This one has been done a while ago. Took us some time to translate it into Russian and all, so we really should of published it a bit earlier, but hell, it doesn't make the interview any less interesting does it? ;) Besides we are now talking, in my opinion, the new hope of Swedish death metal, someone who might regain the trone for the Stockholm school and rule for aeons... Ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome - TRONEAEON and Andreas - the four-strings axeman of the band... To start the whole thing let's do a bit of usual but to my mind still interesting questions regarding your past. What was the idea behind the band's title? What is Throneaeon? Who came out with such a word combination? Do you remember how it happened? What were the other title alternatives?

Andreas: Well, in the early days the band tried out quite a lot of different bandnames and line-ups, it wasn't until 1994 the line-up got stable enough for us to get more focused. In 1995 we decided to get a band-name that would stick throughout our career. As for the other names I have no idea what other alternatives we had in store, but I remember that it took a long time to find a suitable name. We brainstormed a bit and eventually came to the conclusion that mixing the words THRONE and AEON would fit us perfectly. Tony came up with the idea and we all agreed that it represented the meaning of our mission perfectly. THRONE simply represents the throne of domination and AEON represents the eternity. We mean that the throne belongs to the individual and that this throne is the throne that lasts for all eternity. It's meaning is somewhat explained with the lyrics to "Strength of the Flesh" from our "Neither of Gods" album. What was the first name of the band back in 1991-1992.... everywhere it is said "under another name"?

Andreas: This is not very simple, it was more than 10 years ago and I wasn't a member back in those days, but I phoned Tony about it. He told me that there was a lot of names back then and he doesn't know which was the actual first name. A lot of member changes etc made the line-up and band-name unstable. They discussed different band-names and after a while they decided for "Shadows At Dawn" which was the first "real" band-name that the band used for a longer period of time. So I guess that has to be the answer to your question; Shadows At Dawn. As it stands under "BIO" section of your site - "... The deal was to record a split-CD with another Swedish band in the middle of '96 but due to one reason or another the band decided not to participate on this release. What was that band's name?

Andreas: The band's name was BLASPHEMOUS. The thing with the split-cd was that we did sign with Voices of Death to do it. At first things were pretty cool in the studio, but when we got near the end of the recording-session things started to come down on us. One morning the lightning struck the building and blew out all the power-outlets, there was nothing we could do but go home. The next day the A-DAT recorders started to chew on the drum-tracks. All sorts of bad stuff made the whole recording seriously delayed and when it was time for the mixing we had no days left in our budget and absolutely no money at all to spend on more days. We didn't want to release something that we weren't 100% satisfied with and we were down to 7 songs from the 8 we had planned, so we decided to drop the deal. As we already know the cover for your second demo was done by Chris "Thorncross" Moyen. Who is he? What other bands did he do cover artwork for? Who did the cover for "Neither of gods"?

Andreas: Chris is a French oldschool artist with a cool attitude. He has done artwork for Beherit, Incantation, Disabled, etc. I remember seeing his flyers and artwork during the early years of the 90's and thought he would fit our purpose for the second demo tape. The cover he made for us which is a special symbol of the Baphomet is also available on our t-shirts!! Make sure you get one yourself. The cover for the "Neither of Gods" cd was done by myself. Why did Goran leave the band after the release of the successful "With Sardonic Wrath" EP? Was it due to "musical differences" or anything else? What is he doing right now? Do you stay in touch with him?

Andreas: Goran is one of the best members we have had in the band and his decision to leave THRONEAEON was hard on both the musical level and sad because we had such a good friendship. Lucky enough we found Jens as he could have been the fifth member even before. Goran left because he felt he had to move on. He was into drugs and trippy music so I guess he had grown a bit tired of Death Metal. He traded in his gear at the nearest pawnshop and moved out of town to study arts and music. We are still in contact and I've visited him a couple of times (wherever he might live for the moment) to drink beer, smoke weed and talk of memories. He was in town during the x-mas holidays to see us live together with The Haunted and we partied on New Years Eve. We keep in good contact and there's absolutely no hard feelings among us even though he faught a bit with Tony about the drug thing before he laft left the band (Tony thought he was getting too unfocused at the time). What were your musical influences and are you satisfied with what they (bands) do now? What do you like to listen to in the studio during the recording session? What CDs have you bought recently?

Andreas: Ohh, I think a lot of bands have inspired us to perform the music we do today. Most bands still do their stuff professionally or they are not active anymore, so I can't complain. In the studio we try to listen to various kinds of music to get a good solid picture of our sound in comparison to other records. We listen to anything from Dark Angel to Depeche Mode. Jens is an old AC/DC fan, Tony is listening much to old deathmetal like Carcass, Entombed and Bolt Thrower, Roger listens to Rammstein, Slipknot and florida death metal and myself I recently bought the Popshopping Vol 2 LP which is a compilation of old funky German commercials from the crazy 60's/70's. It's a really cool LP, which suits perfect for late night parties or casual sex. Also I got my hands on the latest Sinister album which is a really good one! Do you like touring? What are your impressions on fans? Are they different in Sweden and in other part of Europe? What were the bands you liked the best to tour with? And what band(s) are you dreaming to support?

Andreas: I definitely like being on the roads, being a musician is probably the only profession where you get to sign contracts that gurantees you free beer and booze during work hours. I believe that we make a good impression on our fans, usually we get to sell lots of cds and shirts and I used to think that groupies didn't exist anymore, but they do At first we thought that people were quite boring over here in Sweden but now I don?t think so anymore. The scene has changed a lot during the last 2-3 years here in Sweden. In -95 there were no deathmetal fans and very few bands visited Sweden. I remember when Deicide was here after they had released "Once upon the cross". I might be wrong, but I think only 200-300 people came to that show. A few years later Malevolent Creation, Krabathor and Master had to play in front of only 30-40 people. That was embarrasing. Last summer we played with Entombed in front of 400 people and the same when we played with The haunted, 350 people. So it has changed. I really like performing together with Vomitory, they're a great bunch of guys and we always have a good time when we meet, also the lads in Benediction were really nice, I'd like to team up with them again sometime. Hmm, the last question is a bit harder Shit, I don't know, Black Sabbath (with Ozzy) is my alltime fave but I guess we don't pull the same kind of audience. Well, our fans are probably into Black Sabbath, but I guess most of the Sabbath fans are not too aquainted with Death Metal. Anyway, that would probably be the dream, touring with Osbourne, Butler, Iomi and Ward Tell us about your position towards religion? Do you dislike any type of religion? Or you simply hate Christianity? Do you think there is a difference between the lyrical concept of brutal death metal and black metal?

Andreas: Personally I'm not into religion at all and I genuinely dislike Christianity in particular, but I think it's all the same crap if you put your faith in a book or a preacher. The most fucked up thing about religion is that it gives the impression of denying the human nature to develop. For example the christian, most of the christians we meet simply fail to listen to other theories but their own, and he would also refuse to try another way in fear of gods punishmetnt (Satan). How can you then expect a positive evolution if people don?t listen or dare to listen and respect others? The biggest difference between Death Metal and Black Metal is that I don't know many Death Metal bands that sings about forest and trolls and Black Metal is usually not about that gore thing that you can find in many Death Metal lyrics. Otherwise the satanic or atheist concept is widely spread throughout both genres. What are your plans for the year 2002? A new album? More aggression? More Death metal just to let those melodic bastards know what real death metal is?

Andreas: We have two major plans for 2002. First of all to get out on the roads. We will probably hit the Scandinavian roads during the end of April and the first part of May. Sweden, Norway, Denmark and maybe Finland will be haunted. The other thing will be to finish the material for album number two. I guess we are working overtime on creating music right now. The musical direction is going to be enchanted with both heaviness and blasts, we're putting a lot of effort into making good solid tracks that we can be 100% satisfied with. We are, as you, see planning to hit the studio during the summer. Ha, ha the melodic bastards if you say so... Well, I don?t think we will include that much melodies. We play this music because we find pleasure in doing so, if we kick some melodic butt is up to you to decide. Have you recorded any songs for the new album yet? Any titles? Please say a few words about it.

Andreas: We haven't recorded any of the new tracks yet, except for some rehearsal stuff that we keep for personal use. Some titles I can mention are "To Exist Without Being", "No End To Suffering", "With Might And Main", "Not of Your Standards" and if Ozzy hadn't stole our title we would have had the title "Down to Earth". These songs will maybe end up with another name when the album is due for release, but we?ll see. It's really hard to describe your own music, but as I said earlier; both heaviness and blasts. I think I can say that we have tried some other stuff than the usual this time. It's really up to the listener to make up his own mind, you'll find out when the new album is on the shelves. What do you think of cover versions? Will there be any on the new release? Do you think there ever will be "Tribute to Throneaeon" album?

Andreas: Hahaha, I have no idea if there will be a tribute to Throneaeon album, but it sure sounds like a good idea. I would very much enjoy listening to our own tracks in different versions... I can enjoy listening to covers and they usually are very welcome at live shows. We ourselves like to relax with a cover during our liveshows. We use to play Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Kreator, Massacre, Morbid Angel or Deicide. Some of the best ones are Bolt Thrower's "Where Next to Conquer?" and Morbid Angel's "Lions Den", but I don't think we'll do one on the next album; there will be enough of our own material to fill it. I think you know about Chuck Schuldiner's deathtell us something about itWhat was Chuck for you all - just another musician or the founder of the whole genre?

Andreas: I really appreciated his music and albums such as Leprosy, Scream Bloody Gore, Spiritual Healing, Human, etc will always be welcome for a spin on the turn table, but I didn't know him personally and I haven't been listening much to the later albums. It's definitely a huge tragedy to his family and friends and it's never fun to see great people pass away, but I guess it's the walk of life Now, a couple of "off-the-wall/stupid" questions, if you don't mind? If you found yourself on an island surrounded by aborigines and there will be only two alternatives - be eaten to death or listen to Backstreet Boyz, what would you choose?

Andreas: Ohh, tough one! I don't know what's worst. It depends If I was doomed to live the rest of my days amogst aborigine BSB fans I don't think there would be much left for me to live for and then I guess death would come as a blessing, but if I only had to listen to them for a limited period of time, then I might live through it. Do you also think Maniac from Mayhem is gay? Andreas: I have no idea and I really don't care much for rumors. If you were Pamela Anderson, would you make your boobs full of silicon? Would you release videotapes with you orgies?

Andreas: Yeah, I sure would! Now, let's come back to serious stuff. What do you know/think about Russia? Is there any chance to see you guys here?

Andreas: I've never been to Russia, but it sure would be really nice to visit your country sometime. I don't know if we'll get there in the nearest future, but hopefully we'll come over for some shows later on. When I think of Russia I think of Vodka, Stalin, Red Square, Nuclear Weapons, Women, Bootlegs, crazy Death Metal fans and Submarines To wind it all up, say some words for Russian Throneaeon fans (New Year Seasons Greetings may be)?

Andreas: Yeah, I hope you all had a blasting New Years Eve and good luck in the future. Death metal is on it?s way back and THRONEAEON holds the banner high. We have survived the hard days but have never failed!! THRONEAEON will bring you the heaviness, brutality, aggression and hope!! Unite with us, join us for the future and you will never regret Anyone who haven't heard our latest album "Neither of Gods" should't move his butt down to the nearest record dealer and by 3 copies of it (2 extra as punishment for not getting it sooner)! Visit our homepage and vote for the best THRONEAEON tracks. You can also check us out at Keep cool brother and I hope to see you on tour sometime! Cheerz

-- Felix da Katt

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