  enough gigs in about 10 or so years THEN think about making albums. its all an illusion so like i say don't fall for it. Its not enough to just be on the Internet. never will be. You have to have live experience and many fans who over many years  have seen you do it ............. its  called "credibility "

.AK  In what you see a development and popularity of the music future? 

GRB many more live concerts recorded LIVE  onto DVD.and then a much more advanced player where you can see the band re-played live in an area inside your house like...holograph..video. then at least you have something real and people will buy it...the age of the audio CD is finished.  Vinyl records will become more and more collectable and special  ALL. the bands who recorded analogue onto vinyl like RITUAL will be the classics.  

 AK Well Re, thank you very much for finding time for your and Ritual fans! It was a big honour to talk with such heavy metal legend! Wishing you and to your Ritual still long life of life and popularity!!!!

GRB No thank you Alina,as always a pleasure talking with you....and .many thanks to all our fans,who make it all worthwhile. i hope everyone has a great 2014!!!
Sastimos!!![good health]
Gypsy Re Bethe


videos and songs

Ritual-Naisha, from album Valley Of The Kings, 1983 videoclip

Ritual-Possesed, from album Valley Of The King, 1983

Gypsy Re Bethe-In The Dreams You, from EP In The Dreams Of You, 2001

Gypsy Re Bethe-Dancing Girl, single Dancing Girll, EP In The Dreams Of You

Gypsy Re Bethe backstage Paris

Alina Katalova
(February, 2014)

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