Unleashed are generally considered to be part of the second wave of Swedish Death Metal, although they were not too far behind their colleagues from Entombed and Dismember and their debut album 'Where No Life Dwells' is still being viewed as one of the classics of the genre. The band did disappear from the spotlight for a while, alongside with a lot of other Death Metal formations of the early nineties, but today we again hear the pounding thunder of their footsteps shaking the foundations of the metal scene, as if all the beasts of hell have been unleashed - Hell's Unleashed! - is the title of the band's new album, and this was the primary topic for discussion between yours truly and the band's leader the Mighty Johnny

MetalKings.com: The first thing that struck me personally about the new album is its more than obvious Venom-like vibe, was that intentional or did you come up with it naturally? I mean I could have sworn some of the tracks were sung by Monsegnior Cronos himself...

Unleashed: Oh, I'm honoured!, Well Of course we try and keep to our own style but it's obvious that some of our early influences are gonna show, one way or another.

MetalKings.com: When I first heard the songs 'Demoneater' and 'We'll Come for You' I almost instantly remembered something from 11 years ago, this something being called 'Before Creation of Time' - ever thought about making a part 2, just like Metallica's 'Unforgiven 2'?

Unleashed: The older song you mention is made in a certain tempo/pace that we like a lot. We will of course continue making songs like that. And yes it is intentional.

MetalKings.com: Number one track on the record also has a lot to do with Machine Head, or am I mistaken?

Unleashed: You need medical attention! I don't even think Fredrik (who made the song) has heard Machine head.

MetalKings.com: Well enough of my opinions, now let's hear out yours - a really innovative and odd question, which is how are things with the album? Likes, dislikes, fuckups, brilliancies and all that kind of thing?

Unleashed: We enjoy everything about this new release. We had lots of time preparing and changing things so nothing is left to do really. This is Unleashed, pure and simple.

MetalKings.com: Unleashed has been with Century Media pretty much from day one did it ever occur t you to change the label?

Unleashed: They still came up with the best offer. Plus they do a good job.

MetalKings.com: Who had the brilliantly insane idea of doing the song 'Death Metal' and what did Venom say about it? The song is just awesome...

Unleashed: Thank you. I pewrsonally came up with the idea and, well text and lyrics are all mine but the structure is "Venom" of course so we need a permission for the release. We didn't get this in time for the releasedate so perhaps it'll be out on a compilation later or so.

MetalKings.com: How personal is the song 'Joy in the Sun'? I mean is that the usual way for you to pick up girls? And if so, what car would you advise for the purpose? ;)

Unleashed: Dead guys fuck better!!! And how about my own -56 Chevy?

MetalKings.com: Okay, let's turn over to some more serious matters, for a very long time Vikings and ancient Nordic believes have been a major part of the Unleashed concept is that still true?

Unleashed: Absolutely. And always will be.That is our past, present and future.

MetalKings.com: For a long time death metal as a genre has been undeservingly put into the far background of the scene, which, in my opinion, was largely due to the amount of talentless bands signed by all of the labels who wanted to cash in on the then fashionable trend. Do you think Death Metal will ever be able to regain its positions and popularity?

Unleashed: Let me put it this way. If you think Death Metal is a musical style only for a 10 year period on this earthNo. However, I look upon Death Metal as one of the most noble forms of art there is. It's eternal. In 10 years from now we know the answer for the next 10 year period. I don't look at it as a timeframe-period at all. Unleashed is a part of life. Not a product that will die out if the wind blows cold..

MetalKings.com: The scene in Russia is relatively small and inactive. Most young bands would record crappy-quality demos and then sit on their ass and wait for a call from Nuclear Blast or Century Media - surprisingly nothing happens... Do you have any advice you could give to this "expendable youth"? How was Unleashed starting?

Unleashed: We started up by building an underground activity back in the late 80-ies. These things take time. You need to have very strong faith in what you do, and be prepared for a lifetime battle.

MetalKings.com: What was the biggest mistake you feel you ever made as the leader of this band? If you had the power to change something in the past what it would have been?

Unleashed: I would have taken my "Business economist" diploma 10 years ago.

MetalKings.com: Was there ever a moment when everything went so bad you really felt like calling it a day and quit? How did you deal with the situation?

Unleashed: Never. You just have to deal with the madness when it shows. And be so much stronger.

MetalKings.com: And now it is time for our infamous, bombagous stupido dumbler questions, that we ask every musicians we meet. Please note, that those do NOT require a serious answer and are to be taken with a great deal of humour! So You are appointed the chief advisor of the famous prince Rurick (sorry for the spelling) who is known for having started the first dynasty of Russian Tsars - three things you would have advised them to change about his policy?

Unleashed: I would have started clubs for Death Metal fans all over Russia, free beer to all and pictures of big titted ladies on every wall in the country.

MetalKings.com: MAX VIDEO - the kings of Swedish porn ask several of the songs from your albums to be in the soundtrack to their latest creation 'Pussy Unleashed' - any suggestions for the casting/scenario?

Unleashed: This is old news by now. I'm surprised you haven't already seen our best sellers??! Called "Anders runs his 40 incher into Britney Spears left ear". There is also the one from 1994 called "Joy in the ass of the Swedish state minister" Performance once again by Anders but guest-starring "Peter Asp", our beloved Tour manager. This one is really something I must add. Anders does it all on Peters back while sleeping, then he does that nasty thing with our state ministerI guess you can see the rest for your self if you by the film.

MetalKings.com: You are offered to star in part 2 of Asterix and Obeliks - pick characters for all of the band members?

Unleashed: Tomas is Obelix for sure. I don't know too much about this one so I can't say much more.

MetalKings.com: You are onstage, right in the middle of the sow and suddenly Peter Asp (hi Peter! ;) fucks something up big time with the sound as a result of which you start to sound like Michael Kiske of Helloween. You try to fight this but nothing haooens - you still squeal like all of the wimpass power metal bands - what you are going to do to save the situation? (note: you CANNOT stop the show and - yes - you DO have to sing)

Unleashed: This happens all the time. Normally I run down to the mixertable and grab Peter by the balls, then I ask if someone from the audience wants to give him a blow job. Works all the time. very old and hairy men use to come up and do the job. Usually at the age of 86. Peter doesn't mind, he just loves it.damnno wonder I sound so fuckin terrible every night.

MetalKings.com: During the same concert more troubles occur and as you get ready to drink your mead it turns out somebody (Peter again? ;) put a great deal of pure spirit into the thing (say about 1 liter) - spit out or gulp? And why?

Unleashed: 1 liter?? That's for breakfast. How about 3 to start with?

MetalKings.com: Which Unleashed songs would you have chosen for an unplugged gig? (5 examples, please)

Unleashed: That wouldn't happen I'm sure.but for the right money, I might just string up Anders dick and play a jazz-version of "Don't want to be sodomized".

MetalKings.com: The show is finally over and you have the magic power to do anything to Peter for all of the crap that you had to go through - what creature (existing or not) would you turn him into and how would you make him suffer?

Unleashed: Why do anything at all? Haven't you seen the guy? Only an extremely morbid mother can love such a child. But perhaps after all I'd turn him into a CD player. That way Anders can turn him on anytime he likes.

MetalKings.com: OKAY, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer these questions (a humongous thanks to Peter for going thru all of the trouble with organizing it and becoming part of some questions J)and you final comment!

Unleashed: You my friend, are one sick cave-troll that's for sure!!! Hope to see you in the mighty Russia!


(August 2002)

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