Looking for the first Sirenia's concert in Russia we've decided to interview famous Norwegian metal musician and composer, a former of Tristania and temporary leader of Sirenia Morten Veland. How do you feel after a long time of recording and producing the album? Can you share with your hopes and wishes about your new work?

MV: First of all I must admit that it feels great to have the finished product in my hands. It always feels like a big achievement when a brand new album is completed. Especially this time, cause we have spent more work and studio time on this album then on any of our previous releases. As far as the metal audience have got used to your unique music style (it's really awesome) can you say something about any new sound-experiments or really disparate musical decisions on the album (comparing with your previous works)?

MV: When it came to the recordings of this album, we choose a slightly different solution than before. In the past we used to record and mix the entire album in one studio, Soundsuite Studio in Marseilles, France. This time we worked in altogether four different studios. The reason for this was that we wanted to try and keep the essence of Sirenia but in the same time try to renew ourselves and refresh our sound. We recorded the drums in Jailhouse Studios in Norway, and then proceeded in Soundsuite studios with Terje Refsnes. I also did some additional recordings in my own studio, and we choose to mix and master the album in Antfarm Studios in Denmark, together with Tue Madsen. We are really satisfied with the result, and we feel that we've been able to achieve what we set out to achieve. Are there any unexpectable guests, presented on your forthcoming work? If they are, can you characterize them in a few words?

MV: There is no new guest musicians this time, but we are still working with the same French choir, which does a fantastic job every time. We also have a new female singer this time; Monika Pedersen from Denmark joined the band one year ago. And she adds something new and fresh to the band, her voice fits perfect to our new songmaterial. Your music is very sincere, and thanking to it you're catching human's minds and souls all over the world. Is there any secrets (surely, that could be told), connecting to your great soul-reflection, or it's just a gifted genius, living into your head?

MV: Thank you for the compliment. It's hard to tell if there are any secrets behind my abilities to compose. I think most of it comes due to hard work, passion for music and even more hard work. My life adds a touch to everything as well, and reflects a lot through my music. Morten, it's widely known, that you are the main idea generator in Sirenia. It was so and in your previous formation, Tristania. How can you realize all your ideas and keep yourself in such a great author's form?

MV: I think it must be my passion for music, I just love to spend hours and hours on doing the kind of work I enjoy most in life. And the ideas come into my head all the time, I wish I had even more time to spend on music. You're confirmed to take part in the Metal Female Voice Fest 5 in Belgium and in Summer Breeze Open Air Festival in Germany. What is your attitude to these events? Can you name a few reasons you've decided to take part in this great metal fests?

MV: We love to play liveshows, and we want to play as much as possible all over the world. We played at Summer Breeze in 2004 and it was a great experience, looking forward to repeat that this year. Metal Female Voice Fest is a festival we've never played before, but Belgium has always been a good country for Sirenia, and we are very eager to play this festival also, for the first time. I think that it will be interesting for your fans to know some funny histories that happened during your concert and studio work. Where there any?

MV: There are always a lot of things going on, but the most hilarious stories tend to happen on the road. The insane tour stories have no end, but if I told you I'm afraid I would have to kill you afterwards. He-he. (Surely, he-he. - author's addition). So, let's discuss some conceptual questions. Sirenia is mainly posed as gothic-metal band. But "gothic" is not only a preword of a musical press-banner, but also rather popular and wide subculture with it's small history and strong traditions. You are one of the leaders on the gothic-metal scene - what can you say about the social introspection of your music, about "celestial" influence on your fans?

MV: Well, I don't know if I consider myself as one of the leaders, but I have been a part of the scene since 1995, and been a part of developing this style over the last 12 years. In the beginning this was a small and narrow genre that would only appeal to a limited and dedicated audience. And over the years I have seen how this subculture has grown into something huge, which now appeals to a much bigger audience. If my music can inspire and have a positive influence on our fans, that of course makes me feel good. It's a good feeling to be able to make a difference through my work. You are going to give a concert in Moscow on the 24-th of February. What are your feelings about visiting Moscow? What are you expecting from it?

MV: We are really looking forward to visit Moscow, We've received mails from Russian fans for a long time, so finally we are now able to come over to our great neighbours in the east and put on a show for them. I've heard a lot of positive things about the Russians audience so our expectations are high, and it will be cool to have our kick off party for the album together with our Russian friends. And in the end - a few words to your fans, a kind of your creative motto.

MV: Cheers and horns up! We hope to see you all in Moscow on the 24th of February.

Nicolai "Harald" Andreyev
(January, 2007)

The interview was made with the informational support of Irond Promo Group

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