MetalKings.com: Hi, guys. Let's start from the very beginning. Can you tell us who and when formed the band?

Spiha (Henri Fagerholm aka Bomber, bass): Back in 1998 we decided to form SPIHA. In the beginning there was me, Daemon (guitar) and Henry Lee (the singer). We all were without bands at the moment and we just thought that a good rock and roll band could be nice. So we started in the fall of 1998 and made our first demotape very soon, in fact that first song is on our new "Icebreaker" single. We started our band with quite psychedelic songs but the style got heavier as we played more. That must be a reason why we are all or most of us are really into heavy rock and metal :)

MetalKings.com: Why did you choose Spiha for the band name and what does it mean?

Spiha: Our guitarist Daemon got that name from a The Byrds album which was upside down and if you put the "Byrds" logo upside down it reads SPIHA!!!

MetalKings.com: Have you been playing the same music style during the band history and how do you call it - goth'n'roll?

Spiha: Yes, our music was more trippy and psychedelic before but it got heavier and rockier as time moved on. But I don't think that we have lost any of that earlier psychedelic sound, it's still there. I don't think we're so into gothic music. If you listen to Egoreactor it's pretty straightforward rock?n?roll with some slower songs, maybe the slower songs are a bit gothic, I don't know.

MetalKings.com: What kind of music do you listen usually? What bands or artists were influenced a lot on you?

Spiha: We all like very different music. From Chuck Berry to techno/electro, rock?n?roll and heavy metal. Because we are six in the band there are a lot of musical tastes. Maybe you can hear that in our music too, because we are all so different, everybody brings their own music to the rehearsals. Ilkka Pajunen aka Ilectric, our keyboard player like electronic music + 70?s progressive music. Juntsa likes old 50?s rock?n?roll and 70?s rock. Daemon like 80?s heavymetal, Lee Rock is into Alice In Chains and Seattle Bands! At the moment I have been playing the new Monster Magnet album. That album is full of great songs, it's a good live band too!!!

MetalKings.com: Who in your band is in charge for writing lyrics, do you have some concept beyond the lyrics on the first album?

Spiha: Most of our lyrics are written by Daemon. Henry Lee writes too. We get some outside help also from our former guitarist Juice Allroots, our newest song is co-written by him. We have no concept for the next album, you mean like Stonehenge and Knightstale?s :)

MetalKings.com: Why did Snoopy leave the band?

Spiha: Snoopy was a very short period of time in our band, only 7 months. He was supposed to continue but being a very good friend of Amorhpis and ex-member so when they asked him to join Amorphis he decided to leave. No hard feelings and that happened a long time ago.

MetalKings.com: How did you meet Juhana Rantala and how he was involved into the band?

Spiha: Juhana has been a friend to us for a long time. In fact I played in a band called Evil Beatles which did heavy covers of The Beatles. Juhana was the drummer and I remembered him when Snoopy left. Juhana joined and that was very nice. He's such a solid drummer, we're all extremely happy. Drums are the foundation of our band so it's a very important that the drummer is good!

MetalKings.com: How did you meet Jyrki 69? Did he help in the band career?

Spiha: Jyrki is a friend of Lee Rock and has been very nice to the band. We have supported The 69 eyes a few times. The shows have been great and things have worked out good. Also the shows have been sold out so it's very nice to play full houses!!

MetalKings.com: You're a really good live band as far as I can judge from your gig in Nosturi on November, 2 with The 69 Eyes. Do you have any plans on releasing a "live" album or a DVD?

Spiha: Yes, we are going to do a live album. The live album is going to be released this fall. In fact we are recording our gig in Semifinal, Helsinki, July 23rd. We recorded the Nosturi, November 2nd gig as well. The sound is great, we sound more real live than in the studio. So the live album is going to be a compilation of those two gigs. No DVD-plans for the moment but I'm sure that someday we will do a DVD.

MetalKings.com: Do band members have any side projects?

Spiha: Not really, we're all busy with Spiha, no time to do anything else at least not properly.

MetalKings.com: What gig do you think was the best one for Spiha and why?

Spiha: I must say that all our shows have been great and we have always tried to do our best but I must say that every show in Tavastia or Nosturi especially stand out. That is because those places have big stages and huge sound systems. It's very nice to play when there's a big stage but of course smaller gigs are more intimate for the atmosphere. Of course our support shows to The 69 eyes have been ultimate.

MetalKings.com: Spiha is a new band on the Russian metal market and your popularity yet to be grown here. So what do you know about Russia? Do you know any bands from this country?

Spiha: Yes, I'm and we are very happy that CD-Maximum released our album in Russia. A big thanks!! Although Russia is a border state to Finland, I must confess that I know very little of Russia and I've never been to your country. But many friends have visited St. Petersburg and Moscow and they have said that they are very beautiful cities. Of course the architecture of those big cities is beautiful and very old too. A band called Autograph was very popular here in Finland back in the 80?s!!! Now the biggest must be TATU!!!

MetalKings.com: And your final words to our readers…

Spiha: We're extremely glad that "Egoreactor" is released in Russia. We really hope to play some gigs later this year… But here in Finland we have a busy summer.

03.07.04 LIEKSA (which is a town near the Russian border)
16.07.04 TUSKA-festival (a club near the festival-area)
23.07.04 SEMIFINAL, HELSINKI( club downstairs from Tavastia)
31.07.04 or 01.08.04 ANKKAROCK(a local festival here, near Helsinki 15 km)

Lucky & RAG DOLL
(June, 2004)

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