THY MAJESTIE It ain't a huge secret that this interview we dedicate to forthcoming Thy Majestie's album "Hastings 1066". As the previous one, "The Lasting Power", told us the history of a knight Arter this one should bring us some new story. What is it about and who is the new hero?

Thy Majestie: In this new album we've left fantasy-epic themes and we used an historical theme . The idea was born during the my summer holidays in 2000 in England. I visited the south of the country and the place in which the famous battle of Hastings took life. I remained fashinated by this historical event and all the intrigues around the battle. So after my return in Itlay , I showed to the band my project and they liked it. Morever we decided to talk about an historical event for other reasons too: We were tired to be labeled like a fantasy-happy-metal-band in the trail of Rhapsody. I think that the new album is more interesting and serious than The Lasting Power and of all other ultra-abused fantasy productions. Sometimes History is full of heroic deeds and brave exploits, so there's no reason to invent conspiracies and fantasy stories to blow the listeners. It's only necessary to look at the past. By the way, we have two heroes: William "The Conqueror" and Harold II . Besides the remarkable voice of Dario Grillo, we can find a beautiful female voice and some choirs parts there. Who helped you with these things?

Thy Majestie: All coral and vocal scores are written by Dario Grillo , no one helped us in the writing process. We used some chorists of the Teatro Massimo Opera Choirs from Palermo for the big opera choirs and we asked to Anita Vitale ( our friend) to sing all the female solo parts. We can't call you newcomers on the metal market since your band was founded in 1998 and "Hastings 1066" ain't your debut album but the more you become popular the more voices start comparing you to Rhapsody, as if only this band can play epic-metal. How do you react to this comparison?

Thy Majestie: We play more or less the same kind metal style of Rhapsody . But the comparison stops here .It is the same thing when we compare one band that play classic metal with Iron Maiden , or a band that play thrash to Pantera . We play symphonic metal and we know that we'll be always compared to Rhapsody but we play in a very very different way this kind of metal . Listen and judge by yourself! You signed a contract with Scarlet Records for two albums and "Hastings 1066" will be the last album under this contract. What can you tell about the cooperation with the label, whether you are satisfied or not? Are you going to prolong the contract for two more albums? Do you keep in touch with other bands from Scarlet?

Thy Majestie: We are satisfied of Scarlet , we consider it the best italian label and they are growing very fast .We probably will release another album with them , perhaps a EP the next springs , it will contain some bonus tracks and some cover. I don't know if we'll prolong the contract , I hope yes . No we don't keep in touch with any band from Scarlet. Unfortunately you couldn't go to European tour with Kamelot. Do you plan to do some tours the end of this year after the release of "Hastings 1066"? And do you have plans to visit Russia?

Thy Majestie: We really hope so ! We didn't tour for "The Lasting Power" and we would like to make a tour to support "Hastings 1066". I hope we could reach Russia! Can you tell us a few words about each member of the band, about hobbies, day-jobs anything besides music.

Thy Majestie: I've got a degree in Pharmacy and I'm a Pharmacist but I have also a mini-recording studio called "Circle of Power Studios" . Dario D. has a degree in Economy , he is a commercialist , he likes fantasy literature and Magik. Giovanni and Maurizio study at the University (Maurizio studies foreign languages and Giovanni studies law ) , Giovanni love motorbikes , Maurizio loves everithing is from England , he loves England .Dario G studies law too , he likes internet , playing videogames and listening music , Giuseppe works as camera-man assistant for RAI television . You previous band was called Squeezy Boyz and you played glam-rock. Why did you turn to epic-metal and do you miss n somehow those glam-rock days?

Thy Majestie: I played in Squeezy Boyz ( originally known as "Cherry Bombz") with Dario Grillo some years ago . The band splitted after the release of the first demo .We like this kind of music but we prefer epic metal! If I'm not mistaken Dario used to study guitar and then started to sing. Well, he succeeded a lot in vocals. Does he keep on taking lessons? Can we expect that one day he will be starring in some classical opera? And what kind of solo album he's writing?

Thy Majestie: He started playing guitars and after singing . He studied with some tenors here in Palermo . Can we expect that one day he will be starring in some classical opera? Why not ?!Dario love AOR and American FM rock , he composed some songs in this style . Can you tell us some funny story from the band's life?

Thy Majestie: One day we were playing in a local manifestation ( I 'm talking about the beginning of Thy Majestie) and while we were still playing the announcer went on the stage and started to present the next band ( it there was some delays and we have to finish the show ) : while we were playing! We kicked him out and we went on with the show! Well, we have a special tradition at the very end of the interview to ask musicians some stupid questions that for sure require the most stupid answers that you can give. Imagine that one day your band has a photosession in some old dark dungeon and suddenly the gust of wind closed the door so you can't go out. And it's not the worst thing. At this very moment your photographer start mutating to some disgusting creature. Well, you have to do something - what?

Thy Majestie: I'm completely sure that the creature will be fallen in love with Maurizio so we stay there and we wacth them making love Your band received a letter with the sad story of a princess who imprisoned in a high tower and the tower is watched by a dragon. Definitely the end of letter says that the warrior who can rescue the beauty will marry her and receive half-kingdom. Whether some of band members will try to rescue princess, if yes who it will be, and whether the rest of the band will help him?

Thy Majestie: Always Maurizio , the dragon will be kidnapped by his beauty , they ' ll love each other for the rest of life , so I can rescue the princess and get my half kingdom! Thanx a lot for this interview. And your final word to all Russian metalheads.

Thy Majestie: Hi warriors ! Stay Metal with us, Thy Majestie is waiting for you in his web kingdom: Epic regards.


(September, 2002)

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