Try to describe your music for the readers who didn't hear it till now.

Marcus/Suidakra: SuidAkrA play Melodic Death Metal in the first place. We have a quite present touch of Celtic Folk melodies and influences from the Black Metal beginning of the band more than 10 years ago to modern elements on the latest album "Command To Charge". Acoustic guitars and clean voices are also an important part of our music. Check out and listen to some mp3-files, as your own opinion is the only one that counts in the end.

Is folk-metal scene strong enough in Germany? How many bands play such music? Have you folk-metal festivals there?

Suidakra: There is a big fan base for Folk-Metal if you count bands like Finntroll, Equilibrium and such as Folk Metal. But though SuidAkrA belong to this scene, we're not really into it as individuals, so I don't know how many bands play this particular style. I listen to a few Folk Metal bands that I like, but I'm more in Death Metal actually. There are some Folk Metal Festivals around, but many Folk Metal bands play on other "mixed" festivals as well.

Do you listen to some authentic Celtic music for inspiration? Or all the "folkish" melodies are written from your own imagination?

Suidakra: Our guitar player started playing his instrument in a Celtic Folk band before he joined SuidAkrA. He was the one who introduced it in the first place. Nowadays the melodies come strictly from our own minds, because over the years we learned how the Folk style "works", so it's like an automatic action now. The melodies just "flow".

Could you tell the news about your next album "Caledonia"?

Suidakra: "Caledonia" will be a concept album about the ancient Scottish history. We though this theme fits perfect to our wish of going a little back to our roots, as "Command To Charge" was very modern. Don't get me wrong, we still like this album! But now, looking at "CTC" with some distance, it was like 2 steps forward at once, so now we're going one step back. We also want to integrate the highland bagpipes again, which also fit brilliant to the Scottish topic. "Caledonia" will be a quite varied album containing all the typical trademarks SuidAkrA are well known for.

How popular SuidAkrA in Germany? Can you name several bands who have the same level of fame as SuidAkrA?

Suidakra: I think we're quite known, because SuidAkrA exists for more almost 12 years now and we played more than 150 shows. But if these people also do like us, that's a different question. Haha! There's a lot of envy and competition here in Germany. Therefore I will not name any band that I think of having the same status like us. Anyway I guess many people who are into Metal have at least heard of the name "SuidAkrA" somewhere.

SuidAkrA usually plays on some big metal open airs in Germany, such as Wacken, SummerBreeze and others. Is there help of your record label (Armageddon Music and Century Media earlier) or you're enlisted directly by festivals' organizers?

Suidakra: Usually we're being contacted by the organizers or we contact the organizers by ourselves. In this matter: It's great to have fans and dedicated people all around the world who invite us to come to their country and play live shows there. So thanks a lot for inviting us to come to Russia, my friend! Back to your question: We also have two booking agencies, but the most shows are being set up by ourselves. There's a very little help from the label, but that alone wouldn't be satisfied at all. If somebody wants to book SuidAkrA:!

You have no detached vocalist in the band who could "made show": jump from the stage, drink beer from two bottles at the same time and entertain the public in every way. Instead of it you have two singing guitarists. How do you manage with some show-elements at your gigs?

Suidakra: Come to see a SuidAkrA show and let yourself be surprised! Haha. Well, it's not a special thing to have a vocalist who also plays in instrument, is it? Drinking from two bottles is nothing that is necessary for a good show in my opinion and we try to give a good show by playing our music tight and hard and to make party together with the fans. No one of us speaks Russian anyway, so let the Metal do the talking!

You play very fast on your albums. Do you play with the same speed at the gigs or you prefer not to risk and avoid some possible faults?

Suidakra: We're playing without metronome on stage (at least so far), so it's up to our drummer to take care of the correct speed. Usually we want to play the same speed as on the albums, but it's not extraordinary if our drummer is a little faster than that... But the best is to have the correct speed. Some parts will not be as precise as recorded on the record, but this comes also from heavily headbanging while playing our instruments. \m/

How much does the typical German musician know about the Russia? What are your expectations of your Russian gigs?

Suidakra: I want to be honest here and so I have to admit that I'm unfortunately quite unfamiliar with the Russian Metal scene. It's not on purpose, it's just like I don't read or hear much about Russian bands in the media, esp. the internet. But I'm curious to see some Russian bands and fans at our shows next weekend in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Our expectations are pretty high, because that one fine guy who invited us to come to Russia told me that the crowd is always very dedicated and wants to have a great Metal evening together. We hope that a lot of people come to the shows and that we will have a lot of fun all together. See you there! Cheers.
(January, 2006)

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