These Spanish heavy-metal warriors came from the Valley of Immortals and march through the universe holding the banner of war against metal posers. Recently they released their second album on Arise Records. So we decided to talk about true music with new-born metal heroes - Vhaldemar.

MetalKings.com: Hard, rough, straight-out metal that you play, undoubtedly shows us your idols - Manowar. But what other bands or music do you like, except classic speed and heavy metal? Don't you think of using electronics or nu-metal or progressive elements on your future albums?

Vhaldemar: We like some kind of old music as Thin Lizzy or Black Sabbath , Allman Brothers, Steve Ray Vaughn, but we will never use any electronic or nu metal elements, we hate this kind of good looking mtv-shit.

MetalKings.com: Maybe you are bored to death with this question but who is Vhaldemar?

Vhaldemar: The name of Vhaldemar came to us a few years ago. He is more than 1850 years old, but he lose a few battles in the past, so he decided to rest for a couple of centuries. When we started to play as a band we awoke him up with the power of our songs that what he explained to us. And also he came to us and said that we had to write his story (the old king's visions) and we had to help him protecting the metal and the metalheads, that's all.

MetalKings.com: Who is David Fernandez, who wrote lyrics on your first release and is he an author of lyrics on the second one?

Vhaldemar: He is a close friend of us, he helped us to write some song. He is our little Desmond Child.

MetalKings.com: What do you usually answer to mudslinger and evil-wishers who tries to imply that music you play is not new, its time has gone and there're many ways to vary and refresh heavy metal?

Vhaldemar: Normally we told them to visit our shows and see how many persons believe in that music. Our manager is also a promoter and, believe me, he told me that the nu metal bands in Spain play for the half audience that we play so Е

MetalKings.com: Where is the song-title "7" on your first album from?

Vhaldemar: It comes from a joke. Carlos, the lead singer, always uses this number to check the mics on the soundchecks. He always says that it's his favourite number so I think it comes from there, if you see him sound-checking it's like "seven, seven, seven"Е

MetalKings.com: Many releases of Spanish bands have rather weak sound and production, especially on first releases. How do you think, is this the result of lack of high-class studios like Finnvox in Spain? And how did you succeed to make such a strong and beefy sound on "Fight To The End", and even more powerful sound on your second release?

Vhaldemar: Carlos Creator, our producer, is one of the best in Europe and his Rock Studios are great. He knows our band since the first demo, so he knows how we have to sound in every song. Also we have been working hard in the pre-production of the album. We will never release an album if this can't show the power that we have live.

MetalKings.com: The history and culture of Spain are full of dramatic periods and outstanding phenomenons as Inquisition, Conquest of America, Corrida. Did you even think about taking something of the kind as the concept for the album?

Vhaldemar: Sincerely not, this is not our way. We are more influenced by other things that I think are more universal as the feelings that we have for music, the personal relationship and the fantasy. We prefer Homer, the only thing that I have to tell you about our history is that we were unlucky to have the fucking Franco because we wasted the precious time in the civil war Е

MetalKings.com: Each year in Spain appear more and more young bands which play classic heavy and melodic metal. Have you ever got an idea to unite in combining efforts and create a sort of a metal opera like Tobias Sammet's "Avantasia"?

Vhaldemar: No, we never think about that but it's a great idea, maybe some dayЕ

MetalKings.com: The main change on our new album, that's evident, is much more accented on neo-classical school guitar work. Why? Did your guitarist took a couple of lessons from maestro Malmsteen or you made a deliberate step into this style just because you like it?

Vhaldemar: Pedro is a real fan of Malmsteen, he is a teacher of guitar also, he has been studing classical stuff for more than 10 years and he is yet 22. So when we start composing the new material that kind of music flow out from his fingers and we like it.

MetalKings.com: Can you tell us some common details about new album: any guest musicians, any concept behind, who was the producer?

Vhaldemar: No guests, no concepts, just metal, leather and spikes.

MetalKings.com: It's sudden and unexpected to hear the theme from "The Hall of The Mountain King" by Grieg in the last track of the release. Why did you choose exactly this theme as you are not the first band who use it?

Vhaldemar: We like it so much and it's the kind of stuff that blows our heads and we expect to blow yours also.

MetalKings.com: Thanx a lot for your answers. And now your final words for Russian metalheads.

Vhaldemar: Please keep on fuckin', drinkin', dreamin' in the rhythm of heavy metal, and we hope to see you soon. You can also visit our web site www.vhaldemar.com

(December, 2003)

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