SUIDAKRA This is your first release on Century Media - so how are things going on your new home so far? Advantages/disadvantages, promotion, gig-organization etc...

Suidakra: There`s a big difference between Century Media and our previous label. In opposite to Last Episode Century Media work very professionally so that we can concentrate ourselves on the music ! So in my opinion the label change is a big step forward for Suidakra! "Now that the band's relationship with last Episode had suffered a break-up after the release of "The Arcanum"..." (source: you official website) How did the parting with Last Episode go? Was it an amicable decision, or, was there any conflict, as the quote suggests there were some troubles...?

Suidakra: During the couple of years we worked with Last Episode there were many troubles. For e.g. they didn't pay the money for the studio, we didn't see any money at any time for our past albums and there were also big problems with the promotion and distribution of our releases outside Germany. So after our sec. Album on Last Episode we knew that we won't sign a new contract anymore. After fulfilling the contract the split with Last Episode wasn't a big thing at that time. As far as I understand Emprise to Avalon is a concept work both musically and lyrically - could you dwell on the subject a bit? To specify the question - when you were making the lyrics did you work on some original King Arthur tales and then adapt them to the music, or did you just invent something of your own without consulting any literary sources?

Suidakra: U know the idea was born after our third album "Lays from afar" but Lays... was also a concept album, so Marcel, who write the lyrics told me to wait a little, `cause it a lot of work for him, and so we decided to record at first our "The Arcanum" album after we begun to do some work for the Emprise To Avalon Album. In the past Marcel wrote mostly about the Celtic mythology and this time he compared the traditional King Arthur legend with some Celtic style and his own fantasy to describe our own story. You know there are many ways, you can tell the King Arthur story... The new CD was once again recorded with the help of the legendary Andy Classen - I will not ask you why you work with hi, since it is obvious that the guy is a genius, instead I want to know - what particular strengths make him so good (for instance: he is superb with guitar sounds, or drum sounds, or whatever is his strongest point) and, of course, what are his weaknesses, if any?

Suidakra: The main positive thing, ?bout Andy Classen is his professionalism during the recording. He has a good feeling, ?bout our skills and he support and develop them. Sometimes it's very hard for us, ?cause you've to give 100 % power and concentration, but at the end of a day, it's that thing what makes him so professional. Who made the cover artwork and what is the meaning behind it (particularly, who are: the guy with a sword in his hand; the guy with a sword in his chest, and the girl in the background)?

Suidakra: Kris Verwimp once again did the cover for our new album, ?cause like Andy Classen we made good experiences with him in the past. There's nothing special ?bout the new cover, because it was very hard for us to pick one special theme from the lyrics in cause of it's a lyrical concept album. We decided to do a painting that's like a banner for the main theme. Who, oh who is responsible for the absolutely magnificent, marvelous, splendorous, amazingly beautiful instrumental Celtic-like piece The Spoils of Annwn and how did he/they come up with the whole thing? Is there a story behind it? (if there isn't you really should invent one ;) - kidding...)

Suidakra: I wrote the song cause I like some movie themes and tried to do something different like the usual Suidakra songs. There is no special story about the song it just fit good to the whole lyrical concept with it's atmosphere. I am surely positive you are tired of the question, but what does Suidakra mean and how did you come up with the name? And, pardon if the question looks silly, do you generally think black metal and related bands should invent such unpronounceable names that no one would ever understand?

Suidakra: Suidakra was invented while we sat together with some beer and somebody started reading his name backwards. So the others did the same and "Suidakra" is the product of my name backwards. Every band should decide for itself what kind of band-name they choose. I have noticed a very cool creativity contest that you initiated on your website - how has the response from the fans been insofar and what has been the most weird/cool/uncool stuff that the kids sent in?

Suidakra: The feedback on this completion was amazing, we received a lot of interesting and also funny stuff, which we?ll present on our webpage with the new update this weekend. Be surprised and visit to see what kind of crazy stuff our fans created. The acoustic track 7 sounds very much like it is a traditional German piece. So the question stems from here - how much influence does traditional music have on the band and what kind of folk music do you like the most?

Suidakra: We weren't inspired by any traditional folk music, ?cause it sounds so ugly...only for old people. We were inspired mostly by Irish folk and sometimes by some traditional middle ages music. Marcel our sec. Guitar player played in an Irish folk cover band, before he joined Suidakra, and so he brought these influences into the band. In our opinion the folk influences fits to the lyrical side and close the circle, which creates a good album. Did you yet have any thought of developing the Emprise to Avalon even further and making some sort of a metal opera out of it and does the idea sound appealing to you?

Suidakra: No, ?cause the Emprise To Avalon album stands for itself, we won't repeat ourselves. Every Suidakra album stands for its own, with its own story and sound without loosing our roots, but I have to admit that this is a funny thought. Usually at we reserve the second part of the question for stupido off the wall questions that are more of a sense of humour challenge and do not require any serious answer, so if you please... Imaginary situation: you are given power over magic and you take a guitar and put it inside a huge rock with only it's neck sticking out (yes just like the Excalibur), and naturally you have to write something on the rock, such as "Only he who is a ..................(your words).................... will be able to take out this guitar out of the rock". And here comes the actual question: what will be the words, what model/manufacturer of a guitar will you use and why?

Suidakra: Only he who is able to drink two bottles Jack Daniels and after it play all Metallica solos will be able to take out this guitar out of the rock. Merlin the Sorcerer approaches the band on a nice and sunny day and offers to fulfill three of your wishes?

Suidakra: First of all he should develop our musical skills. Second one: Makes us rich and sexy Third one: 1000 wishes more The Green Knight proposes to become your manager would you accept or not and why?

Suidakra: No, 'cause the people from the middle ages stinks too much. Instead a female knight with big breasts would be better. Each of the band is offered a role in Star Wars - Episode III - what characters would each of you play and why?

Suidakra: That's funny , because one of the competition winners creates a photo-collage with Suidakra as Star Wars figures. If you wanna see the answers just visit our page. An absolutely no-politics involved fun question - no offence meant whatsoever, just for the fun of it!!! :-) You are becoming the advisors of the Teutonic Order Commander who is intending to conquer the Russian town of Novgorod right by the Ladoga lake in the 13th century. As you pob'ly know from history the Russian Commander Alexander Nevsky forced the knights to fight on the ice of the lake and since they were too heavy the ice broke and they all got drowned. So, it is the middle of the battle and the ice is starting to break under the heavy armoured cavalry of the Teutonic Order - your actions?

Suidakra: I would start masturbating for the last time. One of your band member's goes crazy and claims he is a troll and wants to fight all of you - how would you calm him down?

Suidakra: Give him some weed to smoke... And your final comment?

Suidakra: Thanx for your support and some funny questions....


(October, 2002)

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